Tis the season for…garage sales!

As I get closer and closer to moving, I find myself questioning whether or not I need to take something with me as I move along into this next stage of my life.  It can be a really emotional process and in some ways, it can become a form of self-imposed cruelty upon my sentimental side.

For example, I own many books for a reason…I like knowing I can go to my own shelf and without any technology, proceed to consume the words of a wide variety of authors, especially textbooks.  However, the weight of even one textbook is rough, so my collection of 50+ textbooks represents a real back-breaker and I am still a solo act.  Going through each title while challenging myself to be honest with myself as to whether or not I would ever need one in my future…well…hurts.

But what helps push me through this kind of self-imposed emotional brutality is remembering that I have the chance to move those books along to someone else who might get far more value out of its content than I ever could…and that goes for virtually everything I own.  It’s nice to have a new pair of shoes around, but knowing I’ll never wear them because they don’t fit?  That’s the signal its time to let it go.  Board games?  Video games?  Clothing?  All of it…nice to have around, but when its not being used on any recognizable basis?  Time to let it go.

Every year, the Village of Midlothian hosts a Village-wide garage sale in May, when residents don’t have to pay a permit fee and the Village contributes promotion of the event.  Obviously I missed out on the 2016 event and waiting until May 2017 is just a little to late.

Lucky for all of us (especially me), residents can host a garage sale at any time during the year.  We just have to pick the weekend date and then stop by Village Hall (389-0200) for a permit ($2.00) that lasts 3 days.

While I myself am working on developing a catalog-type setting for my own stuff, consider enhancing your chances of having a successful garage sale by posting pictures of items you will have for sale in an online forum like Facebook so that people can become familiar with what you are looking to sell before they get there.

‘Also, the Village of Midlothian recently passed an ordinance allowing residents to conduct transactions in the parking lot of Village Hall by the entrance to the Police Department.  This gives you an additional way to sell items you no longer are using, but it isn’t a good idea if you are trying to sell extremely large items like a couch or a bed.


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