Rybak’s SEC Complaint Nothing But A Whine and Swiss Cheese Party

Perhaps the only stroke of luck I can extrapolate from reviewing the complaint filed by Mayor Sharon Rybak is that it had a reference number on it (TC-649079).  Other than that little tidbit of information, apparently Rybak’s temper tantrums about the bond debt has fallen on so many deaf ears at virtually level, the only agency she hasn’t turned to is…yup…the Securities and Exchange Commission and its certainly rings true towards Rybak’s reasoning and rational, but empty of virtually anything else.

Weak as some of the calls have been by the SEC over the decades, this is the oversight authority that has the ability to really leave behind a serious mark or two on the financial records of Midlothian, even if the “accused” is found innocent of the allegations.

From the opening paragraph, it is clear that Rybak simply continued her strategic whimpering and whining about more than just bond money, she included how “untouchable” the Trustees have been as it relates to her “responsibility” to raise taxes back in 2014 and how she wasblocked cold by all of the Trustees when she made the call for a motion back in December and nothing but silence echoed back at Rybak until she called the issue “dead.”

Apparently, that moment was so profoundly defining for her, she further articulates the mission she has been on to get to the bottom of these bond “issues” has been non-stop and that Sheriff Tom Dart’s office failed to produce any results, thereby forcing even more Midlothian taxpayer cash to be spent on what turned out to be nothing more than a reconciliation of the books…rather than the “forensic audit” everyone was promised if the Board hired Crowe Horwath.

Easy as it will be for me to rail against a litany of problems with the complaint, the part dangling so confusingly in front of me right now is the date/time stamp she put on when she claims she became “aware of the alleged conduct.”

She claims the start date is January 15, 2015 when her initial call for a tax hike came in October 2014?

How is that start date possible when she herself authorized money to be removed from the 2010A bond back as early as fall of 2014?

And why did she not reveal to the SEC that she was the only person found guilty by Sheriff Dart’s office for wrongful spending of bond funds out of all of their investigative efforts towards these bond “issues”?

[su_spoiler title=”Click here to view SEC Complaint Filed By Mayor Sharon Rybak” icon=”caret”]Tell us about your complaint; Provide additional details about your complaint:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    The misuse of bond proceeds on other than what the bonds were intended for, such as paying payroll and regular bills of the Village.  Other issues with Trustee conduct by issuing self imposed tax caps to the Village and other ordinances.

Are you having or have you had difficulty in getting access to your funds or securities?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    No

Did you suffer a loss?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    No

When did you become aware of the alleged conduct? (mm/dd/yyyyy)

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    01/15/0015

When did the alleged conduct begin ? (mm/dd/yyyy)

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    05/01/0009

Has the individual or firm acknowledged the alleged conduct?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Unknown

What is the source of your information?  You may select more than one

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Account Statements; Conversations; Internal business documents; Publicly available information;

Have you taken any action regarding your complaint?  You may select more than one

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Complained to SEC; Complained to law enforcement;

Who did you contact and what action did you take?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    In January of last year I contacted Tom Dart’s office for help in trying to get to the bottom of the bond issues.  They started working on it and then it appeared that they were not able to handle the issue.  When my village auditor held up progress of my 2014 audit I was told that I needed to get an audit completed on the bond issues.  Crowe Horwath was hired to conduct this investigation and are ready to submit their final report

Who are you complaining about?  Are you complainting about an individual or a firm?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Firm

Select the title that best describes the individual or firm that you are complaining about:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Other

For Other Firm, please specify:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Municipality

Firm Name:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Village of Midlothian

Street Address:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    14801 S. Pulaski


Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Midlothian


Mayor Sharon Rybak:    IL

Zip/Postal Code:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    60445


Mayor Sharon Rybak:    United States


Mayor Sharon Rybak:    708-389-0200

Email Address:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    srybak@villageofmidlothian.org

Are you or were you associated with the individual or firm when the alleged conduct occurred?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Yes

How are you or were you associated with the individual or firm you are complaining about?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    I am currently the Mayor of the Village of Midlothian, 4 out of the 6 current trustees are the ones who secured and spent the bonds.

Products Involved; Select the type of product involved in your complaint:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Debt Securities (e.g., corporate bonds, municipal bonds)

Please select the category that best describes your security product:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Municipal bonds

About you

Are you submitting this tip, complaint or referral pursuant to the SEC’s whistle-blower program?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    No

Are you submitting this tip, complaint or referral anonymously? Being able to contact you for further information or clarification may be helpful

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    No

Are you represented by an attorney in connection with your submission?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    No

Email Address:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    locokeeper81@aol.com

What is the best way to contact you?

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Phone

Select the profession that best represents you:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Other

For Other, please specify:

Mayor Sharon Rybak:    Mayor of the Village of Midlothian





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