Advanced Midlothian Politics Overview

Most of the content below is on display in the description Advanced Midlothian Politics group I host on Facebook

follow-chat-facebook-smallThe Village of Midlothian, Illinois is currently undergoing a political crisis of significant proportion and dimension, including investigations from multiple jurisdictions. This group was created to converse about these topics with a focus on providing potential solutions to the challenges before us.

First time visitors, please read: Welcome to Advanced Midlothian Politics! I am known as Midlothian Valerie and will be your current host of this forum for the time being, although this may change in the near future. This forum is intended for discussion about advanced matters of a political nature facing the Village of Midlothian including but not limited to (and in no particular order):

1. The absence of a water tower
2. The $24 million dollars in bond debt
3. The forensic audit of 3 of the bonds
4. The CRS certification process
5. The CAV results
6. Public documentation
7. Lagging economic development
8. Watershed issues
9. Taxes
10. Annual budgets
11. Proposed ordinances
12. Law enforcement issues
13. Office of the Investigator General
14. The local water supply distribution system/billing
15. Lack of broadcasting public meetings/missing money to purchase equipment for years.
16. Incorrect and/or inconsistent information coming from Village Hall
17. Job descriptions
18. Ethics challenges
19. Inconsistent enforcement of rules and regulations
20. Complete Streets development
21. Rain Ready requirements and needs
22. Utility infrastructure issues
23. Presenting the positive Midlothian image to the rest of the world
24. Proposed projects for 2016
25. Transportation issues
26. Snow removal logistics
27. Foreclosed homes
28. Resources for the disconnected
29. Accessibility issues
30. Building code topics
31. Fines and fees
32. Low levels of volunteerism
33. ACLU complaint against Village for Crime-Free Housing Ordinances
34. Unclear/unavailable/non-existent job positions and departments
35. Frozen 911/MFT/Gambling/Grant funds
36. Payments to the phone company for listings that are supposed to be free

Advertisements for commercial products and services will be deleted without warning.
Reference to outside content must have direct relevance to Midlothian.

Ambiguous allegations unsupported by some element of verifiable truth will not be tolerated and may be deleted without warning. There is a difference between stating an opinion supported by external details and a “he said, she said” presentation of statement that someone isn’t doing something right. You are strongly recommended to include some measure of reasoning behind any allegations against public officials and/or employees in this forum.

As a participant, you reserve the right to speak as freely as you see fit. As moderator of this group, I reserve the right to remove you if I believe your behaviors cross my personal standards of civility in public discourse, but more often than not I will leave conversations intact in their entirety as you are accountable for your own conversation.


About Midwestern Valerie

Creator and host of Advanced Midlothian Politics on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter: Researcher, writer and journalist since the 1970's.
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