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**Agenda once again in violation of the Open Meetings Act by excluding the time and location of the meeting, which is standard for Park District agendas

* Content enhanced with known details, such as full identity of the Park District Commissioners and section headers to enhance search thoroughness as well as summary results of votes.

Interesting To Note

Park District agendas and meeting minutes continue to be consistently absent of time and location of meetings.  When looking at Village Hall meeting minutes, of which are under Kohlstedt’s jurisdiction as Village Clerk, this information is included.  It continues to be a standard practice for the entire Board to remain silent, of which Kohlstedt’s refusal to demand agendas and minutes in compliance with OMA laws displays his deliberate indifference to the documents themselves, no matter what municipal unit they belong to.

Meeting Notice, Agenda, Attendance and Vote Results

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Call to Order—following public hearing on the budget

Roll Call (not performed)

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes (unanimous)
Special Meeting Minutes of March 10
Closed session minutes of March 10
Board meeting minutes of March 21

Committee Report

Director’s Report
Park District Director Dominic Egizio

Park District Commissioner Marihelen Brinker-Neu

Maintenance, Safety and Security
Park District Commissioner Chuck Nielson

Public Relations
Park District Commissioner Frank Pierson

Finance and Budget
Park District President Michael “Mike” Kohlstedt

Human Resource
Park District Commissioner Tim Powers
You’re a Treasure

Closed Session
To consider appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of an employee, purchase or lease of real estate, or possible litigation.

Old Business

New Business
Approval of Ordinance 242 for the 2016-2017 Budget and Appropriation
Approval of Resolution 16-01
Approval of funding in the Director’s Report
Approval of the Treasurer’s Report
Approval of the Bill List



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