Announcing Your 2017 Candidates (Last Updated December 23, 2016)

This page will be updated over the election season with new information as it is available, including links to any candidate websites under the control of the candidates.  If you are a candidate and want to add information to this list, please call 708-653-0303.
***Updated December 23, 2016 at 5:27 p.m. (updated to include Bremen Township information and election-related Facebook pages)
***Updated December 20, 2016 at 11:19 a.m.

Village of Midlothian

President/Mayor    Sharon L. Rybak (non partisan/incumbent)
President/Mayor    Gary L’Heureux (Unite Midlothian Party)
Clerk    Michael Kohlstedt (non partisan/incumbent)
Clerk    Allen Moskal (Unite Midlothian Party)
Trustee    Jerome “Jerry” Gillis, Jr. (Unite Midlothian Party/incumbent)
Trustee    Karen Kreis (Unite Midlothian Party/incumbent)
Trustee    Kathy Caveney (Unite Midlothian Party)
Trustee    Jody Foster (non partisan)
Trustee    Steve Pikorz (non partisan)

Midlothian Park District

Commissioner    Rosemary “Rose” Pilny (non partisan)

Midlothian Public Library

Trustee    Brenna S. Baker (non partisan/incumbent)
Trustee    Louis Ceja (non partisan/incumbent)
Trustee    Jacqueline “Jackie” Murawski (non partisan)

Bremen Township

Supervisor    M. Maggie Crotty (Bremen Tax Cut Party/incumbent)
Supervisor    Donald J. Sebek (Bremen Families First Party)  Facebook Page
Clerk    John D. Lord (Bremen Tax Cut Party/incumbent)
Clerk    Palma James (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page
Assessor    Willie A. Jones (Bremen Tax Cut Party/incumbent)
Assessor    Grace A. Bardusk (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page
Highway Commissioner    John P. Flaherty (Bremen Tax Cut Party/incumbent)
Highway Commissioner    David T. Schnell (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page
Trustee    Mary Catuara (Bremen Tax Cut Party)
Trustee    Keith Gomillia (Bremen Tax Cut Party/incumbent)
Trustee    Kathryn Straniero (Bremen Tax Cut Party/incumbent)
Trustee    John M. “Mike” Tatro (Bremen Tax Cut Party)
Trustee    Laura Brown (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page
Trustee    David Bryant (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page
Trustee    James Monroe Talbot (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page
Trustee    Charles A. Wolf (Bremen Families First Party) Facebook Page

Bremen School District 228

Board Member    Deborah A. Stearns (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Larry Canning (non-partisan/incumbent) Facebook Page
Board Member    Evelyn Gleason (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Della York (non-partisan)
Board Member    Edward P. Maggio (non-partisan) Facebook Page
Board Member    Tina Kessens (non-partisan) Facebook Page
Board Member    Andrew “Andy” R. Manno (non-partisan) Facebook Page
Board Member    Terrence “T.J.” Whitcomb (non-partisan) Facebook Page
Board Member    Russell V. Zohfeld (non-partisan)

Forest Ridge School District 142

Board Member    Nancy Hullinger (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Rebekah “Becky” Mensing (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Christina “Tina” Banialis (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Mary “Bartkowski” Derman (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Sarah Doff (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Jack Hille (non-partisan)
Board Member    Gerard Curran (non-partisan/incumbent)
Board Member    Jennifer Marie Odems (non-partisan)

Midlothian School District 143

Board Member    Sharlene Innocenti (non-partisan)
Board Member    Laura E. Gunaka (non-partisan)
Board Member    Cheryl A. Grant (non-partisan)
Board Member    Tiffany Oganovich (non-partisan)


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