STOP! Please DO NOT RESIGN Rybak, Agler and Kohlstedt

I’ve changed my mind.  I made a new decision based on new perspective.

I don’t want Mayor Sharon Rybak to resign.  I don’t want 142 Board Member Roxana Agler to resign.  I don’t even want Clerk/President Michael Kohlstedt to resign.

That’s too good for them.

They shouldn’t get the chance to put on their resume that they left their last place of public appointment because they decided to self-sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

This all started when I was thinking about Agler this afternoon and whether or not the Board would play patsy and pansy and vote to only censure Agler instead of voting her off the board completely.

I was wondering where Dr. Margaret Longo’s voice is in all of this.  After all, Agler’s behaviors already have influenced the perceived respect of her resume saying “Superintendent of District 142” prior to Agler.  Where’s Lindsey Laycoax’s voice?  They have the Internet in Michigan and they even have phone service.  No one thought to tell him his already shaky resume is taking yet another hit from an entirely different direction and not by his hand this time?  Not even his brother?

I realized the only way to make sure the message was sent in articulate and clear of a manner as possible that Agler’s behaviors as a Board member have been consistently in direct violation of her Oath of Office is to remove her.  Why let her have the same escape hatch as another former board member?  She has shown no remorse and in fact has made it clear she has no intent on leaving the Board.

Yes, I now believe that Agler refusing to leave with a “no matter what” is the picture-perfect example of her clear inability to act as an individual part of a whole and complete body of individuals in charge of the education of our youth.  It fits.

Let the Board vote to shut her down and anything less than removal would be just another act of victimizing themselves, let alone their constituents.  Some have been on the receiving end as well and they are the elected representatives of the people, who also have been on the receiving end as well.  Let the public record show individual counts provided by the hands and minds of the Board members, just like the Trustees recently did in the Village of Midlothian and directed towards Sheriff Dart’s office and then let the public see the complaint for themselves.

The School Board doesn’t need to call into effect an OIG office to have Sheriff Dart investigate, nor does there need to be much research into the countless instances of her behaviors being on public display for them to have the authority to remove her.  I say nothing less than the best for 142 and the best in this circumstance is removing Agler at the May 17th meeting.

Then my mind started drifting towards Rybak and Kohlstedt and I said to myself, “Geez!  Maybe this isn’t so bad after all their refusal to leave.”

So far the Board of Trustees have been able to install much-needed patchwork into the codes and policies that were/are in place.  The hiring/firing, storm water regulations, the list goes on.  They even put on display recently they learned how to open the doors to specific investigations into Mayoral conduct not being investigated and in this instance, it is alleged that Mayor Rybak has admitted to doing the content in the complaint going to Darts office.  I’m willing to guess she figures she can once again coast through the whole process just like with her “self-reporting” of the bond money to the SEC.

I hope not.

Let Rybak stay long enough for the Trustees to craft an ordinance similar/identical to what the school board has.  The Village not only has a right to install such a mechanism, with past evidence as the precurser to the present, it is the outright lack of remorse and regret for her behaviors she has self-reported to a hand-picked group of people by her own hand, but done her best to keep out of the sight of the public.  The Village still hasn’t figured out what “restitution” looks like in connection with Rybak’s spending and that needs to be put in place as well, and while I’m starting to think these Trustees have ideas they are working on, the more recent charges are even more severe than her inability to be trusted with a checkbook.

In addition, we have a Mayor that expects the public to accept her wrongdoings with a shrug and for us to just hop back onto her locomotive-driven imagination because just look at how unapologetic she can portray herself to the rest of the world during such a bizarre series of events and this needs to be on her resume also.

Rybak’s resume needs to clearly state that she cannot be trusted with money as she clearly makes up her own rules as she goes along and the way that should happen is with the Trustees passing an ordinance that allows for a majority vote to have her seat vacated.  This way, if the public is ever faced with a Mayor here in Midlothian that goes into this type of tilt, they at least have clear instructions as to what needs to happen to have her removed…while making sure the signal is clear…

No elected official is perfectly safe from removal.


By making sure instructions are in print in the local code book governing such municipal unit.

Not even Kohlstedt is safe and he has two seats he should lose.  As President of the Park District, his continued hosting of illegal meetings, lack of ability to follow parliamentary procedures and a deliberate indifference to flooding makes it clear he should be stripped of his Presidency as a minimum, but its serious stuff to hold meetings illegal.  Kohlstedt should lose his seat as Village Clerk because of his meeting minutes and agenda record, as it has always been irrelevant who actual wrote them…its his signature at the bottom.  He accepted accountability for his ghost-writer’s materials and made them his own and they continue to be terrible in both content and compliance.

Yes.  I have made a new decision based on this new perspective I’ve pondered upon.
Now I really do hope Rybak, Agler and Kohlstedt stay just a short while longer.  What they’ve done might have made it into some meeting minutes and emails in a government setting, but the totality of their choices needs to be on their resumes.

Oh wait.  That’s right.

To some in this world, it won’t be their fault if people don’t want to hire any of them.

It will be mine for putting the idea out there on this rainy Sunday afternoon.  Whatever, right?  No one has to agree with me.

All I know is, I don’t care who does or does not hires them in the future.  That’s the private sectors problem.

They just need to be clearly fired by their peers while acting as representatives of the people who voted them into office.

That’s the only way to create enough closure to these matters to where people might consider trying to trust a few local municipal units of government, let alone creating the chance to begin dusting off the reputation of District 142 from the fallout.

Polishing the tarnish will just have to wait.

There’s still too much hidden under the rubble.


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