Still Lingering in the History Books of Midlothian After All These Years…

Ghosts In The Gallery
From the 2021 Evergreen Marking Collection
Valerie Weiskirch

Oh how this gallery is filled with tears of past spirits
Still resisting their removal from ghostly existence!
And although my voice is now silenced freely
From these outside forces closing in beneath me
My soulful passion isn’t restricted by their silent existence

I am your reminder and I am here…and you are there
And with us having the same roof to temporarily share
Yes, I admit my presense is something to beware
But not because I intend on using it to scare
Any further than knowing you exist somewhere down there

While I watch you closely from up here…

And as my innocent fantasies slip into the darkness
These images you create become beacons of light
I already know no matter what words are spoken
Which words you speak will make me fight
And which will cause my voice to in-voluntarily falter
As I continue my own human journey towards the endless night

So judge me not by the sounds lacking from my lips
Instead, listen closely to the symphony shining in my eyes
And then may I dare you to turn and look all around
So you can separate for me what is truth…and what are lies

For some form of hell seems to yawn before us all
Creating all of this crazy socio-political commotion
And with a lackadaisical trace of your technology
It has really been swirling my personal ocean

So as I complete my Declaration of Continued Independence
I know that my greatest gears
Will continue to fall upon certain deaf ears
But I’d rather risk belonging to a group that is living
Rather than belonging to the group that seems to be dying

And as I fade back into political oblivion
My voice continues to strain in agony to be free
So I remove myself from this particular ghostly chamber
And proceed to yet again change my scenery
For now that I know since you are still there…somewhere…
It’s time to return to my full time job of governing over just me.

Copyright 2008-2021 All Rights Reserved

I’m Suspending My 30 Year Long Personal Protest By Not Voting Because…

The Official Title to This Post: I’m Suspending My 30 Year Long Personal Protest By Not Voting Because After All These Years, MY TRUST IN “WE, THE PEOPLE” INCLUDES “ALL WITH NO EXCEPTION” IS STILL MY TRUTH TO POWER EVEN IN THE MIDST OF THIS LEVEL OF CORRUPTED CONFUSION.



I’m bored.

Okay. That statement isn’t true.

I just wanted to see what it looked like on paper.

Okay. That’s not entirely true either. After all, this keyboard is no pen and this computer screen is definitely not recyclable like paper, either…but we all know that data sure as hell is recyclable and that’s all this is. My digitalized thoughts my own hand.

I’m just not in the mood for the walk today and I am certainly free to refuse the expectation I’ve put upon myself, but I know I’m going to do it.

Oh wait.

Hold up a moment.


I just glanced at that 2 ½ word sentence and I so wish I could make it true.

I ache to be bored.

It would be a luxury, in fact.

The truth is, I am overwhelmed with busy.

The truth is, I don’t have time to take the walk today.

I have work to do. I have a lot of people counting on me to produce actions that lead to results.

Hell! I have some fun to engage in. I know, I know. My idea of fun isn’t the same as anyone else’s. I like cleaning sewer covers of leaves, especially in the fall. It feels good. And although I have chosen to not attend open mic nights to just jam for a while with other musicians, I certainly have taken it upon myself to jam outside every now and again let alone dance through the halls of my home.

But if I do this walk, I know I’ll be physically worn.

Nap level, in fact, so that the ink in my veins can replenishing itself enough for me to go back to work this afternoon.

The signs being marched through my mind say things like “You have time!” and “Don’t worry so much!” and if you think it’s been tough for you, the reader, to bear the burden of my live and digitalized protests over the years, you still won’t be able to imagine how tough it is when I am protesting myself!

I only throw my best stuff at myself because of course, only I know myself the best and just now I came up with the promise that I would someday jam on the roof of a building.

See how good I am at derailing myself?

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Actually, I am just trying to be productive with my time while I wait for a local event to begin and at this point, I probably could start walking now and be in time to take care of what I want to take care of.

In fact, I haven’t even started the workday clock yet and I even have the television on in the background, ergo that particular trail about a rooftop.



Now that I haven’t been entirely truthful here, there is one fact that no one can factually dispute and that is the fact that I have been using my refusal to vote in elections for the PAST 30 YEARS to reflect my thick, thorough and extensive protest against both Government and Society for a fairly long list of reasons.


I poured a bunch of those reasons out into this blog, other social media platforms, board rooms…


Whoops! Sorry about that.

I had taken a pause from writing this to watch some jaw-dropping dancers and I guess my words slipped out of my fingers.

Back to where I was going.

I’m not in the mood to walk to a place where I can go ahead and register to vote.

Make no mistake.

I’m not protesting my desire to register to vote.

I already made that decision months ago. In fact, back in August (you remember last month, right?) I requested an application to be sent to me in the mail and damn it, it’s September 24, 2020 and it still hasn’t arrived.

Unless my math is off, 10 business days have more than come and gone and yeah, I am not in the mood to walk to get this done.

I am not in the mood to lose time better spent on virtually any other task I have put before myself, including the option of going back to sleep.

