Midlothian Valerie Exclusive: Phew! At least someone has a copy of something

Until 15 minutes ago, I had been told by Park District people that they had no copies of any communications between Park District Attorney Medard Narko and any other entity regarding this “typo” circumstance.

Go figure it takes a FOIA request to Orr’s office to finally see the words of Narko that started this whole thing.

And its clear to see that Narko completely misrepresented the facts to support his chosen legal theory by claiming the phrase “full term” was present on the ballot, let alone the certified results.

As many have already seen multiple screen shots in the Advanced Midlothian Politics group on Facebook, it is even more disturbing:

1. Why did Sharon Rybak obstruct my accessing copies of these letters?

2.  Why weren’t copies of these letters forwarded to the entire Board?  (a.k.a. how is it my turn to let the Commissioners see public documents they have better access to than I?)

3.  Where is evidence the Board voted by majority for the Park District Attorney to lay such a legal claim to begin with?

4.  Why weren’t the Commissioners delivered copies of the conclusion rather than a Commissioner having to FOIA request information from the Election Board?

Kohlstedt should lose his Presidency and Narko should be fired over this set of communications.  Rybak should have been fired in 2003 for the first time she screwed up Mary Ellen Levine and Chuck Granata’s

This is undeniable proof that the President of the Board and the Park District Attorney made legal decisions on behalf of the board without the authority of the Board to act as what was performed.

I don’t appreciate it when Government Officials try to set me up to look like a mad woman running amuck and but at least these documents are now in the public eye…even though its months too late, let alone weeks, and even days since I last asked for copies of proof of claim.

More importantly, I’m not even scared of big words like”scrivener’s error.”

The idea someone at the Board of Elections decided that the letter and attached documents from Narko proved his point clear, convincingly and with precision?


The voters saw 4 years on the ballot.

That’s the critical legal point here.  What did the voters see, not what the behind the scenes documentation show.

The voters saw 4 years on the ballot.


They even saw 4 years on the ballot back in 2003 when Sharon was busy making the same mistake.

Response to Weiskirch FOIA Request


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