Downtown Rain Garden is Stop #1


Hey everyone!  We had beautiful weather here in Midlothian, Illinois today, so I decided to dust off the acoustic guitar and see if I could play a tune or two outdoors…what better location than the community garden Team Floodlothian has been diligently building and maintaining off of Pulaski by the railroad tracks, despite a freeze in funding for the parking lot portion!

I will spending the next few weeks working on constructing a new version of Getting To Know Midlothian.  Still working out many of the details and will keep everyone posted through this site.

In the meantime, enjoy the scenery of progress going on in downtown Midlothian, Illinois!

If someone wants to contribute bags of dirt to the community RainReady/Team Floodlothian garden, stop by Grill’s Hardware and tell the cashier you want to buy a few bags of dirt for $.99 each for the project in the video.  Volunteers are also needed to continue building the landscape and are encouraged to call 708-653-0303.

If someone wants to help the flood victims in Louisiana, they can text a $10.00 donation to the American Red Cross by sending the text message LAFLOODS to 90999.

Special thanks goes out to those who have bought dirt for the garden from Grill’s Hardware and to Midlothian Music for making sure I have a set of DR neon green guitar strings available down the street if I pop a string.



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