Statistic Set #2: Title and Chapter Titles Count

One neat thing a producer of a thick book can do nowadays is make extra sure that the naming of sections is given a touch of specialized wordsmithing wisdom, and our municipal code book is no different in terms of having such a need.

Because the Village Clerk has repetitively failed to give me a digital copy of our municipal code book that matches the paper copy at the local library and at Village Hall over these past months, my repeated requests are now more than just a failed FOIA request fulfillment and here is what I’ve gone ahead and done so far in response to something that has been dragging on for multiple administrations.

The Village of Midlothian has been obstructing full view of the municipal code book now since at least its launch to the Sterling Codifiers, Inc. site in what I continue to view to be a reckless and uncalled for manner.

In essence, the Village built undocumented agreements with an outside vendor to obstruct your full viewing of the full municipal code book by building in unduly burdensome tasks into the acquisition of a simple Table of Contents in a digital format. There isn’t even a recent contract with our current codifiers, btw.

My choices were to head over to the library, photocopy the 30+ pages missing from every digital version the Village Clerk released to me and either retype from scratch or dare to possibly waste more time than save by scanning it and converting the text using OCR software…or…take the last version given to me by Clerk Kohlstedt, spend hours tagging each and every Title, Chapter and Section so that I could then use the Indexing feature of Microsoft Word to create the list I’ve attached at the bottom.

Before I give some stats on the list, by my shuffling the text around a little (removed actual chapter numbers and sorted alphabetically), we now have a completely different analytical tool available for use and consideration, as well as another starting point to begin building a new Table of Contents structure.

In some ways, thanks to technology, we get to actually start from the beginning in terms of approaching this desperate need for our municipal code book to be re-codified and then surrendered to a different 3rd party codifier.  I often have pondered what it would have been like back in 1924 when talks were in place for a vote to incorporate the Village.

They had no previous book to start with and some of their word choices still exist today…as they well should…and here we are now facing the end of 2015 with the Village of Midlothian still around…

So when you read the list, try to not wonder what our existing laws are and instead ponder what you would and would not like to see in a law carrying the titles listed below.  What do you expect to see if you turn to the Chapter?  Are their problems you think government should be addressing or are there topics they shouldn’t be involved with?

The book itself is a perpetual work-in-progress, which means we have the chance at all times to put forth thought, opinion and yes, even challenge as to what words will govern our behaviors when we are among one another.

Onward to the stats and another list of information never before seen by the public quite this way*!

5     Pages
163   Paragraphs
163   Lines
491   Words
3,452   Characters (w/o spaces)
3,916   Characters (with spaces)
36,864   Bytes
25    Single Words
50    Two Words
45     Three Words
19    Four Words
11    Five Words
7      Six Words
7      Or More Words
1 14 Word String
1 12 Word String
1   9 Word String
2   8 Word Strings
1   7 Word String

Notes:  Single word tags should be uncommon and with pattern in the content following, such as words like “Appointment” or “Duties” and might have option for consolidation and different word choice.  7 or more words too excessive to accomplish the naming of a section of code with a specific Act name.  Should have short version and full version, with short version in the tag and full version established in the content (e.g. “Locally Imposed And Administered Tax Rights And Responsibility” should be “Locally Imposed and Administered Taxes” as the Chapter and then three clear sections establishing full title, and then articulating the “Rights” and “Responsibilities”)

List of Title and Chapters in the Village of Midlothian, Illinois Municipal Code Book as of November 26, 2015 created by Midlothian Valerie for general public use:

Title 1        Administrative

  •    Bid Procedures
  •    Board Of Health
  •    Board Of Trustees
  •    Code Of Ethics
  •    Definitions
  •    Director Of Public Relations
  •    Ethics
  •    Finance
  •    Health Officer
  •    Inspector General
  •    Locally Imposed And Administered Tax Rights And Responsibility
  •    Official Plan
  •    Official Seal
  •    Penalty
  •    Residency Of Employees
  •    Saving Clause
  •    Superintendent Of Streets
  •    Village Administrator
  •    Village Attorney
  •    Village Clerk
  •    Village Code
  •    Village Court
  •    Village Treasurer

Title 2        Commissions And Boards

  •    Board Of Local Improvements
  •    Civil Defense Organization
  •    Economic Development Committee
  •    Emergency Services And Disaster Agency
  •    Emergency Telephone System Board
  •    Fire And Police Commission
  • Flood Control Commission
  •    Midlothian Lodge Board
  •    Park Commission
  •    Plan Commission
  •    Zoning Board Of Appeals
  •    Zoning Commission

