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Meeting Notice, Agenda, Attendance

Call To Order

Roll Call (all present)

Pledge Of Allegiance

Public Comments

Trustee Karen Kreis

USEPA Brownfield Assessment Grant
Discussion – Village /VFW Parking Lot Spaces

Trustee Carl Ivan

Yearly cell phone stipend for Public Works supervisors
Annual pay Increase of 2.5% for Non-union Management staff
Technology Committee Assignments
a.  Sandi Crowley – Technology Committee Chairman
b.  Sheryl Lipp – Technology Committee Secretary
c.  Chris Reubelt –  Hardware/Software/Security Sub Committee
d.  Helmut Lipp- Hardware/Software/Security Sub Committee
e.  Ron Skala – Student Advisor Social Media
Beautification Committee Assignment
a.   Barb Killelea – Beautification Committee Chairman
Village Cleanup Day – Saturday May 14th (rescheduled from May 21st)
Patrick Doran Eagle Scout Ceremony
Trash Can Placement for the Village of Midlothian Business District
How can we record audio and video at our Board meetings
Phone Service status report
Sewer Bid Lining Bid Results and Recommendations

Trustee Jerome “Jerry” Gillis

Building Department updates
a.  New Construction/Existing Business Code Violations
Property Maintenance Program
a.  Notice of Violation
b.  Ticketing procedure
Personnel & Hiring of P/T Code Enforcement Officer
a.  Hours of work and schedule Monday –  Saturday
b.  Work stations and contacts
Employee Recognition Nite
Business owner repeated request for Class 8 for 4610 W. 147th Street.  Since 9/2013 numerous requests

Trustee Gary L’Heureux

Firefighter Bielema to TNT School
Firework permit for the Country Club on July 3, 2016
Firework permit general

Trustee Donald “Don” Killelea

Police raises
HR Consultant Contract
Safety Committee
Newsletter and quote from Daniel’s for printing
Saturday office help
Finance meeting
Civic Plus renewal

Trustee Allen Moskal

Police Department Update

Legal Business – Attorney William “Bill” Gleason

President’s Business – Mayor Sharon Rybak

Audit Updates

Clerk’s Business – Michael Kohlstedt

Executive Session



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