EMA Director Daniel Rybak’s Name Disappears From Bulletin Board

In less than 24 hours, the Village of Midlothian filled an appointed position that had been vacant for over 2 years (Building Superintendent; William “Billy” DeSimone) and also may have vacated the position of Emergency Management Agency Director.

By the close of business Thursday, Daniel Rybak’s name was nowhere to be found on the bulletin board just inside of Village Hall.  Dan Rybak is the husband of Mayor Sharon Rybak and was appointed EMA Director during a separate controversial issue regarding the calls for former EMA Director Chuck Hillyer to resign or be let go (which still doesn’t have full clarify to date as to exactly when he was let go, if at all).

If Dan Rybak voluntarily resigned, the Midlothian Municipal Code Book gives the Village 30 days to fill the position, with questions of whether or not the Board has to approve a resignation.  Weak as the code is when it comes to articulating the actual start of the stop-watch versus whether or not the Board has to approve a resignation before the countdown begins, Daniel Rybak’s reckless and unsubstantiated allegations against a resident and a resident action group puts the Village in a precarious position.

The following video is from the public comments portion of the Village Board meeting held on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 and by another Trustee later in the same meeting.


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