Announcing Midlothian Valerie’s Music Diary

With artistry abound in Midlothian (another garden planted today!) and my own boundaries tending to hang out in more musical notes than terms, I’ve often wondered if I could consistently author up something about music that might be of interest to another.  This category being attached to this site may not seem connected if you are new to the Midlothian Valerie brand, but there are many who know me not as a writer of community-related content with a political twist, but that of a bass player.

As it’s the 9th inning of the 6th game of the World Series (9-2 Chicago Cubs), I thought it kinda neat to launch the category…

I’ll explain on the way
But just for today
Here’s my music diary entry

Old and new
Untried and true
Musical thoughts I have plenty

As I am sure
musical freedom will always endure
Here’s something not even close to empty

1.  Played along with classical music with my bass (don’t normally do that)
2.  Realized I don’t think of bass lines in terms of melody lines very often.

Midlothian Valerie


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