Enough About Voter Fraud Already: Let’s Get To the True Starting Line, Candidate Fraud

The Illinois Equal Access to Justice Commission used to lay claim to wanting to improve the internals of the justice system to better serve their “customers”–those who had need to access the justice system.

I say used to because I am too lazy tonight to find out if that highly secretive, almost completely inaccessible Commission still exists, and I think I know that there is still a US Equal Access to Justice Commission in Washington, D.C., the only building I was not permitted to speak to anyone regarding their claimed mission to equalize access to the Justice System (catch the irony there?  Can’t get meet-and-greet access, let alone the name of someone to leave a message for in person with the “Equal Access To Justice.”  Can I get an Oy Veh?  Such meshuggahs!).

I have always and will always forever view such Commissions to be a total and complete farce and falsehood designed to improve only the factory floor and internal mechanisms of the Justice System, and in some circles, that single opinion continues to keep me labeled as a “clear and present danger,” right along side of the paperwork that labels me a “Person Of Interest.”

My reasoning certainly seems simple and straightforward enough.  If one cannot access the books containing the laws people are expected to abide by and honor repercussions from, then there can be no Equal Access to the Justice System.  Period.  It borrows on the well-codified precedent of #JusticeDelayedIsJusticeDenied.  Get a ticket for something?  Any and all obstructions to you seeing the actual word for word line item(s) applied obstructs right to defend against any and all allegations.

Imagine what it would be like if judges were unable to have access to any and all books containing laws that may or may not apply to any circumstance at all times.  It happens.  I cannot imagine many judges having the ability to walk into a large law library at midnight, but millions of dollars are spent purchasing copies of very specific books of law to be accessible to them at theoretical whim and will.

In fact, there is some measure of comfort in the idea that a judge might actually stay up all night every now and again pouring over volume after volume because a more uncommon set of circumstances calls for such duty towards thorough diligence.

But my headline has nothing to do with the absence of municipal code books in any accessible format, right?

All this talk about voter fraud at this point on the time line continues to seem a little silly while being absent of conversation about #CandidateFraud.

It’s similar to my opinion that we need to create a more perfect union between technology and the publishing/distributing of laws at all levels for all municipal units, except it has to do with the first true gateway to our election process.

The voters don’t really get to start leaving behind their official mark in favor of a candidate until at least the moment they register to vote, which is constantly marketed as available during all normal business hours of the appendages that handle such information intake.

There is no denying our system allows for fraudulent efforts to make their way into this particular data array, some incidental and some intentional, with all having importance and impact on the outcome.

But what of candidate fraud?

Isn’t that the #TrueStartingLine for any efforts directed towards reducing #ElectionFraud?  Registered voters are mere audience members awaiting their moment to have their opinion registered in favor of one candidate or another in hopes of a candidate winning the job title–that just so happens to come with responsibilities and duties.

So what about those who want to get their names on the ballot at any and/or all costs and then dare someone to spend time and money challenging the entry?

Midlothian was wound tight enough around the whole Rybak/Kohlstedt/Pikorz/Foster hearings and what evidence was being offered to have all 4 candidates removed from the ballot.  For example, an affidavit was filed stating that Rybak and Evelyn Gleason actively solicited signatures on petitions at a holiday party in which Rybak illegally/unethically used government resources to coordinate the event while stating on public record it was that of a private party that was funded with private funds.

Okay, Rybak paying the rental fees and such from anyone’s personal pocketbook does not negate, erase or delete her documenting on the invite that invitees were to RSVP to their department heads.  As it was stated to be a private party, then what version of invite did non-Village employees receive?  Did it read the same and if they were a private citizen, who were they supposed to RSVP to as there is no department head for them to contact?

Yes, I still harbor a whole slew of micro events leading up to the actual moment people were invited to vote for their candidate here in Midlothian that still deserve thorough examination and some measure of charges being filed against someone.  Some of those events are referenced in this blog, while others will never make it here because I simply don’t know what to believe as truth and fact, compare to false fiction.

It is this continued refusal and rejection of  handle a variety of issues that could quite easily crop up among the almost 7,000 municipal units that are staffed by #ThePeoplesVoice during any election cycle that have nothing to do with whether or not Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, etc. are trying to take over our country from the inside and from any and all chairs.

I am talking about those candidates who clearly fall short of the mathematically calculated number of signatures required to get on the ballot as codified in law and in the form of a formula to be applied using Certified Election Results that are available to the public with a slight effort (sorry for the extra lifting!  Osmosis and teleportation are still not that advanced yet.).