I am not in the mood for any of this because This System Built From Words Designed To Cause Actions From Others To Create Specific Results once again. The Twitter version of this would be, “When you say ‘in 10 business days.’ I expect it ‘in 10 business days.’ Equal expectation from Business AND Government. WTF?!?! Now I have to spend even more time accessing my right to vote??? HELL NO! #FIXITNOW”

I know, I know. Look at me bitching about my plight, right? And in front of you, no less. But fact is fact and I don’t care if the dog ate the application, let alone a virus of the virtual kind.

What I DO care about is knowing just how lucky I am that I am still capable of getting out of this chair at any moment I decide, walk a handful of blocks and register with someone I actually know and trust…and knowing that for every footstep I take towards that registration booth is 100 less keystrokes I can put to this keyboard, 10 less phone calls I could be making, 1 email I could be writing…



I don’t know.

I don’t think my registering to vote is some world-changing event, although I can respect the results of races that have been decided literally by one vote.

I cannot in good conscience cast my vote in a political race for any human being who is incapable of extending me the most basic of rights and reasons because a) I am not a registered voter and b) Because I am not a registered voter, I therefore lose all rights to harbor grievances in any capacity, means, measure or reasons and that I must therefore receive the full weight of both Government and Society attaching words like “Friendly Protestor” and “Enemy of the State” and even “Clear and Present Danger” when calling for people to dismiss my thoughts, my words, my experiences, my knowledge…


I’m getting into my protest again rather than reflecting on my annoyances that I have to take a walk today because I know that if I choose to wait, this kind of an opportunity may not present itself in time for the rest of the paperwork process to munch and crunch my data.

Of course, my paperwork may not get processed and I may somehow even be blocked from voting, but I kinda figure that if I register in person, I have much better odds of becoming a card-carrying member of the Voter Registrated Club.

I am not looking forward to being bombarded by those wanting my vote. They don’t know me. They only hope their slick words describing their proposed platform will attract not just my faith, but my trust and I don’t do my politics this way.

In fact, being a member of this club is going to make my conversations a lot more challenging as it relates to how I am being interacted with by a public figure or government employee. All of a sudden, I will be cast into this class of people with a slightly elevated level of protection not provided all other non-members when it comes to being sent to a voice mail box compared to connecting to a live person.

It’s not something I will need to wear a badge for or even flash my card as proof.

It’s one of those things that just kinda, sorta happens no matter party affiliation.

It’s kinda, sorta like opposition research performed by corporations PLUS the amplifications pushing political figures black and white above the rule of law for all others, such as with robocalling, let alone data collection on registered voters.

And I can so see it now.

“Oh! Look at this. Valerie wiped her ass 4 times rather than 2 today. She’s not only wasting resources, clearly she can’t even properly feed herself enough to be regular with the most basic of bodily functions. Tag her with this list of words so we can [insert whatever action the candidate chooses]”

Or maybe one of these.

“Oh WOW! Look at this! Valerie has a mental health history conducted, composed, scribed, sold and distributed by none other than a well-regarded, highly respected member of our military and upstanding member of the business community. Let’s spill all of that out and see how the public reacts so that we can better adjust our actuarial formulas driving our economics and military preparedness.”

Or maybe even one of these.

“Damn! Too bad she didn’t listen to the advice given to her on Facebook to kill herself by jumping in front of the 6:45 train.”

That last one is an actual possibility, by the way.

A former police chief posted to my Facebook account the idea that he hoped I would commit Suicide By Train and boy did that one set off a nuclear chain of events! Much still available via FOIA, but alas, the words that were chosen remain false, fraudulent and corrupt down to the last period and watermark embedded in those documents.

Whatever. It is what it is and my history of interactions with Midlothian will always be one of those burdens the Village will have to bear far greater of a burden than I ever will.

For they may have the title of Government providing words designed to cover for their actions, but I retain my title of Human Being, as formally confirmed by a different former police chief at a public meeting, which means I will always have far larger of an arsenal of words and definitions to work from…

And it looks like I still know how to use ‘em when I am bored.

There. I think I’ve done it.

I’ve wasted enough time to pass enough time to where it will at least be a little bit warmer so I can start my walk.

Therefore, henceforth and Here ye, Here ye!

I, Midlothian Valerie Weiskirch, do hereby suspend my protest against all members of Government and all members of society who think that just because I didn’t cast a vote, I deserve to loss a list of basic human rights, including the right to dignity, mistrust and disappointment in a system I am still willing to trust.

Not because of who is or who isn’t in office at this time.

But because I remain willing and able to embrace the trust and courage millions upon millions put on full display, sometimes by force, along side of the millions upon millions who I will never hear of that chose to believe that words like “We, the people” is perfect in its simple truth and it’s all of the other bullshit that makes this so perilous of a time in the history of mankind.

“We, the people” established a woman’s right to vote the moment they were written. The rest of the stuff, in my opinion, remains unconstitutional and/or unnecessary. The three fiths theory? Unconstitutional. Denying women the right to vote until words were written down “giving them permission”? Unconstitutional AND unnecessary. Denying anyone the right to marry another human being? Unconstitutional as our reproductive organs are not a decision made by anyone, no matter how many petrie dishes have held experiments attempting otherwise.

“We, the people” covered all of that.

As we all know, I could go on and on, because quite frankly it feels good to write in this voice after such a long retirement.

