New Year Resolution: Changing the Focus of My Lenses To the Inside Out

There will always be a percentage of people who consider me an “outsider” of Midlothian, Illinois, thus one to be dismissed with a wave and even a measure of rage for “meddling” with “the internal affairs of Midlothian, Illinois.”

In theory, this concept stems from a divide created by the number of years someone has lived in a community, with longevity providing no guarantee there will be acceptance as an “insider.”  It’s an elastic game board with no codified rules…you have to be a “true” insider to know how to play this game of popularity…the lucky ones end up “winning” something or other and a “suck it up” slap on the back to those who dare to disrespect the results of one of the thousands of Popularity Contests.

While this might still have a marketplace and an audience among…what is it…7 billion people now…???…practical application of counting the popularity of a person in our day to day no longer holds the same sway it once held even 50 years ago…let alone 5,000 years past.

I have come to believe the contract between a parent and a child comes in two forms:  written and implied.

The implied contract is created when the child is registered with their biological parents in the form of a birth certificate as everyone is first born free of all bindings; legal, moral and ethical.  This is a self-evident fact.

The written one has a catalog of variations and usually comes with some sort of extreme story attached to it.  When a parent loses custody of a child for some reason, all legal ties are severed, but it is the bindings of morality and ethics that creates real question and challenge as to some of the extremes making their way through the court system at various states and stages.

A child loses some legal ties should a parent pass before the child.

A parent can sign away their rights and responsibilities to a child in a variety of settings.

What I am more familiar with in this context is the adoption contract.  And when the lens of modern-day politics is applied to this altruistic act, bankster promiscuity continues to run rampant through the veins of those who still find flaw with people who relinquish their rights and responsibilities to a child for a variety of reasons.

The act of adoption is a for-profit center for the mental health industry.

This is a self-evident fact of the economics of providing a service to a consumer.

This opinion makes me an extremist in some professional and even social circles.  Each and every human being who claims to be a service provider of “mental health services” or “mental hygiene services” (“hygiene” is far more offensive, but I’m not going to PC the point) believes they have the right to providing themselves 3 hots and a cot with what they intentional do with the minds of others…and remember…for profit.

So what happens if a medical professional demands specific words to be spoken in connection with any number of line items laying in waiting to be picked from a Master Billing Book or else there will be no chance of being “cured?”

I can’t say that I have politics in my DNA, but I do know I have a DNA grandfather who used to be a publisher.  My adoptive parents provided rhyme and reason to pay very close attention to politics, especially on multiple levels…and I still love to write, ergo my recent New Year’s Resolution to write about more than just politics in Midlothian and publishing to the Internet while leaving this portal open for the occasional post with clearly a political slant…

But not necessarily about Midlothian, Illinois any more.

Now I’m back to being just another local writer/composer still being heavily influenced by its people…and its immediate circumstances…while trying to make a living doing what I love.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE CONTENT OF MY PAST POSTS!!!!!!!  Your words and actions over these past 9 years have changed me in ways I could have never imagined possible and some of the changes are kinda-sorta cool…

Not sure where all of this is heading on this blog in the future, but for now it carries all of the political materials from my other website as well as any pre-existing content posted directly to this site.

Rock ‘N Roll Midlo!


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