Midlothian Illinois Police Chief Kauffman Statement Regarding K-9 Unit Biko

Recently, an audio recording was released of Midlothian, Illinois Police Chief Hal Kaufman Jr talking with the Oak Forest Police Department dispatch center in which he mentioned he might have a need to shoot Midlothian K-9 officer, Biko if he cannot find a home for the dog.

Canine units in law enforcement are afforded the same rights and recognition as a full-fledged human law enforcement officer, which means that Kaufman was basically holding Biko hostage and threatening to shoot a fellow law enforcement officer if he didn’t get action upon his demand and command, which was an immediate home for Biko.

Instead of Mayor Sharon Rybak and the Board scolding him for his behaviors, the only member of the Board who went on record as not accepting Kaufman’s apology was Trustee Jerome “Jerry” Gillis.  Not even the liaison to the Police Department, Trustee Gary L’Heureux spoke out against the judgment call of the Police Chief.

This is Kaufman’s apology during a board meeting.  What you cannot see is the large group of uniformed officers standing in the back of the room blocking one of the three exits to the room, not only creating a fire hazard (which is yet another demonstration of the flawed judgment of the leadership of the Midlothian police department over the years), but they are the only ones you hear in the audio applauding.

The rest of the room was silent.

Other police chief’s have been fired for a lot less, but you can bet that Rybak will continue to keep him on.


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