Dominic Egizio Appointed New Executive Director of Park District

Midlothian Park District Commissioners and new Executive Director Dominic Egizio

From left to right: President Michael Kohlstedt, Commissioner Frank Pierson, Commissioner Tim Powers, newly appointed Executive Director Dominic Egizio, Commissioner Chuck Nielson and Commissioner Marihelen Brinker-Neu

The Midlothian Park District Board of Commissioners have chosen Dominic Egizio to step in as Executive Director when current Executive Director Evelyn Gleason retires at the end of April 2016.

With a starting group of 27 applicant, a group of three people narrowed the list down to the top 3 candidates and then forwarded their recommendations to the Commissioners for their consideration.  One of the three individuals reviewing the candidates was Park District Finance Director Sharon Rybak, which might be a conflict of interest as she was not only intimately involved with choosing her future boss with the Park District, there is no firewall to keep her position of Mayor of Midlothian out of the influence equation.

Egizio will begin his employment on April 1, 2016, spending his first month with the Park District working with Evelyn Gleason to learn about his responsibilities with the Midlothian Park District.


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