Thanks for another amazing year in Midlothian!

As we continue to travel towards another calendar year coming to a close, I remain in awe of just how much change the people of Midlothian have participated in at all levels.  From volunteering time to researching issues close to ones heart, our community has continued to knit together a diverse plethora of solutions for what ails our own backyard…while leaving behind examples others can learn from and even duplicate in their own communities.  That’s cool stuff! (Okay…so I’m still an 80’s chick!)

I myself have renewed my personal commitment to providing both communication and connection to our community and am in the process of securing funding for my activities to continue into 2017 as well as expanding efforts to our neighboring communities.  In the meantime, many do not know that all of the stats listed below were done on my own time and without pay.  It remains impossible to put a price tag to releasing videos of public meetings, public documents and even results of research on matters belonging with the public for discussion and review.

While I am committed to continuing my efforts, I no longer have the same circumstances as in the past as both of my children are now adults and on their own paths with their lives.  Please considering donating a dollar or two towards my ability to pay some of the everyday bills we all face while I put together my business plan for 2017?  Every dollar adds up and while my bills aren’t excessive or exorbitant, they still have to be addressed.  If you’re not from Midlothian, but still would like to support my efforts, you are certainly welcome to donate as well. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the transformation of the Village of Midlothian and here’s to an even more successful 2017!

Love and passion always and forever,

Valerie Weiskirch
aka Midlothian Valerie


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Creator and host of Advanced Midlothian Politics on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter: Researcher, writer and journalist since the 1970's.
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