The Politics of Business and the Business of Politics

The Politics of Business and the Business of Politics

It’s been a while since I’ve dumped a lengthy chunk of subjective perspectives into this state of accessible virtual reality, so here it goes.

An entrepreneur walks into Village Hall.  They have seen some details that suggest starting a business venture in the community might be a profitable endeavor.

A business owner walks into Village Hall.  They have something they know the Village needs and is ready to pitch and catch anyone they can.

An apartment complex owner walks into Village Hall.  They have work that needs to be performed after a storm knocked over a few trees.

The imagination of the business owner is limited only by their conscience and sense of community.  While it is likely true that most who walk through the doors of Village Hall are individuals already present in Midlothian, that does not mean our statistics are avoiding deep and extensive scrutiny.

In fact, the opposite is true.  The data churned out by the Village is nothing compared to the aggregation, agitation and aggravation involved with trying to make “forward-looking” decisions based on a bunch of pictures and numbers.

This data is not always treated like the Tarot card readings that they are.  No matter what the odds are calculated to be, end results always come with a simple and plain 50/50 chance either something will or won’t happen.  It doesn’t matter that 80/20 odds suggests something one way or another, there will always be a black and white end result.

As I have been keeping up with the going-on’s in Midlothian through all of your posts these past few weeks, I read somewhere on Facebook that another business in Midlothian is closing and moving over to the Crestwood side of life.

With our sometimes spectacular speculation as to the 5 W’s and the H of the situation, we also end up having a chance to talk about the pattern itself and common themes came up.

Crestwood’s tax base continues to mystify and marvel fans and critics alike as the records are still not entirely accessible and complete and the magnitude of their clean-up needs has yet to be fully realized, especially in terms of having a comprehensive reporting mechanism to reveal what has been left behind by previous owners of the land.

Midlothian’s tax base is a muddled mess of records from befuddled reporters of information contained in the records.  If that is confusing, imagine how confusing it’s been for Midlothian residents who have been following the storyline of an $8 million dollar discrepancy calling for a forensic audit.

At the time of publication of this post, that number has been virtually zeroed out and was assigned to the confusing investment strategies of former Village President and the former Village Treasurer.  It has also been said by both Trustees and residents alike that it has sounded like the Village of Midlothian paid for a reconciliation of the books and not a forensic audit.

No one was ever told that this forensic audit would be performed in phases and this process started in August.  There has always been little doubt in the minds of some residents that without a cross-check of meeting minutes, there could be no true forensic audit performed.

But even if that process is undertaken, it does not leave behind the additional need for this newly reconciled information to be juxtiposed against laws at all levels of government from that specific time period…and I’ve seen a picture of our original ordinances bound and stacked neatly around the baseline of a building that if it flooded, all of this content would be destroyed.

I’ve once relied on the phrase “That’s not strange. That’s Midlothian” in a social media setting, but what else explains such business practices?

I have always believed that if the Village of Midlothian continued to reflect a sense and semblance of uncaring and unconcern about these types of nit-picky details, where is the justification to invest in the community itself?

People typically go into business mode to better benefit at least themselves and certainly not to benefit government to any extensive degree.  Sure there are businesses who focus on politics as an industry to be moved and shifted in sometimes unimaginable ways, but when local laws are in disarray, many of people thinking in terms of profit decide to stay away with a “leave me out of that drama” impression

With a real measure of relief being provided recently due to the extra coordinated efforts of Trustee Jerry Gillis and Trustee Don Killelea and with equivalent contributions from the Board, I also know that serious and significant changes are happening in both the broad terms of record-keeping in its entirety, but also when it comes to our municipal code book.

I have always understood it to be a simple task of starting with Ordinance #1 and rebuilding the book in terms of an index of citations and reference points…but I also know it is by no means an easy task.

While I have numerous reasons why I find such a great Return On Investment on the endeavor, at least for this post, the biggest benefit of all would be that the Village could put on display yet another critical component being improved and ready for public consumption and interaction.  Being able to notify the masses of this success through smart marketing efforts, such as notifying the financial community the book has significantly changed…you know…those who choose to invest in Midlothian via Village Hall and the bond market…

Let alone the entrepreneur who walks into Village Hall looking to open up a business endeavor in Midlothian, Illinois because its a risk worth taking…

Or a business owner who walks into Village Hall and catches on to the needs of the Village so well, they secure an opportunity to pitch the Board they are the right people for the job…

Or the apartment complex owner who walks into Village Hall and walks out with a list of contractors registered with the Village and in compliance with the municipal codes governing their efforts.

I myself am looking forward to finding more ways next year to put on display reasons why Midlothian right now is a smart long-term investment on a variety of levels and for a variety of reasons…

Because stutter and stall as our personalities allow, it was made very clear since the start of the new Board that Midlothian has a full Board of Trustees ready and able to not only fight the good fight, but to include the public in the battles should they choose to participate without the cultural repercussions of the past and its clear our community is growing stronger due to more people choosing to be more cooperative and inclusive in their own pursuits of happiness.

Will the rest of the world agree with me that the forward-looking outlook for Midlothian has improved through internal and external improvements to a variety of local government units?

Who knows.

Will it ever really matter since there are 7 billion people on the planet right now and each have their own physical being attached to their imaginations that carries with it its own set of wants and needs?

I know the answer to that one.


Change the world
One person at a time
One moment at a time

That’s not just good for business owners either…

Or politicians.


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