After Examining the Two Documents…(Crowe Horwath=1 and Village=1)

Temporary Thoughts

After reading through the contract for the first time, I’m left with a question of why the hurry up with the Crowe Horwath contract by Mayor Sharon Rybak?  She’s been known to sit on documents (IDNR CAV) but this legally had to hit the agenda she writes and approves on August 10th.  It’s signed by Crowe Horwath August 11th.  The meeting is the 12th.  The contract is signed the 13th.

Document #1:  The contract between the Village of Midlothian, Illinois and Crowe Horwath, an independent member of Crowe Horwath International in Switzerland signed and dated by Crowe Horwath on August 11, 2015 and by Midlothian Mayor Sharon Rybak on August 13, 2015

Document #2:  Sloppily scanned* August 12, 2015 Village of Midlothian Regular Board Meeting minutes showing unanimous approval of the agreement with Crowe Horwath to start an audit on the 2009-2010 bonds.  Trustee Gary L’Heuruex made the motion and Trustee Donald “Don” Killelea seconded the motion.

MY Main Question For Further Research

Was Crowe Horwath (or any/all contractors with Midlothian for that matter) ever notified of Title 1; Chapter 23; Section 4; Paragraph D in which the Office of the Investigator General has the legal authority “To obtain information from, and conduct interviews under oath with village employees, agents, contractors and persons doing or seeking to do business with the village for the purpose of investigating potential misconduct”?

Side thoughts

It doesn’t make sense them not acknowledging awareness in their verbiage by providing themselves room without question should the circumstances present themselves to reveal what they know without their claim of proprietary “wrapper” shielding them from release.  Any contractor unwilling to cooperate should a member of our OIG office present reasonable grounds should not be given contracts with the Village…?

These two documents say that Crowe Horwath submitted to the Village a document signed and dated Tuesday, August 11, 2015  for the consideration of the Trustees to be completed by Wednesday, August 12, 2015 so that Mayor Rybak could sign it the morning after?  Where’s the red tape when you need it?  It doesn’t matter how close to the Final Document when it was put on the agenda the night before it was apparently signed by Crowe Horwath.  Rybak has gone on record claiming to be the crafter and publisher of the agendas for our Board and Committee meetings which means she would be solely responsible for this short sales period in which the words of the potential auditors can be given more than just a passing glance by all members of the board

The passage of this contract wasn’t some fly-by-night timing glurp of Mayor Rybak’s.  She had to have asked the Board to trust her and her judgement at some point and since we know not of the conversations behind the scenes, it should just be left in fact that they chose to go along with the idea unanimously.

This is the same Mayor who has people suggesting the Board simply refuses to cooperate with her at every twist and turn…which once again the Board presents for the record just the opposite…

* Because of a sloppily scanned copy of meeting minutes was uploaded to the public realm, the public is obstructed from searching the document even with the application of additional technology to produce otherwise.  There never has been and never will be any justification for a government unit to publish meeting minutes in anything less than a searchable file format and formation.

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