Forensic Audit Report #1: Simple Agenda Audit

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While I will be providing supporting information as it relates to methodology, points of examination and other supporting information to the results of this audit, this first report is actually quite simple and straight forward.

I took all agendas from meetings held from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015 and examined them for three basic elements:  whether or not there was a start time, whether or not there was a specific address for the meeting and whether or not the meeting was a regularly scheduled one or a special one.

I chose to examine a small selection of agendas created prior to Mayor Sharon Rybak and Clerk Michael Kohlstedt taking office as part of the office so that the public could see for themselves a number of differences between agendas published during the Stephens administration and Rybak’s administration.

The other two statistics have to do with the quality of the document published to the website for public consumption.  Most of the agendas were actually scanned into .pdf format and those that were scanned poorly (pages slanted, text blurred, etc.) received a “poor” rating.  In addition, a significant number of agendas have margins less than .5″, which most printers and fax machines would likely cut off any content past the .5″ mark on all sides of the document.

Here are the results:

Total Entries    153
Total Regularly Scheduled    144

Total Meetings Held    130
Total Meetings (Stephens)    17
Total Meetings (Rybak)    111

Total Committee (scheduled)    72
Total Committee (Scheduled/Stephens)    9
Total Committee (Scheduled/Rybak)    63
Total Committee (actual)    43
Total Committee (Actual/Stephens)    8
Total Committee (Actual/Rybak)    35

Total Board (scheduled)    72
Total Board (Scheduled/Stephens)    9
Total Board (Scheduled/Rybak)    63
Total Board (actual)    61
Total Board (Actual/Stephens)    9
Total Board (Actual/Rybak)    52

Total Special (actual)    23
Total Special (Actual/Stephens)    0
Total Special (Actual/Rybak)    23

Total No Start    80
Total No Start (Stephens)    17
Total No Start (Rybak)    63
Total 7:00 p.m. Start    47
Total 7:00 p.m. Start (Stephens)    0
Total 7:00 p.m. Start (Rybak)    47
Total 7:00 p.m. Board (Stephens)    0
Total 7:00 p.m. Board (Rybak)    47

Total No Location    84
Total No Location (Stephens)    17
Total No Location (Rybak)    67

Total Scanned (good)    43
Total Scanned (good/Stephens)    0
Total Scanned (good/Rybak)    43
Total Scanned (poor)    87
Total Scanned (poor/Stephens)    17
Total Scanned (poor/Rybak)    70

Total Margins outside    87
Total Margins outside (Stephens)    17
Total Margins outside (Rybak)    70

No meetings and no reschedules

1/2/2013    Committee (Whole)
7/17/2013    Committee (Whole)
12/25/2013    Board of Trustees
1/1/2014    Committee (Whole)
4/2/2014    Committee (Whole)
7/16/2014    Committee (Whole)
8/6/2014    Committee (Whole)
8/20/2014    Committee (Whole)
9/3/2014    Committee (Whole)
9/17/2014    Committee (Whole)
9/24/2014    Board of Trustees
10/1/2014    Committee (Whole)
10/15/2014    Committee (Whole)
11/5/2014    Committee (Whole)
11/19/2014    Committee (Whole)
12/3/2014    Committee (Whole)
12/17/2014    Committee (Whole)
12/24/2014    Board of Trustees
1/7/2015    Committee (Whole)
1/21/2015    Committee (Whole)
1/28/2015    Board of Trustees
2/4/2015    Committee (Whole)
2/18/2015    Committee (Whole)
9/16/2015    Committee (Whole)

7:00 p.m. Start Time

5/30/2013    Board of Trustees
10/8/2014    Board of Trustees
10/22/2014    Board of Trustees
12/22/2014    Board of Trustees
1/14/2015    Board of Trustees
2/11/2015    Board of Trustees
2/25/2015    Board of Trustees
3/11/2015    Board of Trustees
3/25/2015    Board of Trustees
4/8/2015    Board of Trustees
4/22/2015    Board of Trustees
5/13/2015    Board of Trustees
5/27/2015    Board of Trustees
6/5/2015    Board of Trustees
6/10/2015    Board of Trustees
6/24/2015    Board of Trustees
7/8/2015    Board of Trustees
7/22/2015    Board of Trustees
8/12/2015    Board of Trustees
8/26/2015    Board of Trustees
9/9/2015    Board of Trustees
9/23/2015    Board of Trustees
10/14/2015    Board of Trustees
10/28/2015    Board of Trustees
11/11/2015    Board of Trustees
11/25/2015    Board of Trustees
12/9/2015    Board of Trustees
12/23/2015    Board of Trustees


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