But I’m getting out of here for now so one other thing.

Don’t bother me with questions of who I will vote for, let alone who I ended up voting for.


Just be content that I voted.

Or scared, if you are afraid of how people will hear my words once I am a card-carrying member and your path might be interfered with.

I leave that up to you.

Lastly, there is one part of my protest that will not be affected by the suspension.

It’s my protest against The Voters who don’t do anything to truly educate themselves on the issues, yak for weeks as if they were experts on who should be elected….and then do nothing but complain once the election is over about whatever they are unhappy about and whoever is lodging a grievance against their beloved officials.

I get it that no one is obligated to volunteer their time for anything. Our time IS valuable. In fact, it’s our most precious commodity all are in possession of.

That’s not it.

It’s that whole circular illogic thing and what happens to their arguments once I am a registered voter.

According to them, I’ll have earned my right to complain and call for action.

It’s as if I will have been bestowed this PhD level smarts so great that I can now be allowed to speak out with credibility and sometimes condemnation…

All with the pull of a lever.

Okay. I think I lied, but I’m not sure.

I don’t think voting booths come with levers anymore.

Oh I so don’t want to do this walk…

So much to learn and so little time.

But I’m going to not only do the walk…

I might even dance my way down the street.

Not to be confused with dancing in the street.

When I take over a street, it’s for protest purposes only and I have always walked slowly and even stopped for pauses along the way, like the way it was at the last protest I attended in Midlothian over the death of Jemel Roberson.

Time for me to walk away from this thought stream and at least take a shower before I go.

Thankfully it’s still warm enough where I won’t have to worry about catching a cold with my wet hair.

This has been Midlothian Valerie finishing a personal check in for mental health purposes.


I’m still okay to go.

Until the next post…

I heard that current Mayor Gary L’Heureux might have some competition this election season.  Not necessarily a Midlothian household name, but it’s been said that movement to change that has commenced.

Just call me at 708-872-0404 if you have any tips on this one.  I’m back to journaling in public again and I am all in on getting facts out to the public via this method.

Just remember.

I need to be able to see some level of facts before I rock ‘n roll with something for this online setting.

Helping Those Who Help Us: My Own Failure to Demand Regular Well-Being Checks On Current and Former Law Enforcement Officers For Their Entire Lifetime


A few years ago, a recording was released containing the voice of former police chief Hal Kaufman threatening to shoot a fellow police officer under his command if the Oak Forest Police did not help him immediately.

Kaufman’s core issue was that this particular officer was temporarily homeless and clearly unable to care for himself, including the complete inability of this officer to even feed themselves even at a restaurant, let alone hopping into a car and staying in the vehicle for the night, as some homeless people choose to do.

And yet, rather than being compassionate and empathetic for this officer’s tragic circumstances, Kaufman called a neighboring police department and basically sent the message that he was holding this officer hostage and if Oak Forest did not step in immediately and find emergency food and shelter for this officer, Kaufman was going to shoot him.

Above and beyond the failures of the Midlothian Police Department policy and procedures to address such a potential for any of their officers, Kaufman took the stance that he was only “joking” and would never have harmed the officer. In fact, I recorded the only video of Kaufman’s apology to the public at a Board meeting if you’re in the mood to listen and watch him.

It is important to note that not only did every Board member stay silent about his apology except for Trustee Jerry Gillis (current Mayor Gary L’Heureux stayed quite silent and he was not only the liaison to the Police Department, he was also the Community Policing liaison at the time), the applause you can hear on the video was generated by the 10 to 15 police officers illegally blocking an emergency exit (they were all crowed on the stairs leading to a meeting room attached to Village Hall as well as being crowded in the meeting room). Virtually no one in the audience was applauding and in fact, quite a few were quite furious.

Threatening a member of law enforcement is a serious crime and always deserves consideration as to whether or not the threat is coming from someone who is mentally “unstable” relative to any other explanation. People have been jailed for making the template statement “If you don’t [fill in the blank], I will shoot Officer [fill in the blank].”

In this circumstance, Kaufman’s judgment and behaviors were never challenged and Biko went on to his 3rd handler, Officer Alton. Sadly, Officer Biko almost died due to Alton’s violations of department protocols and after emergency surgery to save his life, Biko was retired from the department and it appears a loving Forever Home was found for his retirement years.

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, Officer Biko was a K-9 unit with the Midlothian Police Department and any state of “helplessness,” including food and housing, is squarely on their shoulders…not Biko’s.

Think hard about that for a moment. Kaufman threatened to shoot a dog because his department failed to have proper plans in place to address such a possibility…and despite Police General Orders calling for such plans to be present. In other words, Kaufman was in complete and total denial of his own failures to serve and protect his own officers and rather than admitting this and surrendering to those in a position to possibly help, he chose to say threatening words over a phone line he knew was being recorded and demanded immediate action from an authoritative body that quite frankly, didn’t have jurisdiction over Biko.