That was Jody Foster’s petitions.  Short by the many, not the few.  So why the Clerk of each municipality is not accountable for posting and publishing what they have determined to be such count threshholds weeks, let alone months prior to the opening day for petitions to be submitted is part and parcel of too many wanting(?)/needing(?) the system to be this wide open to having the data array corrupted with the names of people who clearly fell short of the required number of signatures.

I am talking about those candidates who refuse to abide by the law and attach supporting documentation explaining each and every single scratch-out on all pages of their petitions.  What is to prevent line-item deletion of someone’s vote without their knowledge or consent? How do you prove the signer approved the strike-out?  You can’t with perfection, but if the law was followed, at least there would be supporting explanation on the presence of such an alteration to such an important document.

I am talking about those candidates like Park District President Michael Kohlstedt and Commissioner Chuck Nielson who had their official paperwork state as fact that they were both running for a 4 year term and then the Illinois State Board of Elections going 50/50 with their opinions as to whether or not they had to run for the 2 years.  Right now there’s a gap in the official record that’s unexplainable, thus creating a gap in all databases containing this particular data field and thus corrupting the data array.

In other words, there can be no Scrivener’s Error attached to a Certified Election Result as such results would have to be decertified, amended and then re-certified (probably why such an error has ample opportunity to be discovered and amended during much of the process) and both should have been removed from office for obstructing the process of making the necessary adjustments by activating a vote for the 2 year term “accidentally” left out the first time around.

Just think! How much of what will be printed on the 2018 ballots might not actually be factual as it relates to how long someone will be staying in office–should they win?  Someone?  Anyone?  Economists?  Activists?  Government?  I found this anomaly in other municipalities, such as the City of Harvey, and that wasn’t even with intentional effort to seek out corrupt data.

In fact, just to stretch this particular curve one more line-drive into the drink, let’s talk #ShadowGovernance #ViaVirtualAccounts #OutsideOfGovernmentServicesAndServers for but a moment with a dash of mention regarding quantum computing.

Former Mayor Sharon Rybak used locokeeper81@aol.com to send communications regarding Village business to no less than the Board of Trustees, as FOIA requests revealed years ago.  Not only does this mean that AOL got an insider look at content that everyone else has to FOIA request if it relates to government activities and tough patooties to anyone wanting to see what Rybak considered personal and private use of said account…they have the technology, time, experience and money to do all sorts of things with the data that no one else can do, including monetizing it.

In other words, Rybak was directly sharing both public and private information with a private corporation in which their databases would No Know Difference Between Art, War and Love–even if employees and others were/are willing to allow themselves to be misled by such indistinguishable features–and then AOL used this data to improve their advertising means and methods, all driven by the information Rybak chose to send from that private corporation without board approval and formal endorsement of AOL being allowed to do such things with information that the public otherwise might never have access to–including the buying and selling of voter information……………..okay.  I’m done with this slider.

So if a codified and certified copy of election results carries with it a term length that does not match up with what is called for in the municipal code book governing the municipal code book (there’s that pesky missing code book issue again…), how is it there can be any doubt that such an event does not call for special treatment to Certified Results relied on by the masses as demanded for by Kohlstedt and Nielson and that it is the duty of the municipal unit to call for a special election to occur to install the necessary continuity this false information disrupts.  Did I mention that historically speaking, the Park District has had this happen a few times–at least while Rybak was employed by them?

And even after 1600 words to this post, I know I haven’t come even close to pointing out all of the other ways candidates can, and do, commit fraud.

So, while all of this talk I see and hear about all of this crime and treason hypothetically coming from the Voters Registration Data Array and continuing its perpetual state of dynamic fluidity designed to keep swirling around us…

Perhaps there should be more people paying closer attention to the Election System paperwork being submitted to all of these nodes of government within the United States of America…

This issue of candidate fraud has always come across as a National Security issue to me, especially in light of what is playing out on the International stages, but what do I know, right?

I’m just one of those self-designated #BrilliantIdiotsInTheUS being horrifically blinded by this current level of black and white noise interfering with the premise that #JusticeIsBlind #NotDeafAndDumb

Errr…I meant to say blind-sided.

Errr…wait.  I meant to say colorful noise.


It’s hard to for me to write sensible sentences about things that just don’t make any sense.





I still don’t even know what to make of the Conspiracy To Overthrow the Mayor of Midlothian that happened long before the election…………..

But I’ll figure something out.

I usually do.

