Part 3: 2016 Resign Recommendations

It isn’t easy sitting here on a Sunday morning thinking about what the upcoming race will actually look like, namely because I believe there are clearly 5 people who I think need to quietly exit the race for a position in a local municipal unit with the upcoming Consolidated Elections.  Sure many will have Monday off, but come Tuesday next week…less than 72 hours away…the challenge window will close and these 5 do not belong on any ballot this time around.

I think they’ve proven they need to take a break from public service and reflect exactly what their “whoops” judgments have left behind.  These reasons I’ve listed below in no way endorse any other possible candidate in a position to take their place.  They just represent a reason why they should rescue themselves from the race for whatever reasons they want to give the public.

1.  Mrs. Evelyn Gleason

Mrs. Evelyn Gleason (Bremen School District 228) is running as an incumbent for another set of 4 years to tell parents and students her judgment will be sound and reasonable in terms of protecting the children from a variety of dangers, including but not limited to sexual predators.  She hand-picked a sexual predator to run the Park District before she retired from her salaried position there.  Yes, the taxpayers have also been violated and so has the trust in law enforcement in immeasurable ways with that particular “settlement” and this is by no means the only move she’s made uncaring of sustaining the integrity of our system of government.  It just needs to be the “Enough is Enough” it became the day this person was approved by a Board of people AND there were 27 applicants.

2.  Mrs. Sharon Rybak

Mrs. Sharon Rybak, also known as President Sharon Rybak, Finance Director Sharon Rybak, Secretary Sharon Rybak, Election Official Sharon Rybak also helped pick the sexual predator who is currently running the daily operations of the Park District.  Rybak, is the same former District 228 board member who ran for office of the President (or Mayor) of Midlothian in the 2013 election while on the 228 board and then forced the community to go calling upon the Illinois Attorney General for help telling her she had to pick between one or the other or else further actions would have to be taken.  That’s sitting at the table after the gambling is over with an demanding another few hands to be played because she wants to drain but a few more pennies before she goes.  She picked Mayor, btw.

So desperate as this play always was (a legal hedging of the bets until it became illegal and then conducting a quick pay-out to a lawyer or two), she threatened the entire Village with only the most dire of circumstances someone could type out on a computer if her tax hike wasn’t passed.  Whether the removal of pensions for the Mayor at the beginning of her stay played a part in how her tenure rolled forward, the Not-Always-Civil War of 2015-2016 between the Board and the Mayor came complete with a swamping of calls for investigations into her behaviors by outside authority, some still open and undetermined.

3.  Mr. Michael Kohlstedt

Mr. Michael Kohlstedt has always been out of his league when it comes to moments when he’s forced to be his own person, most notably in videos that have Evelyn Gleason sitting at the same table he’s at and complete with constantly looks her way for direction when it came to being the President of the Park District that he also helped hand-pick a sexual predator, but equally shared as Village Clerk over at Village Hall.

Also there’s not much better than being in a position to stall an investigation into the same person who messed up his tenure at the Park District and who knows when he noticed the mistake other than back in February when the matter was brought to Rybak’s attention at the Park District.  He also secretly loves sitting back and watching the Battle of the Scrivener’s regardless of the nameplate before him.  The condition of the municipal code book at Village Hall might be lacking a certified digital copy and then the Park District has failed to maintain the original digital copies sufficiently enough to where the book can be printed and posted at a moments notice.  He likes the battles because then his surprisingly extensive financial awareness gives him a reason to talk in front of a group of people he’s normally not supposed to add his two cents into the conversation too often.

Top this off with numerous infections he’s willing to inject into our system of electing government officials with nothing more than a shrug and silent “And You Can Kiss My Ass On Your Way Out,” including the still unapproved Scrivener’s Error he doesn’t cling to because the lifeboat seems to be one of those luxury cruise liners disguised as a dilapidated and deteriorating boat ready to drown everyone on board if someone sneezes…yes, that was a micro-aggression, but his allowing an untrained employee to perform the intake of candidate paperwork that should have been rejected at the window by first having the deliverer of the paperwork to wait long enough for the only other person who would at least ask if they should reject the paperwork to predictably leave for the day.  That little stunt already cost the community quite a bit and the ripple-effects have yet to be fully realized.

These three people have so clearly have trashed the trust of the public in exchange for only their greater good, there will be no avoiding a variety of dings to the already distorted perception of our system of government as a serious series of steps to follow rippling back and forth between municipal units and bank accounts.

The other two are just too rookie for the complexities that still lay before the community:

4.  Mr. Jody Foster

Candidate paperwork that should have been rejected with a cursory glance and a little math and it slipped its way through.  15 lines, 5 pages.  Definitely 16 signatures less than the minimum of 91 signatures needed and possibly more.  Rybak would know that and too many of us have seen just how method she is when she claims something was a “mistake” while demanding of a Village employee to just “count the pages.”  Foster would be best served distancing himself from rather than pushing more debt on the taxpayers by daring us to believe he did his own due diligence when it comes to wanting to lay claim to Voter Delivered Permission To Govern.  This one issue should be more than enough to encourage him to step back and reflect on what he just allowed to happen before he tells the community he is the right one to lead us into the next 2 years of our future on such a personal, day to day level.

5.  Mr. Steve Pikoz

Paperwork that may or may not be rejected, but a cursory glance by anyone other than  Michael Kohlstedt can see question marks all over the place.  Strikeouts are supposed to be accompanied by two additional pieces of paper and even initials and there is none of this attached to his paperwork.  Just like with Foster, he just allowed the paperwork he was responsible for submitting to have points of challenge and he also is attached to the actions of Rybak at the window.  He chose to trust her taking care of his personal business and she mucked it up.

Could she shrug her way out of this?  She doesn’t like being called out when she makes a mistake and their paperwork have what appear to be fatal flaws.  It’s also not cheap to challenge candidate paperwork but Pikorz and Foster’s paperwork seem like cheap shots volleyed at the audience in which both individuals have earned respect from in the past as smart business people.  If they stay, it could be good or bad for business.

I suppose there’s always that old adage that “bad press is still better than no press,” but these 5 individuals are pressing upon us a variety of sickly distortions to what still is a fairly black and white process in which the public gets to pick and choose who they want in what seats and who have to bear the burden of being indicted with a sweep of a sentence with the words “voter fraud” mixed in somewhere.

Their continued scramble to nickel and dime the system into accepting their applications to enter this race and be put on the ballot does not show a care or concern for the greater good, no matter how strong of a list of objectives have been written up to justify such moves and the Three Legacy Leaders and Their Two Rookies shouldn’t be allowed to bundle up another batch of pennies to pass along to the starving municipal lawyers out there…

But that’s up to them.  Free will and all.

And voters are free to vote for the person that best represents their interests as they see fit.

Don’t take my word on all of this.

There’s still a couple of days for the public to do their own research before the challenge window closes for the 2017 Consolidated General Elections.

I wonder if anyone will actually ask questions about the submission process this past Monday…

I guess I’ll at least wait until the Lottery Tuesday morning…


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