Fast forward to early October 2017. I leave a voice mail message for Mayor Gary L’Heureux, mentioning that Kaufman has gone off the rails on Facebook, including but not limited to telling me to go jump in front of a Metra train to kill myself and admissions in a closed group that he has no problem using people’s personal information against them. Screenshots of this admission in the closed group were forwarded to all of the Trustees as well as the Police Department and I decided to take no action with what Kaufman wrote on my wall because he wasn’t threatening to throw me in front of a Metra train, nor was he calling for anyone to do the act either.

This is the point where I feel compelled to offer my public apology to everyone because I made a mistake. An oversight, actually. I know I was right in calling the FBI about Kaufman being a rogue former member of law enforcement because his acknowledgement of using people’s personal information against them is actually a serious admission of corrupt behaviors.

No, my mistake was not calling the Midlothian Police Department as well and demanding a well-being check on Kaufman, and for that, I apologize. I was wrong for not taking this step and for that, I am sorry. If I had, who knows what kind of mental health help Kaufman could have received for his own imbalances, most likely caused by traumas incurred while on duty.

I never needed Madden Mental Health facility back in 2017 and Madden’s failures remain one of the many slow-healing injuries I sustained from the attack, but I also recently came to discover I am one of the lucky ones when it comes to having a support system in place to deal with a family member or loved one in crisis who once served this country in military uniform.

The United States Veteran’s Administration has a comprehensive network of participants, both in and out of government, to provide support and care for those who have left the service, as well as their family members and their help with my own circumstances has been priceless gift. For example, being a victim of sexual assault at the hands of a former member of our military can be a highly complex series of injuries, especially when the assault was repetitive and threats of harm to others was demonstrated as real and ongoing, even before I reported his actions to the authorities.

I have different phone numbers I can call at a moment’s notice to discuss virtually any aspect of my own struggles and it certainly is a security blanket I have been lacking for quite a few decades. I don’t have to explain the mind-set of my attacker being distorted by his service on the battlefield, nor do I have to go into details about what injuries my attacker sustained while allegedly serving in Vietnam and being exposed to Agent Orange. I can short cut my way to the fears that come from being on someone’s Enemies List and be given the credibility such fears deserve so that all further conversations are viewed not necessarily as a mental instability on my part, rather as a part of my rational approach to remaining strong in the face of the lifetime of risks I burdened myself with the instant I reported my attacker to the authorities.

So while members of our military and their families have strong mental health support networks designed to address, members of local law enforcement have nothing of the sort. Perhaps some of this is due to the decentralization of law enforcement from a Federal or even State level, but a majority of it still falls squarely on those who remain in complete and total denial that current and retired members of local law enforcement can be verbal abusers, physical attackers, sexual assaulters, drug dealers and yes, even murderers.

We ask…no…we demand our local law enforcement officers to face the dangers we cannot, and should not, have to face alone. We insist officers to be compassionate towards individuals that society as a whole has given up on except for target practice. We expect officers to absorb the blows of a parent upon a child and a child upon a parent. We require the actions of officers to be free from hate and prejudice. And we are certainly relentless with our expectations, myself included, for all of the right reasons, but this isn’t nearly enough.

And this is where I must offer up yet another public apology. I am sorry for not demanding quality mental health care for both current and retired law enforcement officers across this nation, including those who have been on the roster of the Midlothian Police Department. I should have been demanding quality mental health care for these same people who have chosen to bear the burden of traumatic and sometimes horrific memories of not just one person, but the many.

Municipal Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are woefully inadequate and the stigma surrounding mental health remains a significant hurdle, let alone the assumption that someone’s “strange” or “odd” behaviors calls for an immediate and forced intervention by a mental health professional compared to any other options, including the allowance for the passing of time to be a part of the natural healing process from a traumatic event.

What is needed are mandatory well-being checks regardless of whether or not symptoms are showing in both current and former law enforcement officers. In fact, it is extra ironic that Illinois mandates mental health screenings on all high school students (which I remain completely opposed to) while completely turning its back on the individuals working in a field that continuously confronts death and destruction as part of the job description.

Lastly, I apologize to retired Officer Biko. I should have spoken up on your behalf as you had no voice and I failed. The most I did was create a sliver of a record of the abuse you had to endure and I know from first-hand experience that your 3rd handler had issues with following the rules. Based on what Police Chief Daniel Delanay said in an email, you are in a good home and I will remain hopeful that should you ever experience stress from the traumas you endured, your civilian family will not threaten to shoot you while seeking help for what ails you. Instead, I hope they will take the loving steps necessary to get you the help you need, even if it means getting you professional mental health care.

In closing, the Kaufman family has been a power family in Midlothian for decades, especially as part of the law enforcement family and I don’t think they would know how to cope with the idea that one of their own might be in need of urgent care and attention for mental health issues that started who knows when, but was likely aggravated by his job.

In fact, I wonder if anyone would ever dare to call for a well-being check to be performed on Kaufman as it relates to his mental stability. Perhaps more to the point, would it even matter since it is likely the people performing the well-being check would have reason to fear retaliation if it was determined he needed some measure of mental health care…assuming he was neutrally screened and not provoked like I was by Panozzo for the sake of the video recording to back up the pre-determined outcome to end any investigation into corrupt actions involving Midlothian police officers and Mayor L’Heureux when it relates to the still unconstitutional Crime Free Housing program.

