Village Green Gazebo is Stop #2

Long before I lived in Midlothian, I knew the Village from the perspective of local musician playing local establishments every now and again.  From jam nights at the former The Edge nightclub all the way to private parties, I never noticed any of the politics…I didn’t live here and had come to work as a musician hired to entertain an audience with a bass guitar in my hands.

My choice to head over the gazebo to make this video was fraught with the risk of rain.  But I apparently needed to be stubborn enough to ignore the risk and pack myself a backpack with protective gear if it did start raining…which it did…for a bit.  However, the darker clouds were moving away almost as quickly as they arrived and after a short bit, it looked like the potential for waterfall had passed.

Sharing this video here isn’t about having a perfect pitch, picture perfect recording of a song I wrote to somehow promote Midlothian with polished professionalism.  Instead, it is believing in how it used to be here in the Village…with people sitting in front of a radio or record player with the hopes of learning how to play a song…or taking music lessons at the local music store…or original music floating from basements and garages…and having fun doing it.

Everyone allows music to influence them in different ways and I use it to push the boundaries of my own creativity with…or without…a musical instrument in my hands.

I hope you enjoy this version, as I certainly had fun jamming outdoors for a while on a Saturday afternoon in downtown Midlothian! 🙂


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