Park District Needs Your Input (Sept. 8)

Help make the parks in Midlothian more functional and even photogenic by sharing your thoughts and ideas at a special meeting on September 8, 2016 at 6:30 pm. at the Don Preston Recreation Center, 14500 S. Kostner, Midlothian, Illinois.

The Midlothian Park District is preparing to pass a Five Year Master Plan in the next few months and is looking for public input.  What can/should the Park District set as part of their long-term plan?

Here’s your chance to share your ideas and visions with the people who can help make them a reality!  Many ideas have been tossed out in a variety of online forums, which ones will make it in front of the Board?  A portable stage?  Musical instruments built into the landscape?  Swimming?  Fishing?  Bike trails?  More sporting options?  Community vegetable gardens?  Rain gardens?

The Park District has been working with Design Perspectives to develop a workable plan and representatives will be in attendance to participate in the conversation.  There will be no voting and the Village’s Rain Ready Plan and Complete Streets Policy must be accommodated for.

For more information, please call the Park District at 708-371-6191.


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