I wonder how many will jump on the bandwagon to assault my credibility with this post compared to how many will chose to pause for even a moment to consider the bigger picture wrapped around my personal words, that of their own failures to call for more quality mental health care for local law enforcement members regardless of how positive…or negative…their personal experiences have been in the past.

In fact, I wonder how many people will pass along this hotline designed exclusively for members of law enforcement…and how many will remain silent about the lifeline.

Denial can be a real danger to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, especially when the denial comes from us.


P.S. To those who still wonder why I didn’t file a lawsuit against the Village and the Midlothian Police Department back in 2017, let alone viewing such inaction as some type of “proof” my words of the past are false (let alone now), my reasoning still continues to provide positive dividend after dividend. There was no way I was going to allow my experiences and evidence to become locked up and locked down in a lawsuit that likely would have landed on the offer of a settlement with some “no fault” clause embedded and even possibly some type of gag order about the matter.

That would have been the unhealthiest choice I could have made with all of the knowledge and memories I carry with me and the continued need for these types of conversations to be engaged in. So what if I wasn’t financial compensated for the harm bestowed upon me. Money cannot ever heal injuries sustained from injustice…and it cannot even provide cover for the psychological scars left behind, let alone any physical ones.

But being free to talk about injustice and being able to take action whenever possible sure goes a long way towards healing and strengthening the injured parts…like my publishing this post.

This not only feels good to write, these are the right words to be publishing about such a critical topic facing our nation and no amount of pressure from any mental health professional…or police officer…or person for that matter, can ever convince me otherwise.

Ghost In the Village of Midlothian Gallery, Rising Star of the Illinois Republican Party Dr. Sidney L. DeLove (1960’s/early 1970’s)

Ghost In the Local Village Gallery Dr. Sidney L. DeLove: Learning Another Perception From A Strategically Crafted Historical Record Applicable To Current 2020 Political Events at All Levels, Including the Presidency and Impeachment

There is this notion that somehow the writers of history are far more absent of opinion in their words than one who writes a document and labels it as “fact.”

Frequently, people on all sides will be strategic not only in their words, but what political forums they opt to speak such words. Numerous times I entered into the historical record a statement typically pertaining to something I viewed as “fact” and combined with other factors, was worthy of a forum on a local government level. I have mountains of drafts and notes that never made it into those Board rooms, but they are a part of my own historical records, that’s for sure.

In pondering how to severe ties with the Village of Midlothian in a manner that carried with it a sense of responsibility for what I said and did over these past years, along with all that was never said or done, I went digging for a document I found years ago when I was researching the two plaques to the left of the front doors of Village Hall.

The fundamental content was certainly projected to reflect a legislation of patriotism, that of making it illegal to fly the American flag in the dark and that under such conditions as warranted, a light must shine on the flag. That particular ordinance is no longer on the books and vanished pretty much without a trace as there is no historical index to the Midlothian code book.

This particular award is black and white contrary to one of the many “fundamentals” Dr. Sidney L. DeLove stated in an opinion piece published on July 27, 1966 to the Chicago marketplace for consideration. He basically believed that segregation and discrimination could never be redressed through legislation and yet here he is awarding Midlothian a plaque for being the first “Original Village of Lighted Flags.”

Of course, there is also a copy of his widely disseminated content entitled “Can We Wave the Flag Too Much,” hanging out right by the aware he bestowed upon Midlothian and it is hard not to view this as the quid pro quo it still represents, whether it was intended or not.

Allow me a moment of political sarcastic cartooning. “Let me give you an award for hanging up my materials on a government building. Let’s see…what have you done that is so special…hmmm…first in the nation huh? Let’s go with that.”

And yet there is not one plaque so close to the entrance to the Village Hall that states as fact that the Village of Midlothian is the first community to pass into legislation a RainReady program.

What makes this document I have transcribed from Google Books even more complex is the circumstances surrounding DeLove, which included being brought before Congress to testify against Edward Wuenche regarding forgery, fraud, etc., and eventual run on his bank and the subsequent conclusion that DeLove committed suicide after his body was examined.

DeLove was considered a “rising star” in the Illinois Republican party along with Samuel Fuller of Robbins. Both were hard-core bootstrap believers, one from war grown from deadly discrimination with dastardly consequences, the other from the color of their skin being irremovable, unlike the yellow star system used to identify those who should be hated and despised, celebrated with their death as a means of savior and saving of themselves.

I believe this whole “getting something into the Congressional Record of the United States of America” was nothing but a political theater stunt orchestrated by the Illinois Republican party to put into national view and codification a position and messaging DeLove was fully willing and able to put forth. Who would dare question the judgment of a well-respected former OSS officer who almost died in World War II? Don’t listen to the shopkeeper or the wall street banker who never saw war for the reasoning behind the severe escalation of death statistics, right?

For my own record, I still disagree with quite a significant chunk of what DeLove wrote since the last time I read it and was initially inserting footnotes all over the place with my own contradictions. But for the sake of brevity, I strongly believe that without the Civil Rights Act, mass class violations of rights would still not only be permissible, but jurisdictional boundaries would create even more chaos than a cyber crime that bounces from country to country before reaching it’s destination.

