Q & A: Since You Know So Much, Why Don’t You Run For Office?

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In the course of my own publishing habits to a select number of forums, I have come across numerous chat scripts centering around the idea that the moment someone disagrees with Government, the only solution is for them to either run for office, vote someone out of office, or shut up.

“If you don’t like what [insert name here] is doing, then vote them out of office!”

“If you don’t like [insert circumstances here], then why don’t you run for office!”

“If you didn’t vote, then you have no right to complain!”

While my own biased cynicism sometimes wonders if people nowadays actually type out these sentences in full, or if they just copy/paste their way through the chat forum, it is a real philosophy that obstructs observation of the full schematic of our political structure and rejects multiple pieces to the very foundation of our system.

First, it is irresponsible to wait for the “next election season” if a member of government is not reasonably performing the duties of their position.  If the appropriate response to corruption is to simply wait until the voters decide they’ve had enough deceit, then the trust cornerstone crumbles.  City of Harvey Aldermen are taking their Mayor to court.  Sheriff Dart stepped in when hundreds of rape kits were discovered untested in the Village of Robbins.  The Village of Burnham have grabbed the talent who conducted the Dixon settlement to help their Village with suing their accounting/auditing firm.

While these examples contain reactions to public officials, the behaviors of government employees cannot come to light if no one speaks up and out.  No one votes for these employees and although we might vote by proxy through our public officials, are we supposed to wait until an employee decides to retire or can there be equal measure of justice in that at least similar rules and regulations DO apply to employees as much as public officials and including the general public.

Why should anyone in this Village have to wait until the next election to possibly change personnel when maybe the people in charge are entirely unaware of a circumstance…as but one of the many reasons why a matter has not been attended to based on my own opinions…let alone the opinions of anyone else in the Midlothian community?

Next is this matter of running for office as the only possible response and potential cure for what a complainer puts forth to the public.  With the Tribune now owning all four corners of the Chicagoland Monopoly board, it is just another example of the consolidation and migration to online publishing creating yet another crater in the industry of publishing for profit.

A strong reporting presence is a prerequisite to our form of government, as it is guaranteed quite clearly in our Constitution, and that the “media” as an “industry” plays a critical role in sustaining our self-governance and the “industry” is so diffused, we have lost the Town Crier element to our communities…that one place that everyone knew they could turn to for a thick collection of information regarding their community.

So from time to time I will have someone come back with a “shut up and get a job” type of response to one of my writings and from time to time I do question why I do not charge for my efforts, as I have approached my publishing habits far more as a job than that of a habit, but employment status is not a prerequisite to access the attention of those who can consider change and even <gasp> influence change as well…including a contribution to residents and government alike who make calls for volunteers and/or attendance.  As I help present the information to others who might be interested, I know I am contributing at least something positive to my own biased objective of opening up and elevating  quality of life opportunities and potentials for everyone in the Village of Midlothian.

In essence, one does not need to hold public office or a job to perform this task and its a shame when someone suggests they should remain silent because they don’t have these particular elements on their resumes.

Lastly, this idea of no vote equals no voice in between.  That would be as silly as saying all data coming from people who work at CERN laboratories should be silenced, dismissed and ignored simply because they didn’t vote in the last election.  Their science behind their publications can be impeccable, mind you, but since they didn’t vote…

So in answer to the question of why I won’t ever run for office is simple.

There are other roles for people to play in a self-governing structure I am far better a player in the role of information/entertainment producer/distributor than I could ever pull off while governed by the rules binding government officials.


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