Midlothian Music is Stop #3

I don’t know exactly what led me to latch onto labeling my recent musical endeavors, but I’m all in with the idea of building a list of other places I have played at some point within the Midlothian area and then telling all of you its a special kind of concert tour? 🙂  Ahhh…the freedom of creativity when composing…and welcome to my newly named Getting To Know Downtown Midlothian Tour.

Today I decided to ask permission to bring a camera to Midlothian Music in downtown Midlothian to record an original song I only know how to play on piano or keyboard.  With a promise I would do only one take of the song no matter what the performance was like, I was able to schedule a time in the evening to drop by the store and then go ahead with this outrageous plan of mine to <gasp> publish the results to the website.

I had thought of the idea of playing something at the store before I had any song actually picked out and the other night, I ended up scribbling out 3/4 of the lyrics to the song I play in the video below.  When it comes to writing original material, I have found it easiest for me to use a keyboard to compose, but unfortunately I don’t always have access to power…or a keyboard at that?  So I grabbed a keyboard loaned to me by a dear friend of mine and proceeded to convince myself I could actually do a half-way decent job making my way through a song I wrote close to 30 years ago.

It’s been a really long time since I wrote this song and I considered it fairly finished back then.  Even played it out a few times at various locations like a local coffee shop in Rogers Park and a senior citizen center.  Also, completely forgot it for quite a while and lost the notes a long time ago.  But here is something from when I was in my early youth…although I messed up a verse by doubling up on one rather than the two unique I had on my paper I wasn’t able to pay much attention to… 🙂

So THANK YOU to Midlothian Music for once again being there for me when I needed help with my interest in making music of some kind!  It was a memorable experience at your Midlothian location playing a piano as a fairly unique way to show people around a store located in the downtown Midlothian that just so happens to be a music store!



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