The Top 5 Most Notable Political Movements of 2015 in Midlothian, Illinois…In My Humble Opinion

What an awe-inspiring start to 2016…which is also easier to appreciate now that I have some sleep in me!

As I will remain hopeful today brings even more joy and happiness to the many, it’s not going to be easy for me to match my own level of fun I had last night when I opened my Advanced Midlothian Politics group on Facebook to virtually any and all conversation non-political in nature for much of the evening and into the wee hours of the morning.  All in all, it was a great way to share a moment or two with friends using technology as the medium of deliver!  Thank you to everyone who jumped in!

follow-chat-facebook-smallFor those who missed it through the flurry of posts that were being thrown into the group at various times, I managed to post what I view to be  “The Top 5 Most Notable Political Movements of 2015 in Midlothian, Illinois” to the group throughout the night, ending with the #1 moment just moments after 2016 started.

Here they are in case you missed them or can’t find them…there were a lot of completely unrelated comments made last night:

AMP Open And Live On New Years Eve

#5 Where is Sherlock when you need him?

#4 Never Bet Too Heavy On Any Election Outcome Being A Lock

#3 – Announcing Mayor Rybak as Chicken Little while Wearing Sheep’s Clothing

#2 A Waterfall of Funding Helps More Than Just The Crew of Team Floodlothian

#1 – The Day the Music Was Revitalized

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2015 and here’s to a new and improved 2016!


About Midwestern Valerie

Creator and host of Advanced Midlothian Politics on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter: Researcher, writer and journalist since the 1970's.
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