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Lost: One Sense Of Humor

Last seen leaving Springfield, Illinois and heading north towards Midlothian, Illinois January 2006 in a dented blue four-door Toyota Corolla.   It is believed owner’s Sense Of Humor was unintentionally left behind at a rest stop along the way, although the owner cannot remember the last time they were actually together as a couple.

The owner did not sense Sense Of Humor was truly missing until July 14, 2018, possibly due to a combination of illusions and delusions designed to trigger a response of well-timed, blinding laughter (cause of temporary blindness still under investigation).

If found, please do not try to capture it! Sense Of Humor is likely unconcerned about their surroundings, but also could be under duress or being suppressed.

Please let the owner know where her Sense Of Humor can be found and she will do what it takes to get it safely back home.  Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

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Welp…I messed that one up…

My deepest and most profound apologies to all visitors who attempted to use the graphic in the left menu bar to visit the City of Harvey Information Index!! 

I linked the graphic to itself rather than the index page I was talking about.  The graphic has now been properly linked to the index.

Haven’t had the chance to update the index, but what is already there is timeless, especially if you haven’t viewed the collection.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago!


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The Case of the Missing Local News Media


Loyalty can be quite exhausting, let alone exasperating sometimes, especially on a national holiday like today.  Independence Day.

I also have many loyalties to a great number of things, ranging in rank and value, with independence holding top slots across many, if not most of my Lists of Loyalties, or LOL for short.

But the loyalty that has drained my imagination the most severely as of late is this Case of the Missing Media Mediums in Midlothian and the Southwest Suburbs.

First, the loyalty to the concept of a free news media has been in my operating system since before my first by-line in junior high school.  In fact, I can pre-date the ink in my blood to before I was even born, as at least one of my biological family members had heavy publishing on their resume–long before I was ever contemplated.

Now I’ve been a Digital Paper Tiger Generator for quite some time in relation to the lack of deployment of various media mediums to keep the public informed of the actions and activities of all government units affecting/influencing the Village of Midlothian by the very units producing such evidence.

For example, the Village of Midlothian still has not begun to broadcast via the Government Access Channel owned by the Village.  This is attached to the continued defrauding of the public out of what the mandated fees were supposed to pay for pursuant to local law a while back—somewhere to the tune of $18,000.  The whole room was supposed to be wired for broadcasting purposes and former Trustee Vincent Schavone blew that out of the water, along with the building violations he left behind in his wake.

So every meeting that is not broadcast via that channel reflects a willful and knowing deflection of accountability to do exactly that, regardless of where the money went.  The People paid for the product/service, the Village owes the product/service and YouTube isn’t even close to good enough in satisfying what was supposed to be accomplished due to the mandate.

But that’s not all.  A short while ago, Mayor Gary L’Heureux had the Village rent out Raday Lodge for a State of the Village Address.  Not only was there no mass mailing of an invite to all people in Midlothian, both commercial and residential, how many have every right to access the content of this government-sponsored statement not via a commercial company such as YouTube–such as the Community Access Station, which is yet another channel the Village has access to, let alone the Government Access one.

Of course I could always try to FOIA request a copy of the speech, but if Rybak was so fearful of such a release as to have former Village Clerk Michael Kohlstedt first lie about it being “thrown out” and then after my making point of the Local Records Act and my hope that such a statement was false.  I ended up with her hand-written notes, complete with denial there was an actual written statement that was read word for word out loud by Rybak (an audit of the speech clearly shows her reading 6 pages and not the 5 I was given, along with her back-tracking a few times to re-correct herself and what she had just tried to read aloud)–nah.  I hear there’s an undocumented policy in the Clerk’s office of only 50 FOIA requests allowed per year by any individual…

Back to the cable broadcasting point for a moment longer.  It was L’Heureux and then-resident/now-Trustee Carl Ivan that put the notion in my head that former Mayor Sharon Rybak was going to somehow and for some reason decline to sign the papers necessary to flip the broadcasting switch to the “on” position, but I admit that wasn’t a difficult seed to nuture–I already was worried about it for my own reasons.  She signed it, btw, Ivan became Trustee and yet to date, still nothing on cable.

Now where is the Letter From the President that used to be that stuff-and-fluff moment when the President of Midlothian could go ahead and author up content of their choosing–and <GASP> in an officially sanctioned newsletter?  Never did the content distributed via the Midlothian Park District brochure make it onto the Village website and one would like to think a copy of a Village newsletter would be available in such a manner–

Speaking of newsletters as a news medium, where is the newsletter?  Oh yeah.  Still in everyone’s imagination, including mine.