Title 3        Departments

  •    Building Department
  •    Fire Department
  •    Police Department
  •    Public Sewers And Charges
  •    Water Department

Title 4        Building Regulations

  •    Administration And Supervision
  •    Administrative Adjudication Of Building Code Violations
  •    Appendix A
  •    Automatic Fire Suppressant Sprinkler Systems; Heat And Smoke Detection And Interior Fire Alarm Systems
  •    Cable TV
  •    Classification Of Buildings
  •    Construction Of Buildings For Residential Purposes
  •    Dangerous Buildings
  •    Definitions
  •    Fences
  •    Minimum Construction Requirements
  •    Minimum Planning Requirements
  •    Payment Stamps
  • Permit Requirements
  •    Property Maintenance Code
  •    Regulations
  •    Residential Rental Housing
  •    Satellite Dish Antennas
  •    Signs
  •    Special Provisions And Structures
  •    Swimming Pools
  •    Title; Purpose; Scope
  •    Unsafe Buildings; Nuisances, Nonconforming Structures
  •    Vacant Property
  •    Violations; Penalty

Title 5        Business Regulations

  •    Amusements
  •    Cable And Video Customer Protection Law
  •    Cable/Video Service Provider Fee And Peg Access Support Fee
  •    Comprehensive Regulation Of Tobacco Products
  •    Emergency Energy Plan
  •    Fair Housing
  •    Farmers’ Market
  •    Firearms Dealer’s License
  •    Food Service Establishments
  •    General Provisions
  •    Liquor Regulations
  •    Motor Fuel Tax
  •    Municipal Telecommunications Tax
  •    Municipal Utility Tax
  •    Occupation Taxes
  •    Other Businesses (Except Alcoholic Beverages)
  •    Packaging Of Food
  •    Regulation Of Sale Of Consumer Commodities
  •    Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee

Title 6        Police Regulations

  •    Administrative Adjudication Of Municipal Code Violations
  •    Animals
  •    Arrests Without Warrants
  •    Curfew, Improper Supervision, Truancy
  •    Dog Kennels
  •    Firearms; Weapons
  •    General Offenses
  •    Intoxicants; Drugs
  •    Loudspeakers; Amplifiers
  •    Misdemeanors
  •    Unnecessary Noises

Title 7        Fire Regulations

  •    Fire Limits
  •    Fire Prevention Code
  •    Fireworks

Title 8        Health And Sanitation

  •    Clean Indoor Air
  •    Garbage
  •    Milk
  •    Nuisances
  •    Septic Tanks; Surface Drainage

Title 9        Public Ways And Property

  •    Construction Of Utility Facilities In Rights Of Way
  •    Culverts
  •    Distribution Of Printed Matter
  •    Excavations
  •    Numbering Buildings
  •    Pedestrians Soliciting Rides Or Business On Roadways
  •    Public Weighmasters
  •    Removal Of Shopping Carts
  •    Removal Of Snow And Ice
  •    Sidewalks
  •    Street Improvement Regulations
  •    Trees And Shrubs
  •    Weeds

Title 10      Traffic

  •    Accidents; Arrests
  •    Administrative Adjudication Of Vehicular Standing, Parking And Condition Of Vehicle Regulation Violations
  •    Bicycles
  •    Drivers Licenses And Renting Of Vehicles
  •    Licensing Vehicles
  •    Miscellaneous Driving Rules
  •    Operation Of Vehicles
  •    Park Zones
  •    Parking Meter Regulations
  •    Parking, Traffic, Miscellaneous Traffic Regulations
  •    Pedestrians
  •    Snowmobile Registration And Safety Act
  •    Stopping; Standing; Parking
  •    Through And One-Way Streets
  •    Traffic Codes Adopted
  •    Traffic Enforcement
  •    Vehicle Equipment
  •    Vehicle; Dealer Registration; Offense

Title 11      Zoning

  •    Administration
  •    Business Districts
  •    Definitions
  •    General Development Standards
  •    Landscaping And Screening
  •    Nonconformities
  •    Off Street Parking And Loading
  •    Office/Limited Industrial District
  •    Open Space And Recreation District
  •    Planned Unit Development
  •    Sexually Oriented Businesses
  •    Signs
  •    Title, Purpose And Intent
  •    Use Standards
  •    Zoning Districts

Title 12      Subdivisions

  •    Flooding And Stormwater
  •    Subdivision Regulations

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