And things like redlining? Ooopss. Sorry. That’s a market burp? Racial Covenants? Sorry. That’s a fair effort to influence the marketplace? Lower wages? Too bad. Learn a more valued skill in the marketplace and get over your whining about your missing leg and arm?

In other words, it is an Act that reminds us all that no matter how challenging we might find it from time to time, we simply cannot draw crucial judgments about one’s character that can so quickly lead to escalated tensions and possible physical harm just because there are strongly opposing views being presented.

Had I ever met Dr. DeLove at one a family gathering or party, I suspect I likely would have engaged him similar to what I have done with former Senator Art Berman or even former police Chief Vincent Schavone…likely squabble a bit, but never with threat of physical harm and with equal too bad’s all around if emotions are bruised or battered because words were a little too pointed for any side.

I always thought that Clint Eastwood had it exactly right when he called upon all Americans to put a chair in front of them and imagine the President was sitting right in front of them and boos and hisses to those who demonized the move.

It shouldn’t matter what the person is President of. What if you were to do that with your boss, who happened to be the President of a company? Wouldn’t you take a moment to think through what you would want to say if you were ever given the opportunity to have their undivided attention for but a moment? What about the President of a not-for-profit organization? Many speak on social issues, what would you share with which President?

What I am posting here is my way of wrapping of a week’s worth of conversations with municipalities across the entire southwest suburbs and beyond…

For my efforts to have agendas and schedules on the bulletin on a regular and reliable basis can never be actuarially calculated to a fair market value in terms of the gains the community realized…whether they ever recognize it or not…and it was beyond worth the literal battles I went through just to get some consistency installed back into the mental accounting of Village Hall, let alone other municipalities messing around with such a simple, easy and mandatory set of reporting requirements regarding meetings that are open to the public.

I’ll explain more soon, but in the meantime, it is humbling to ponder the pressures so many were under back when the Civil Rights Act passed, let alone it’s first few years. It’s also easy to get a glimpse into the type of agenda our current President is applying to his judgments and ultimate decisions for action.

Onward to the 2020 Re-Release of an excerpt from the Congressional Record dated August 11, 1966


August 11, 1966 “Congressional Record – Appendix” Page A4255

Will the Real Civil Rights Act of 1964 Please Stand Up?
Extension of Remarks of
Hon. G. Elliott Hagan
Of Georgia
In the House of Representatives
Tuesday, August 2, 1966

Mr. Hagan of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, on July 27, 1966, an article written by Dr. Sidney L. DeLove, the president of the Cook County Federal Savings and Loan Association and founder of Chicago’s Independence Hall appeared in the Herald. This eminent banker and philanthropist has injected some very thought provoking ideas here that should assist in the refutation of the collective efforts of this House in its recent accomplishments.

The article follows:

In one city after another throughout the United States – in St. Louis, Rochester, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Detroit, etc. the white man has become the victim and target of vicious, planned and organized Negro brutality and attack. The current arrogant demands and threats of civil rights leaders clearly connotes a declaration of war against “Whitey.” Their oft repeated battle cris of “Kill Kill Whitey” – “Burn Baby Burn” – and “Black Power” spells their fiendish fanaticism. Defiance of law, civil insurrections, coercive marches, sit-ins, lie-ins, etc. have now been replaced with looting, arson, burning, violence and murder against large white communities.

What is happening? Millions of Americans, white and Negro alike- bewildered, shocked, angered and frightened at this latest turn of events are asking this question. What has happened to the promises of these self-annointed statesmen, humanitarians and moral champions who feverishly campaigned and marched for the passage of this bill? What truth was there to their warnings that this bill must be passed in toto in order to avoid bloodshed and destruction and to save our nation from shameful oblivion?

It must be admitted that the emotionalism created by the assassination of President Kennedy a few months before was largely responsible for the hasty presentation of this bill for debate in early 1964. With the nation suffering its worst emotional shock of the century-and further aggravated by the self-inflicted national shame and guilt mania-it may be understandable, perhaps, how the American people could accept such a hypocritical bill based upon the sham. Irrational premise that a Federal Law prohibiting prejudice, racial discrimination by forced integration and physical compulsion would erase racial and social friction and problems and bring about harmony and brotherhood among our citizenry.

What has happened since the passage of this act? Increased tensions, hate, fear and distrust between white and negro Americans. More civil rights bills! One in 1965, one proposed in 1966 and surely one in 1967, 1968 and perhaps one annually ad infinitum. More and more federal laws for guaranteed income, rent, education, happiness, more leisure, less work, full life, etc. What parasitic treachery lurks in this popular creed of the great society?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the most dastardly and fraudulent of all recent maneuvers by the power structure of the U.S. to perpetuate themselves in office. It “supra-legalizes” the purchase of millions of mercenary votes with tax payer’s money , and it aims to ultimately devist the individual of his heritage of sovereign citizenship . Under the false mark of achieving “denied rights” for one minority of citizens we are attempting the un-natural equalization of all citizens and doom individuality.

This Act will rob the vast majority of Americans of their God-given rights to property, individual libery, freedom of choice and enterprise. It may be well-intentioned, but the road to “hell” is full of good intentions also. It is analogous to the patient swallowing pills to alleviate gastric pains when he know these pills will do irreparable damage to his heart. A civil rights movement in education is right in principle, desirable and practical; however, this Act is the wrong vehicle, impractical and undesirable.

