Rybak and Employee Sitting In A Tree, R-O-F-L-O-M-G

While the speed of molasses might not be the most hip figurative suggestion, its taken a while for the Board of Trustees to formally and officially confront Mayor Sharon Rybak about her past behaviors and to call for an investigation into very specific allegations…and if any are found to be true?  (Read the document here)

Let’s start with Count #5 that suggests information was leaked from an Executive Session to an “employee” regarding the employee’s on-the-job activities.  Violation of Executive Session used to be serious stuff, but then again the Village of Midlothian has had a 3rd party volunteer going into Executive Sessions for quite some time now.  While concern was filed with the Public Access Counselor’s office some time ago, the matter was relatively dismissed at that time.

Should Rybak be found guilty of sharing information with this employee by Dart’s office, it opens an additional portal towards charges against Rybak for allowing this woman into even one Executive Session.  In addition, it was quite interesting that this particular note-taker was conspicuously absent tonight and for reasons unknown, but it should make the composition of meeting minutes extra interesting since it looked like there was no one taking audio.

In the meantime, let’s move on to Count #6.  An allegation of an unreported DUI and a subsequent participation on the job while under the influence in which lives were on the line.  That certainly narrows down the list of possible employees being referenced in the complaint to basically the Police Department, the Fire Department or Public Works, all of which does call for employees to be at full alert and attention while on the job.

While police unions throughout the State have been known to negotiate into their contracts permission to have seemingly absurd levels of alcohol in their system while on the job, it doesn’t matter what number the law says is “allowed” compared to what simply cannot be allowed while performing certain duties.

The other counts may turn out to be of a similar critical nature, but without further details, its tough to tell what evidence the Board of Trustees intend on presenting to Sheriff Dart’s office.

In the meantime, long-time Rybak supporter and still Park District Director Evelyn Gleason decided to use the public portion of the meeting to not only accuse the Board of Trustees of colluding together in order to make Trustee Gary L’Heureux so that L’Heureux could then appoint someone to the position, she even brought former Trustee Larry Ryan’s name into the mix, stating that she knows for a fact that Ryan is “behind everything.”

Now I have been in full support of Mayor Rybak resigning or being removed for well over a year now for reasons that I have extensively articulated and supported with documentation and videos.  Gleason slandered someone who doesn’t even live in Illinois anymore and even apologized to me for knowing that Ryan is behind everything after I rudely burst out laughing.

I guess I found it laugh-out-loud funny because Ryan is the last person running my own choices and agenda and yet she knows for a “fact” that he’s behind everything.  How convenient of her to dismiss my own contributions to such a direction (I still have mixed emotions about it) as nothing more than an illegal effort to take down Rybak on Ryan’s instructions.

In addition, Gleason thinks that the Board was out to intentionally humiliate Rybak tonight and that the Board approving a narrow opening of the OIG office as part of that political move (perhaps she got the idea from how Hillyer and Schavone used the office?).  As I went on record a few days ago applauding the stop-gap measure that has been so painfully absent in the past, the fact that she is complaining about this safety measure designed to protect the Village from Mayoral misconduct continues to say a lot about Evelyn Gleason and the political positions of the Wet Deficit Party.

All in all, there was no reason to celebrate tonight, despite a large step being taken towards final closure regarding at least some of Rybak’s behaviors.  It was depressing to read the specifics of the resolution and it was depressing when the Board unanimously passed it.

But sometimes things need to hit rock bottom before they can begin rising again and perhaps this resolution tonight is a motion upward…despite the downward sensation.

Either way, the Board of Trustees made it clear tonight that they themselves have lost their trust and confidence in Rybak while representing a decent number of people who have felt that way for quite some time.

Whether or not Rybak gets the message remains uncertain, but with people like Evelyn Gleason making outrageous statements and false accusations as part of a public defense, she’ll probably stay blissfully unaware while she stays wrapped in her bubble of narcissism and arrogance.


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