Putting the Newest RainReady Rain Garden To the Test

Recently, Team Floodlothian teamed up with Grill’s True Value Hardware to design and install the 5th RainReady Rain Garden installed since the passage of the RainReady plan back at the beginning of the year.

Through Helen Lekavich’s strong leadership, Team Floodlothian volunteers, Grill’s and the Village all helped create this demonstration project prior to the grand re-opening of Grill’s under the new ownership of Dale Terhaar.

While we were able to catch some still photographs of the rain garden doing its job during  a rain fall last week, it wasn’t until last night’s micro-burst that we were able to have one of our waterproof GoPro cameras.

Amazing as it was to be standing in the middle of the storm, the real excitement continues to come through being able to review the event and then discuss what worked, what didn’t work and what will need to be done in both the short and long-term future.

All in all, the Grill’s RainReady Rain Garden did its job quite well, including the quick drainage of water into the garden ground once the rain stopped.

Here is the footage from right before the storm started until the rain settled down:



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