My Possible Last Quarter Push for OIG Office Led By Dart Audience

It’s the last quarter of the Village of Midlothian having an Office of the Investigator General and having such office being led by Sheriff Tom Dart’s staff and I just got a few stats from our Village Clerk.

Out of a total of 6 complaints they claim to have received, 4 have been closed and unfounded and 2 are still under investigation.

According to my calculations, that makes it sound like at least one of my complaints has been closed…

We know that one complaint was filed by former Trustee Vincent “Vince” Schavone and the results of the investigation he requested because it was recently published in the Midlothian Messenger.

That means there are 5 unaccounted for and its possible all three of mine have been closed…

I did file complaint against the condition of our municipal code book.

I did file complaint against the continued violations of OMA laws.

I did file complaint against the spending of $95,000 by Mayor Sharon Rybak.

Since the OIG office is not due to close until January 28, 2016, it sounds like an even more direct presentations of evidence needs to be made available to investigators…but then again I have zero faith in their interest in actually performing an investigation rather than cursory glances at what is dropped into their laps.

January 28th is not that far away…

I’ve got a lot of time to keep finding ways to explain how and why these three issues are so critical to our community even thought its just a glance at what the Table of Contents should look like if fair and equitable justice was to be strived for…

Funny how the public cannot talk to an investigator over the phone, let alone setting up meetings and office hours when they are at Village Hall…

Demanding email only reporting violates law enforcement’s obligation to accept complaints and concerns through less hackable means and methods, such as through phone conversations and face to face conversations.

This closed shingle approach all this time continues to betray what the people of Midlothian deserve…

Access to justice without immediate and irreparable damages unreasonably imposed by Government’s refusal to actually talk beyond text signals…


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