Cuzins Jam Night is Stop #4

Midlothian has always been a pizza pie Village and when Mid-Villa’s announced they were closing a while back, many fans found themselves quite disappointed.  It was just a great place to hang out and have a slice or two, especially with its location so close to the Metra train station.  It was a decades-old establishment with a rich history of food and music…just ask someone who grew up here in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Then along came the owners of Cuzins in Tinley Park, former Chicago Police Officer Dennis Suglich and his wife, Karen.  Bringing with them their formula for success at their Tinley Park location, (including Sunday night jams), Cuzins in Midlothian has more than lived up to its fundamental pledge of great customer service.  From the kitchen to the hired musicians and everyone else on the Cuzins team, these new owners found a way to keep the musical history of the previous business respectfully intact while already building a reputation for a great place to just stop by for some good times with good people…just be sure to give the musical events a try every now and again.

So yesterday afternoon I decided I had spent enough time on the computer and it was time to just go somewhere else.  I was able to message the host of the open jam to see if there would be equipment to accommodate an electric bass (it is an “acoustic” jam) and Grace Beechy and Rich were quite welcoming of the instrument…and me…which is a standard practice with these two hosts.  Everyone truly is welcome to come up on stage and try their hand at making music with other musicians and with the convenience of mobile phones, I have seen many people who have never sang a live version of a song come on up to the microphone and give it their best.

Ended up jamming on bass far more than my planned single song performance, but nothing like a dose of impromptu improvisation with another musician as to what song they should play next, let alone making it through the song sounding at least similar to the original recording.  And even though the jam was scheduled to end at 7:00 p.m., more musicians and audience members kept showing up and Cuzins management had no problem allowing the event to continue until local ordinances said it wasn’t allowed to go on.

Spending time downtown Midlothian on a Sunday night was a great way to spend a few hours this holiday weekend and even walked by the ever-improving Community Rain Garden both going to and coming from Cuzins, which put me in an even better mood for a variety of reasons.

And now, another original song of mine played in downtown Midlothian, this time with a bass and a microphone…


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