Team Floodlothian Makes Major Progress With 2nd Rain Garden

A freelance journalist is getting an up close and personal look at the downtown Community Rain Garden this past week.

A freelance journalist is getting an up close and personal look at the downtown Community Rain Garden this past week.  The Team Floodlothian Rain Ready Oar in the forefront of the picture can be spotted in quite a few Team Floodlothian pictures and ties in with the theme “Rowing an Uphill Battle.”

One notable when it comes to professional media coverage of the efforts of Team Floodlothian is the team’s ability to attract the interest of industry and niche publications with their results.

Just this past week, a freelance journalist came out to do a piece for a new niche publication, but word of Team Floodlothian achievements have made it into university newsletters, local government agencies, and professional associations just to name a few.

But it might very well be in the ability for Team Floodlothian members to inspire crowd-sourced solutions to storm water run-off issues, as well as environmental ones, that makes their story so fascinating to look at.

This particular piece of property had not been developed in any notable manner for decades.  After lengthy submissions and presentations, the Village approved the creation of a rain garden using funds from a grant and a permeable pavement parking lot.

While the State still holds up progress with the parking lot side of the development plans, Floodlothian turned to Grills True Value Hardware for help getting top soil for the lot.  By offering customers the chance to buy bags of soil for $.99 a bag for the garden, Grills agreed to hold onto the soil until a volunteer could come pick it up and take it to the garden downtown.

Floodlothian also managed to attract the kindness of a few people willing to contribute top soil by the truck-load, along with enough mulch to cover a decent portion of the property and a nice collection of plants and flowers donated by property owners looking to thin out their own gardens.

Even photo opportunities in the garden have been easily tilted towards the humorous and fun on Facebook, from a mini-Cubs hat placed on a flower (south side is for Whitesox for those who aren’t aware) all the way to the most recent discovery, what is believed to be a reflector from a truck, but has been labeled as Midlothian’s very own “mini-Bean” (The internationally known Cloud Gate installation downtown Chicago was given the nickname of “The Bean” due to its shape).

With the fall season just around the corner, yet another major property improvement has popped up somewhere in the Village, this time in the downtown area by the VFW Hall and Village Hall.  Way to go Team Floodlothian and THANK YOU to everyone who contributed something to the project!


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