Part 5: The 2016 Flash and Grab: The Election Is Always What We Make of It

With so many fingers constantly pointing towards a variety of demographic groups as the reason for someone’s misery and loss, it will never cease to fascinate me how frequently Government is given a silent salute and a pledge they will always have an infinite supply of “Get Out of Jail Free” cards waiting for them at various locations throughout the nation.

Just as the world is what we make of it, so is the entire election process.  And when dirty tricks and dastardly deeds show up as early as they did here in Midlothian just to get some names on a ballot for the races at Village Hall, it isn’t difficult to quick connect with broad-sweeping accusations of “an election being corruptible and then rigged.”

The greatest loss in this particular setting is the damage to the needed trust in our system of government, as we are only governed by our consent and its sometimes impossible to consent to being governed over by a known sexual predator, let alone the ring-around-the-white-collar-crime groups of people who get into office just to get the chance to perk the system for their own pocketbook purpose.

Those are bad enough, but even extreme ideologies that include pre-planned rough and tumble separations and divisions conducted and carried out by those claiming they have not the divine right to govern, but the right of the people who voted them into office to get a job or two taken care of.  While some embrace divinity in their divisive tactics, there is such a thing as promiscuous altruism as well.

In other words, Government has always gone over-board on occasion and sometimes extraordinary circumstances call for it.

So when I watch Rybak shoving papers in between a partition for the right to have a few local residents put on the ballot, I thought to myself as it was happening, “there is nothing of such great urgency that an untrained employee had to be playing the role of Michael Kohlstedt until after Kohlstedt at least played his role a few times before running to fetch the D-5 forms because Rybak called for it.”

This is just another moment that happened in my Midlothian, Illinois that eventually was revealed to be the Flash and Grab of 2016.  It happened in less than 10 minutes and would have gone entirely unnoticed and unquestioned if I hadn’t had my camera there.

It would have taken too long to FOIA request the video and its always good to be able to view for oneself what was put on all of those pages…

Although I still have no proof of that because Kohlstedt left the line of sight of the camera and for all I know he swapped pages on me.

I wouldn’t put it past him.

After all, I am soooo predictable and maybe he wanted me to look at a different set of pages to get my published opinion on them…a test of sorts to see how many reasons the paperwork should have been rejected at the window.

Everything is ultimately 50/50 and while this year’s Flash and Grab may never be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Either you approve of what happened Monday or you don’t.

I don’t.

Will you?


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