But my opening sigh isn’t just about state-sponsored news pieces failing to come out of Village Hall, let alone the Park District, etc. (except to strategically chosen individual(s)).  That’s just me shaking off the clutter.


It’s attached to my #ForeverInMourning of the loss of any and all #TrueCapitalisticCompetition, especially at the local level.  I’d love to be able to tell someone to go read a news article talking about the South Suburban Joint Action Water Agency in of the two local papers serving the Midlothian community, but that kind of news is just not a part of their business model.

So here’s the news story I just buried underneath all of those other thoughts.

I decided to do what everyone has a right to do, which is to contact a few local elected officials to see if I could gain a better understanding of how the hell Postl Yore and Associates managed to get a default judgment beyond no attorney showing up for almost 8 million dollars.

What my headlines probably should have said for this post are probably more like:

“Midlothian receives an estimated $45,000 Back From Amalgamated Bank In Association With $300,000 SSJAWA bond fraud”

Or maybe perhaps:

“$45,000 down, $255,000 to go; Midlothian recoups some cash from Amalgamated Bank In Connection With Paid In Full $300,000 SSJAWA bond”

So if I have my facts right on today of all days, at some point on the time line, Midlothian paid off the $300,000 bond mandated as the #SSJAWAEntryFee.  It’s shitty as hell that Midlothian would be in such a position to make such a decision, but eliminating interest fees/administrative fees/etc. as quickly as possible seems reasonable, which relies on the assumption that the Village was in the fiscal position to go ahead and settle such a debt.

That’s major news, regardless of whether or not you agree with the Village’s action.  Add to this the idea that Midlothian has received from Amalgamated Bank an estimated $45,000 back in connection with this bond deal?

That could be figuratively construed as the start of the #RefundDueMidlothian, but with Brett Postl taking full advantage of knowing that an estimated $64,000 legal bill was unpaid and thus would be a cause for no one to make a court appearance on behalf of SSJAWA…?

I was told that SSJAWA has no money left, but I had countered with the principle of the matter that Postl Yore & Associates has no claim on any SSJAWA assets of any kind or form, including outstanding invoices, perceived damages, etc.

Brett Postl is the one who forced SSJAWA to purchase a second domain for their acronym and held it in his personal/professional possession and control.

Who knows what kind of stuff has been posted to the .org address that was first purchased…

And to know that it is virtually impossible to FOIA request verification of who owns both domain names on July 4, 2018…

And to have seen variances in the website addresses using the #WaybackMachine…

Postl has some serious ‘splainin’ to do before I ever waver my view of his actions and to be quite honest…

There is nothing that can be said that can or should excuse his domain purchasing stunt.

And that happened in the earlier days of the organization.

And so as I opened with it, I now will close with it.


That damn #SSJAWAFraud.

If we only had had actual news media outlets (back during those discussions) reporting on every nuance of the deal on a regular and even possibly daily basis.



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Talk About A Deep State…of Denial! SSJAWA Domains (Illegally!) Hide Ownership

The dot com version of the acronym showing just how much public domain material is covered when privacy services are purchased.

I don’t know much about the history of domain name ownership for http://www.ssjawa.com and http://www.ssjawa.org, but I do know this.

No matter who’s name was present the last time I checked (Brett Postl of Postl & Yore had been the owner at some point), the purchasing of privacy rights is an intentional and willful act that likely used taxpayer funds to HIDE PUBLIC DOMAIN INFORMATION, WHICH INCLUDES THE FULL AND COMPLETE IDENTITY OF THE OWNER(S) OF ANY DOMAIN NAME OWNED BY A LEGALLY RECOGNIZED MUNICIPAL UNIT OF GOVERNANCE!

In other words, no municipal unit has legal standing to willfully hide the identity of who is under legal liability for all content on a government-sponsored website…

But there sure is illogical logic for people like Postl to go ahead and hide who currently owns the domain.

Wanna see what motivated me to check in with this particular stat?


There is something seriously wrong with an outcome that rewards Postl Yore & Associates with an almost $8 million dollar award for a lawsuit against the South Suburban Joint Action Water Agency!!!!!

According to this document, no one showed up to represent SSJAWA and thus a DEFAULT JUDGMENT WAS ENTERED!

Postl made it clear early on that his company being rewarded no-bid contracts would not be enough of a cash grab to satisfy his greed and I can’t tell if this suit is the one regarding his suing SSJAWA regarding ownership of the domain name…

Or something else entirely.

