Opening Roll Call Violations by the Village of Midlothian

Village Clerk and Park District President Michael Kohlstedt has been accountable for a variety of errors/violations in relation to Open Meetings Act requirements, despite statements made by Mayor Sharon Rybak suggesting she is the one who is doing the agendas and minutes with Kohlstedt’s signature going on the minutes.

When Kohlstedt first took office, I showed him quite a few of my audits of agendas and minutes from surrounding communities including Alsip and Blue Island as well as the track record of the Village and made point that ultimately the final product that made it to the public was entirely his accountability…no matter who ended up being assigned the task.

This type of maneuver is designed to literally trick a reader who knows the rules and order of entry to believe that someone made a motion for something or seconded a motion when they did not as well as the reverse, someone not getting credit for making the motion or seconding a motion.

I consider it to be an intentional act of falsifying a public record for personal gains and benefits that comes with someone’s (or a group of someones) political career(s).


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