Our national survival as a free society depends primarily on each generation’s dedication to control the present and endow the future with the blessings of our heritage. We have only two choices – history or opinion. The former begets knowledge enabling each generation to understand and profit from the past and begin where the preceding generation stopped. This is man’s true teacher. The latter is man’s false prophet. It can only beget ignorance, bigotry, hate and savagery. As the late Bernanrd Baruch once said, everyone has a right to his opinion, but no one has the right to defy history with his vain opinion for your neighbor. Those who defy the lessons of history are condemned by its repetition.

The Philosophy of the Civil Rights Act Defies History

It was conceived and nurtured in an era of opinion, and it was presented by planned methods for gullible, mass acceptance which were obscured by timely emotional upheaval. It introduced a political philosophy alien to our American concept of individual freedom and diametrically opposed to our constitutional guarantee of self-rule. It returns to the reactionary, oft-tried, miserable failures of the Welfare State. It proposed for the Federal Government to become paternalistic and assume control of the welfare of teach citizen, and thereby provide him with synthetic, economic security from cradle to grave. It simultaneously brees parasites and gives respectability and status to their existence as we are already experiencing today.

It is based upon opinions and assumptions repudiated consistently by 5000 years of man’s recorded experience and history, namely:

A. That you can not legislate morals, honesty, character, love or brotherhood, religion or racial harmony.

B. That you can not by legal or physical compulsion change the nature of man, erase prejudice, bigotry, racial discrimination hate or ignorance.

C. That you can not substitute the law for incentive, responsibility initiative, honor, duty, achievement or the creative activity of the individual.

Much of the cause of the Civil Rights Act that plagues us is the fruit of our own deceit. You can not build a “great society” upon deceit. Deceit never produces honesty or greatness. Force aimed at transforming society does in fact destroy it. It introduces violence and arrogance into the delicate framework of human relations. It provides resentment and resistance, and at best-fraudulent compliance, the black market. Man can not be made to commune and love one another; they can only be forced to go through the motions. Society flees compulsion and moves into political, social and economic bankruptcy. Examples of this are prevalent throughout history. Prohibition was one of our latest experimental fiascos.

The primary responsibility for this disregard of history’s eloquent and tragic lesson lies with the voter. By ignorance complacency and apathy this act was permitted to become the law of the land Honest reflection would have latered Americans to the treasonable consequences of this measure. Education is the only vehicle to civil rights, political expediency to civil wrongs. We have ignored that great nations have preferred to evade and perish rather than master this single lesson. In their indifference and in their valor of ignorance they have department with their monuments, constitutions, their vanities about their gods.

Must the Civil Rights Act stand in toto? To believe so is to believe that our Republic has lost her way and is without the guiding light of her noblest traditions. What has been done here can be undone. The Prohibition Act is a glorious precedent. A decision unworthy of America must be corrected. I urge the reader to examine and read the 55 pages of this Act and draw his own conclusions.

Nakeea Sherrell Buchanan-Smith: Law Enforcement Officers Don’t “Deserve” Special Favors

One reputation the Village of Robbins hasn’t been able to shake over the decades is the perception of corruption coming from inside Village Hall.  Whether we are talking a corrupt police department from the top down or even the more recent corrupt limestone quarry deal that was eventually halted by Sheriff Tom Dart’s office, there is no denying government officials and employees have done a severe disservice to those who live and work in Robbins.

So who should end up being responsible for the improper, and on some levels, illegal actions taken by Cook County Correctional Officer, Nakeea Sherrell Buchanan-Smith?

First, The Chicago Tribune reported on November 21, 2018 that the Village of Robbins was willing to work with Nakeea Sherrell Buchanan-Smith, despite the Village suspending her business license for Manny’s Blue Room.

From the Tribune article, “The bar’s owners, Luxury US, Inc., must provide the village with all necessary ownership documents; obtain a valid state liquor license; and develop security and operational plans to be reviewed and approved by the Robbins police chief before it can reopen, the board agreed.

Robert McLaughlin, an attorney for the bar’s owners, said he considered the conditions ‘fair and reasonable,’ and something he could work on with the village.”

Ummm…that’s gonna be a problem.  Well, an even bigger problem that it already is–even though no one is talking about it–yet.

First, it is important for me to make note that documentation surrounding Buchanan-Smith puts on display numerous variations to her name. For example, forms from Cook County in 2003 and 2007 clearly show the spelling to be “Nakeea,” while state records show her first name to be “Nakeeh.” Nothing like a Scrivener’s Error on official documentation, right? Don’t mind me.  It’s a secretarial bias of mine.

Now, according to state and local records, Buchanan-Smith is the owner of Luxury US, Inc. the company that reportedly owns the nightclub Manny’s Blue Room in Robbins, Illinois. Luxury US, Inc. was registered with the Secretary of State on July 7, 2017, even though it appears that Luxury US, Inc. didn’t get a business license from the Village of Robbins until July 2018. This is going to matter in a bit, so stay with me.

