Announcing The 2015 Extra Audit Guide to the $24 million dollar bond debt

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There has been little dispute in the Village of Midlothian as to a truth that the Village acquiring approximately $24 million dollars in bond debt beginning in 2005 and ending in 2013.

Over this time period, older bonds were refinances and new ones added in response to was has been suggested to be deficit spending by the Village of Midlothian since 1999.

For now I decided to go with the idea that as I sit here awaiting news of an audit that was called for by the current Mayor, Sharon Rybak, I’ve been listening to her discuss for well over 3 months to what basically amounts to an unscheduled, or “extra” audit.

While nothing may be said tonight in terms of the official results of this extra audit, it has been proposed that this need for additional exploration and research to be conducted by “outsiders” is due to a variety of things since the day Mayor Rybak basically threatened the Village Board that they better approve her call for a tax hike or absolutely everything that ails Midlothian before, during and after the failed tax hike would be their “fault.”

I personally have watched and listened to so many meetings, the timing of the content sometimes gets blurry and sometimes I forget pieces of information I found to be of interest when I myself was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to believe the words spoken by Mayor Rybak.

As I remain committed to a “wait and see” approach as to whether or not my own concerns about our bond debt being $24 million would be included in the scope and purview of Rybak’s call for a forensic audit.

In the meantime, I have created a new page here in My Midlothian that I look forward to adding to from time to time more information as it relates to not just what is revealed from this extra audit, but a full examination of the acquisition of bond debt from the first agreement down to the last.

That’s why I liked “extra” so much…

How many audits have been paid for over since 2003 and at what point did the record-keeping begin to slip enough to mis-match $8 million dollars?

Welcome to the start of The 2015 Extra Audit Guide to the $24 million dollar bond debt of the Village of Midlothian!


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