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* Content enhanced with known details, such as full identity of the Trustees and section headers to enhance search thoroughness as well as summary results of votes.

Content enhancers

The name in parenthesis represents the portion of the meeting in which the content was brought up.

Living Springs International Church (public comments) zoning change to conduct church services
Pastor Abayomi Joel (public comments) property owner seeking zoning change
Michael Minaes (public comments) request for new business application denial
Happy Daze (public comments) local business
Kathy Cavaney (public comments) question regarding payment to Cook County Treasurer for traffic signal maintenance
Helen Lekavich (public comments)
Grill’s Hardware (Kreis) pro-forma submitted; Moskal has reviewed; conference with Dale TerHaar near future
Harriett Festing (Kreis) shared comments about plan; announced U.S. Senator Richard “Dick” Durbin and U.S. Congressman Michael “Mike” Quigley included a paragraph in appropriations bill regarding Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) study of urban flooding
New business licenses (Gillis) 6 new licenses
Video gaming licenses (Gillis) 23 video gaming licenses
Building Superintendent job position advertising (Gillis) Chicago Tribune package
South Suburban Joint Action Water Agency (SSJAWA) (Killelea) 2 lawsuits filed by Brett Postl (Postl and Yore) inquire if insurance can cover the costs
Purchase Orders (Killelea)
Bail Bonds (Killelea)
2015 Midlothian Fire Department Annual Report (Hotwagner)
CPR and First Aid Classes (Hotwagner)
New ambulance (Hotwagner)
Fire Department Open House (Hotwagner)
Village Engineer Jeff Koza (Koza) plans from Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalk improvements
STP projects moved to April 2016 by IDOT (Sparrey)
New employee (Sparrey) Hiring delayed until Board approval at special meeting
New Ford 250 4 x 4 (Sparrey)
Robinson Engineering (Rybak) solicit bids for water tower
Zoning Board of Appeals (Killelea)
Confidentiality Policy (Killelea)

Meeting Notice and Agenda

The Corporate Authorities of the Village of Midlothian, Illinois will hold a board meeting to consider the items listed in the agenda below on January 27, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Village of Midlothian Village Hall located at 14801 S. Pulaski Road.

Call To Order

Roll Call (all present)

Pledge Of Allegiance

Moment of Silence for Veterans

Public Comments

Approval of Consent Agenda (unanimous approval)

Trustee Karen Kreis (present)
Update on Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) Natalie Creek Project
Update on January 22, 2016 Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation Quarterly Forum
Update on Grill’s Hardware
From Concrete to Grass Roots: Community Strategies to Reduce Flood Risk South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association February 3, 2016 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Adoption of the Center of Neighborhood Technology’s Rain Ready Plan for Midlothian (unanimous approval)

Trustee Carl Ivan (present)
Public Works Update (nothing to report)

Trustee Jerome “Jerry” Gillis (present)
Building Department applications and permits
Approval to advertise for Superintendent of Building in Tribune and Career Builder (unanimous approval)

Trustee Gary L’Heureux (present)
Fire Department Update (nothing to report)
Approval of Ordinance to dispose of village owned property (unanimous approval)

Trustee Donald “Don” Killelea (present; arrived 7:06 p.m.)
Finance Update (nothing to report)
Approval of raises and position changes for certain employees*** Not in minutes; not discussed

Trustee Allen Moskal (present)
Police Department Update (nothing to report)

Legal Business – Attorney William “Bill” Gleason (present) (nothing to report)

Department Head Reports/Comments
Police Chief Hal Kaufman, Jr. (Police Department) (present) (nothing to report)
Fire Chief Stephen Hotwagner (Fire Department) (present)
Public Works Superintendent Joe Sparrey (Public Works Department) (present)
Village Treasurer Maggie Britton (Village Finance Department) (present) (nothing to report)

President’s Business – Mayor Sharon Rybak
Approval of Variance Ordinance for 4645 W. 147th Street (no motion)
Approval for Robinson Engineering to solicit bids for water tower (Aye: Moskal, Gillis, Ivan, Kreis, L’Heureux; Present: Killelea)
Appointment of Fire Chief Stephen Hotwagner to the Midlothian Fire Pension Board*** Vote not in minutes; Rybak called for the appointment and then said it was done

Clerk’s Business – Michael Kohlstedt (nothing to report)

Executive Session (none)

Adjournment (8:05 p.m.)


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