Let’s go back first to 2003 when Buchanan-Smith was just Buchanan and first employed by Cook County. The County has very clear rules about a correctional officer having secondary employment. It’s under “Rule 13: Dual Employment.” The basic jist of the rule is that someone wanting to hold down a second job (including self-employment), must complete a “Report of Dual Employment Form” and have this second job approved by two people (among other rules).

She signed a document on March 10, 2003 called “Conditions of Employment” in which Condition #6 reads, “…and that there are limits to my having secondary employment to no more than twenty hours per week. Prior to working secondary employment, a secondary employment form must be obtained from personnel, filled out properly, and approved by the Superintendent or Unit Supervisor, and the Executive Director. If I have secondary employment that involves carrying a gun or any type of security work, an indemnity form must be signed by the employer and submitted with the secondary form. Failure to follow these procedures could result in suspension and/or termination. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A CORRECTIONAL OFFICER BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT SELLS LIQUOR.” (caps, bolding and italics here is the same as on the form shown below.)

Here’s where Buchanan-Smith’s “work” history gets a little…ummm…twisted.

According to a report from the City of Chicago, it shows that Buchanan-Smith had an active business license (license # 2108992) with the City of Chicago for “Luxury Life Studio” located at 2557 West 63rd Street, Unit 1 from August 1, 2011 to August 15, 2013. This is in the 16th Ward, where JoAnn Thompson was Alderman from 2007 through 2015, when she passed away due to sudden heart failure (it was an election cycle, btw). Toni Foulkes is the current Alderman (it’s an election cycle for her, btw). Buchanan-Smith is shown as the sole proprietor of Luxury Life Studio.

The INSTANT Buchanan-Smith registered herself with the City of Chicago as the sole proprietor of a business in 2011, she was obligated to already have secured permission by a Supervisor AND the Executive Director.

The problem?

According to Cook County records, she never received permission to own and operate Luxury Life Studio.

In fact, she apparently never even filed the Dual Employment form.


In fact, according to Cook County records, she never received permission to own and operate Luxury US, Inc. either.

In fact, she apparently never even filed the Dual Employment form.

Double whoops?

In fact, according to records with the State of Illinois Gaming Board, Luxury US, Inc., nor Buchanan-Smith as an individual never filed an application to have slot machines in Manny’s Blue Room.

Triple whoops…ummm…huh?

Yup.  Photos of Manny’s Blue Room after the shooting of security guard Jemel Roberson November 11, 2018 clearly show advertisements for slots at the establishment.

Now, to keep this clear, Accel Entertainment lays claim to having gambling terminals in Manny’s Blue Room at least in March of 2018, when The New Blue Room Corporation apparently owned and operated Manny’s.

And yet Luxury US, Inc., doesn’t even have a license pending, so why would the establishment be advertising having slots in November 2018 and from whom would they have gotten the machines from? (answers still pending)

But wait! There’s more! (I feel like a late night infomercial!)

According to the Illinois Gaming Board website, the previous owners of Manny’s Blue Room, The New Blue Room Corporation, not only still had a gaming license after Luxury US, Inc. took over the location in July, they were reporting revenues received during July, August and September AND the terminal count went up by 1 machine between July and August 2018, which was around the time Luxury US, Inc. took over the location of Manny’s Blue Room! 

Extra weird is that it appears The New Blue Room Corporation had 5 terminals EXCEPT for July 2018, when it dropped to 4 for one month.

And there’s the grand-slam right down the throats of the good people of Robbins.

Not only was Buchanan-Smith allowing liquor to be sold without a valid liquor license…and without permission from her employer (Cook County)…

It appears as though illegal gambling was being allowed in her establishment as well, something the Illinois Gaming Board will need to thoroughly investigate.

Part of this particular problem is definitely on the shoulders of the Village of Robbins for not making sure the gaming license situation was in compliance with State law before and after issuing a business license.

Make no mistake. The death of Jemel Roberson in November 2018 is a tragedy no matter what determinations are made about Nakeea Sherrell Buchanan-Smith’s ownership and operation of Manny’s Blue Room.

But the bottom line is that Buchanan-Smith doesn’t deserve a second chance to “get it right” when it comes to Manny’s Blue Room in Robbins, Illinois.  Her blatant violation of Cook County rules with her first business venture, Luxury Life Studio from 2011 to 2013, let alone with Luxury US, Inc. starting in 2017 are bad enough and are reasonable grounds for termination from her job as a Cook County Correctional Officer.

So while the Village of Robbins appears “willing” to work with Buchanan-Smith to keep her as the owner of Manny’s Blue Room, hopefully the people of Robbins will recognize the corrupt behaviors she brought into their backyard and will remain strong enough to hold out for a new owner of the location that will bend over backwards to properly follow the laws…

For everyone’s safety and security…

Let alone for the entertainment purposes of a nightclub in the first place.

And the first place this level of protection needs to come from is the Trustees of the Village of Robbins, who need to continue to deny a business license and a liquor license to Nakeea Sherrell Buchanan-Smith no matter what she “fixes”–even if/when she is fired from her job with the County.

P.S.  I won’t even begin to squabble over the ban on a correctional officer working “in” an establishment that sells liquor.

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