Evelyn Gleason Announces Conspiracy Theory To Overthrow Rybak

I’m all for a good conspiracy theory, especially ones that come complete with artifacts of some form…documents, videos, audio…you know, stuff that can be pieced together like a puzzle and then argued from all dimensions available.

What continues to be a thorn in the side of Midlothian is the Wet Deficit Parties playbook still being thrown at circumstances, while others are throwing actual books of law across political lines.

Tonight, Evelyn Gleason, a WDP favorite, came out of the shadows tonight at the Board meeting and played her part to perfection, complete with both public and private pledges to support Rybak.  Her audience will most likely be quite pleased with her performance.

In the meantime, pledging support towards a political figure is not unnatural or uncommon, so that’s not where Gleason tripped over her own ego and threw out a conspiracy theory that she knows for a fact that former Village Trustee Larry Ryan is “orchestrating” this attempt to overthrow Rybak, ergo her need to speak so publicly on Rybak’s behalf.  Of course everyone will still listen to her…after all, she is the infamous Evelyn Gleason, right?

Luckily, thanks to video, you can see for yourself a few core expectations of WDP members and fans that Gleason delivered on tonight:

  1.  Do not ever reference or display any materials that support the claim
  2.  Always grab an unexpected name from the past to throw attention at
  3. Demand trust in the claim and suggest repercussions if claim is summarily dismissed
  4. Give permission to do something while demanding how something will be done
  5. Cherry pick details so that wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong

There are more WDP elements in Evelyn’s announcement and it will be interesting to see just how involved she becomes in local politics now that her employment with the Park District is coming to an end this Friday…

BTW…of course Evelyn is going to support the person who appointed her to a position of influence when it comes to the topic of water…


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