Whoopsie Daisy! There goes the truth again…

It’s not often I get a trifecta in terms of presenting something to the public, but this last Consent Agenda seems like a good opportunity to present to the public just how intentionally deceitful the Village of Midlothian as a government unit continues to put on display without a blink of an eye.

Here is a screen shot from the agenda from November 11, 2015:consent-agenda-errors-trifecta

Issue #1:  Item #5:  Not only is the List of Bills referenced with shorthand as “Bill list,” there is no date.  This habit can be found throughout the entire agenda catalog since at least Rybak taking office and in this case, its easier to explain why this is deceitful and wrong.  While one might assume that the List of Bills is the most recent one, Item #4 shows meeting minutes from August that had still yet to be approved!  Without any date attached to the List of Bills, there is no way to confirm or validate what specific List of Bills was approved.

Issue #2:  Item #6:  Same principle applies, but what this line item helps show is negligence as it is clear for items 1 through 4 there is awareness of the importance of including the full date on these documents.

Issue #3:  Item 4:  74 days.  Let me say that again.  74 days.  This has been an insidious tactic deployed by government officials throughout the state.  Because the Open Meetings Act demands release of meeting minutes AFTER approval within a short amount of time, the only tactic available to delay minutes is to simply not allow for them to be approved.  Go figure, right?  Give those who are opposed to releasing meeting minutes the chance to keep everything hidden until they are ready to release them…assuming they get released at all.

Multiple times Clerk Michael Kohlstedt was told of the errors in the August meeting minutes.  Conversations happened behind the scenes.  The fact that these minutes were not able to be approved until November obstructed a variety of elements, including an audit of the activities of the Village Board, puts on display a measure of contempt for accuracy in public documentation that continues to be endorsed by any and all fans who wish the public would stay out of the business of government.

In summary, this document contains a total of 50 words, 8 lines of content, 309 characters with spaces and 261 characters without spaces…and quite frankly, none of the content can be trusted simply because these types of patterns are not “ooopsss” moments.  One only has to glance at any agenda (take your pick) and you will find for yourself these types of patterns all over the place.

This type of record-keeping MUST stop!  Using “errors” to delay the release of public records is insulting and contradictory to the laws of the state and the nation.


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