Dreaming of Dissemination of Public Domain Materials

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New as Carl Ivan still is to the landscape of our Board as a Trustee, it was clear (to me) that even if he wasn’t elected, he was ready and able to do more towards enhancing the distribution of Village information and knowledge (his department report can be viewed here https://www.facebook.com/CarlIvanMidlothian/posts/1483371655300441).

So now that we have 5 out of 6 Trustees actively communicating with the public online, I think there is the real need to come up with a publishing/distribution schematic that our Village officials/employees can live up to…

from distributing meeting notices (call me lazy or stupid if one must, but LOVE having the reminders!), meeting minutes (we are absent of a large percentage of meeting minutes from all committee and subcommittee meetings in our archives online, which are mandatory to be taken according to OMA), department reports (there can be a standard form created asking the department heads if various goals and objectives were achieve over the last month, for example), job descriptions (doesn’t matter if the position is filled or not) etc.

Maybe I’m just in the mood to be a little dramatic, but quite frankly I constantly ache for reliable communications of certain kinds to come from Village Hall without anyone needing to distract our government from getting their jobs done. No need to call…no need to email…no need to text…and that goes for every single government unit influencing Midlothian in some way.

It will remain my hope that starting in 2016, the Village of Midlothian has multiple, reliable sources of public domain materials pertaining to the life and well-being of our community that are presented in a much more polished and professional manner…

But in the meantime, THANK YOU to the Trustees who continue to choose to actively contribute their time towards transparency and dissemination of information instead of contributing more pages to Midlothian’s long-running version of The Emperor’s Clothes…with the people of Midlothian being the Emperor in this context.

P.S. Why can’t I get the line “In the midnight hour, she cried more, more, more, with a rebel yell, she cried more, more, more ” out of my head….its attached to a picture of me sitting at my desk, trying to search the Village website for just one more piece of information…


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