8 million dollars awarded not because he won any arguments in front of a judge.

It’s because no one from SSJAWA stood in Postl’s way.

This project has been nothing but Postl’s Personal Slot Machine, available for pulling on any number of levers with an uneven set of odds providing him payouts for a job that…well…

By the public’s standards, was never truly performed.

But according to Postl & Yore Standards…?

They must think that their work was stellar and that it is all of us who are in denial about their street value.

Don’t wait for a newspaper to report details on this debacle.

Demand answers and explanation from your municipality.  This whole SSJAWA thing remains a vile and vicious reminder of the magnitude in which corruption and fraud can occur within the ranks of government units…especially those on a more local level!

I personally know I want an explanation from Mayor Gary L’Heureux and Trustee Don Killelea as to why no one from SSJAWA showed up…as well as who owe how much of this award and for what.

After all, L’Heureux took credit for opening up SSJAWA documents in Midlothian’s possession to the Better Government Association while they were doing their research on the water agency a few years back and it’s been Killelea who has been the appointed representative for the Village of Midlothian for quite a few years now.

That’s just for starters.

I’ll have more once I audit these websites a little more thoroughly.

But in the meantime, SSJAWA had the foresight to ensure the identity of the owner of the domain name was kept live while the organization chose to send no one live into the courtroom to defend against Postl’s claim.


Just wow.

Case Number 13 CH 25322
Judge Raymond Mitchell
Judge #1922
February 2, 2018

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Lost: One Set of Keys To the Midlothian OIG Office: Last Seen with Former Village Trustee Gary L’Heureux

I made a call for the OIG Office to once again be opened by the Village of Midlothian back on November 15, 2017. That reason still stands today.  L’Heureux Times Two Equals Three OIG’s in 3 years? Oh Dart! Please Come Back! Forget the “Beverage Tax or Else” threat from Preckwinkle!

While I realize opening the OIG office does not assure good faith complaints will be filed, everyone on the Board and the Mayor refusing to officially call for the doors to once again be wide open like the first time around (My Possible Last Quarter Push for OIG Office Led By Dart Audience  November 26, 2015) continues to lend credibility to a suggestion made at a Board meeting that this second time around, then Trustee Gary L’Heureux and the Board were intentionally using the opening of the OIG Office as a means of “overthrowing” now former Mayor Sharon Rybak.

You can hear me on the board meeting video letting loose a highly obnoxious laugh while this person was speaking and it still was rotten of me to let it out, but there certainly seemed to be legitimate grounds for investigation–an investigation that seems to still be ongoing as there were no results when I sent a FOIA recently.

I haven’t been laughing about her overall message since…oh…at least October, if not September of 2017.

Wordsmithing of that previous statement aside, this graphic reflects my interpretation of the messaging sent at the last Board meeting on May 23, 2018, when the Board voted 4 to 2 to keep Mary Margaret “Maggie” Britton as Village of Midlothian Treasurer.

I realize I am free to submit a complaint to the Public Corruption Division of Sheriff Tom Dart’s office, but this isn’t about my possibly having a valid concern or two.

It’s about the Village of Midlothian continuing to reject initiating formal outside examination under the L’Heureux Administration and then making it an Open Call for anyone who wishes to file a complaint against the Village–too bad if the results reflect poorly upon the Village as a municipal Corporation, the results will be responsibly and responsively be reacted to–that was the attitude the first two times the office was opened while L’Heureux was on watch duty over the Corporation.

Perhaps this is just a matter of keeping his record as pristine as possible so that he can run for ____________.

But alas.

What does one ever truly know when it comes to matters of political mental accounting at any level of government, right?

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That’s it. I quit. [looking back] Yup! Those words look real nice. Too bad they’re false, at least when I say them.

I quit.  I quit.  I quit.

Yup!  Still feels good every single time I say it to myself.

I quit.

Let’s see.  Lemme try to improve it.  After all, I have many people constantly reminding me to keep things short.

I quit the political battlefield.

Hmmm…that looks even nicer than the two word chain I first started with.

Let me try another version of words describing how I feel.

I quit the political battlefield in Midlothian, Illinois.

Now that sentence is definitely more accurate than my first two brainstorming ideas, but darn it.  It just doesn’t capture my agony when I ponder the war-torn and war-weary condition of the southwest suburbs.

I quit the political battlefield in Midlothian, Illinois and its surrounding communities.



