Part 4: The Luck Of Drawing Balls Instead of Straws

Whether or not any of these 5 candidates remove themselves from the race (at any point along the way) is entirely up to them to decide.  We only get to fully realize the race is finally and completely over on April 4, 2017 after the votes are submitted, counted and certified.

And right now at least some are trying to figure out who should and should not be allowed on the ballot for all of the right reasons…and some of the wrong ones as well…but the reasoning all comes with possibilities a group of lawyers are about to be selected to take on a legal challenge issued towards a candidates paperwork.

These reasons are supposed to help establish proof participants are doing their part to ensure a fair election is actually being conducted…right down to the scratched off signature and beyond.

But before the deadline for filing a challenge passes into a present day state late in the afternoon on December 27, 2016, the next scheduled “Pick and Choose” event is happening early in the morning of the same day.

See, Rybak submitting both Pikorz and Foster’s paperwork within the last hour created a circumstance in which now a lottery must then be held to pick who gets the last slot on the ballot.

There was no lottery announced as being scheduled on the website until sometime after I called Kohlstedt and asked.  And that was only after someone else asked when it was scheduled for and I honestly couldn’t find an answer taking on the responsibility to ask for my own selfish purposes.

At the 2015 lottery, only one of the two candidates decided to attend the lottery.  I don’t know if that is common or not, but I do know that was another first caught on camera and it was actually quite exciting to be a part of.  Did you know they draw balls here at my Village Hall?

Government is busy finding ways for us to reveal our agendas using money passed along through all of us and I can only hope that 2017 turns out to be the Year of Agendas, Minutes and Municipal Code in which record-keepers and lawyers are still kept busy…

Just not trying to decode the place and time of a meeting at any given moment, for example.

And if you’re one of those people who thinks the public is just too dumb to understand what it takes to govern over a group of people…

Then that clearly falls squarely on the public AND private educational system these people want to have control over in which the squandering of funds comes complete with mind-control tricks encouraging t-shirts with phrases like “I’m With Stupid”…

Just without the words being so clearly spelled out.

Will the names of these 5 people I just mentioned end up on a piece of paper given to a registered voter this election cycle?

As with all questions of probability, it all starts at the same 50/50 chance.

And that’s what Tuesday’s lottery is all about for me on this Sunday morning.

A 50/50 chance there will even need to be one.


And before I forget.

It doesn’t say it on the invite, but the public is invited to attend.

I wonder if it can be held in the board room so that way I don’t have to think about what background I am recording…

Plus, if more than a few people show up, they aren’t going to fit in the Clerk’s office…


Whatever the Local Election Official wants, right?  Including avoidance of the cameras that ARE installed inside of Village Hall, something for another time, but has something to do with $18,000 not being spent the way the consumers were told it was going to be spent if they gave it up without protest.

Okay.  I’m grievanced out.  Can I sell you the idea I am just celebrating Festivus a little late?

There’s always a 50/50 chance you know…


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