Part One: On Your Marks…Quiet On the Set! Get Set…Rolling! And…GO!

Setting the scene:  Valerie is seen walking up to the hall with her camera in plain view.  Off-screen a sound of scurrying and whispers can be heard)

(walks up to the doors leading to the hall)
Valerie: Knock, knock.

(a voice comes over the speakers hung above the doors)
Local Government: Who’s there?

V: Valerie.

LG: Valerie Who?

V: Ummm…it doesn’t matter? I just want to see the invite to the party I hear is being held in a few days.  I was told I was invited and I just need to be sure.

LG: Sorry. Nobody’s here to show it to you. Come back another time.

V: All I want is to see a copy of the invite.

LG: Well, we have a copy hanging in that locked glass case over there.

(she turns and sees the bulleting board)
V: But I can’t see the other pages. They are covered up.

(slightly irritated)
LG: They are on the website.

(checks the website on her phone)
V: I can’t see it. What part of the screen?

(growing more irritated)
LG: I know its on there because I put it there myself. Open your damn eyes and read!

(trying to peer through the door)
V: Can I just come in and get a paper copy I can take home, or maybe you can just slip it under the door?

(a long pause)
LG: I’ve just been told you have to fill out a form to see it and then a specialist will get you a copy.

V: It takes a specialist to print a digital file from a computer or a copier?

LG: YES! Now go away before we have you arrested for being unduly burdensome and entirely unreasonable. Everything you asked for is available, you just have to wait your turn!

(looking one last time at the bulletin board, she turns and walks away from the door with a slight smile and headshake – she whispers)

V: And here we go again…where’s my pen?

Fade to Black.