Nope.  There is a real possibility that someone will be shot and killed within a 30 mile radius of where I am at, with Chicago but a short train ride away and they are even more war-torn and war-weary than I am when I look back at a place I used to live and escape to when a break from the suburbs was called for.

I quit the political battlefield in the State of Illinois in the United States of America.


I figured out how I feel.  Now I can move…



It still doesn’t work.

A report was recently released that suggested Chicago is the most “corrupt” city in the nation and that the State of Illinois was the 3rd most “corrupt” state in the union.  Someone from Harvey was heartbroken that their community cannot be held up under such a strong beam of light and it was painful to point out the fact that Chicago just happens to have the numbers entirely in their favor…along with every other major city across the nation.

Who of influence and power will ever be concerned about how Midlothian specifically contributed to these subjective statistics?  Who would and could question and challenge the FBI and their active involvement in the political campaign of Eric Kellogg and his ticket back in 2007, especially when they are so busy applying the same topics on a national scale and to the seat of the Presidency?

I hereby quit the political battlefield of the United States of America.

I deserve a pat on the back for that sentence.  That should cover everything that I choose to ache about.  It doesn’t matter what geographical location something happens to be in…


And then there are global politics to consider.

Yup.  It’s impossible other than my saying,

I am not anyone’s little militant or minion, here to do anyone’s political bidding upon demand and command.  I don’t care where you are on this planet.  Call it an American thing if you must, but what comes through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is something I continue to accept as a universal set of truths and trusts, and is equally available and accessible via the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I am not your go-to Persona Non-Grata when you are in need of an example of what is wrong with society and why your agenda simply must be pushed through or else more Persona Non-Gratas will cause you even more grief.  Your almost perfect diplomatic immunity does not make you a better person than any PNG when you should be getting charged with a crime.  What’s a couple billion kept away from the PNG’s by putting it into the pocketbooks of you and your pals remains a disgusting and gross miscarriage of justice.

I am not your Personal Jesus, to be sacrificed at the alter of your political aspirations whenever it suits you.  You do not get to point out my speeding ticket and then build me into someone that should be systematically eliminated at all costs, due to projected future savings.  You do not get to point out my lack of income and then call for my removal from society only after being made into whatever poster child you find most expedient for your political agenda.

I am not your whipping post to test out technique and whipping tools designed to terrorize people into mass submission, let alone singular.  You do not get to strategically obstruct me from accessing paths towards economic stability until I go through some invisible bootcamp checklist paid for by the taxpayers.  Food stamps?  Don’t need them, but thank you for offering.  Rental assistance?  Again, thanks for the offer, but I shouldn’t need the aid of government to stabilize myself, nor is it acceptable when you are the one’s destabilizing my earning powers.

I am not your test subject, available to hop into your political petrie dish and ready to be your perfectly behaved specimen.  You do not get to try out laws on me only after they are passed and depending on what is thrown into the dish with me, of course I am going to demand access.  You do not get to score me as a “nuisance” or some other criminal designation as you are acting in a manner even greater than that of a nuisance towards one.  I get to ask questions and you are the ones who are obligated to show restraint and flexibility while answering the questions as we go along.  The act of governing is not about creating these blind taste tests and then dealing with the results, but that’s what you do.

Oh wait!

I know how to say how I am feeling in a much shorter manner, rather than my continuing to list my reasons.

I quit.


I was right the first time.  I have to stop worrying about whether or not someone will misunderstand what I mean when I say I quit out loud, let alone in print.

Now if I only could find a way to convert that sentence from representing fake news into the truth, then I could publish it as fact, but I know it’ll never happen.


Illinois is third most corrupt State in the nation and I helped provide documentation to prove it over the past 10 years…even if it wasn’t included in the research published recently that came to that conclusion.

I also have some solid ideas as to why and some of it has to do with the number of people who have quit and given up on their community and the State.

So I just was wondering.  Does anyone know when its okay for me to take my turn and guilt-free say to the world that I will quit paying attention to the actions and activities of my government?

I’m curious of the criteria that must be met in order to turn one’s back on the daily activities of those in charge of running our country at all levels.

In the meantime, I think what I really wanted to say was…

Congrats Village of Midlothian municipal units who shall remain nameless.  I may not know how to quit paying attention to politics, but…

You helped Illinois rank 3rd at least on one list that a number of people have read and formed opinions on.

Was all of this to counter and cover all of the contributions to Illinois ranking lowest in credit rating in the nation or was this a series of lone wolf events that just “accidentally” contributed to this particular fact?

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