Your 2016 Local Election Board Members (if called upon)

After the December 27, 2016 deadline to file a challenge to someone’s candidacy paperwork has passed, if there is a challenge, then a Local Election Board will be drawn from inside the municipal unit the seat in question resides.

As the race for seats on the Village Board continues to open up opportunity to micro-examine a variety of portions of the election process that usually goes entirely unnoticed and frequently unheard of until something odd hits the airwaves, I’m entering blind status with how a LEB is formed in any other municipal unit in Midlothian other than for the Village of Midlothian.

So, right after the lottery, the next showdown for public viewing is the one between a Challenger To A Candidate and a Local Election Board.  The historical way these localized election boards are put together is determined via job title and it ain’t tough for a political party to have the deck stacked in someone’s favor.

If someone wants to challenge the paperwork of someone running for Mayor, the three job titles that will sit in judgment of the challenge are the Village Clerk and 1st and 2nd longest serving Trustees.   This means if someone files challenge against Gary L’Heureux or Sharon Rybak, the Local Election Board will be comprised of Village Clerk Michael Kohlstedt, Trustee Karen Kreis and Trustee Allen Moskal.

If someone wants to challenge the paperwork of someone running for Clerk, the three job titles that will sit in judgment of the challenge are the Mayor and 1st and 2nd longest serving Trustees.   This one has an extra twist with Moskal running for the position of Clerk.  As he cannot sit in judgment of his own paperwork or his competition, this is where Rybak, Kreis and Trustee Jerome “Jerry” Gillis to hear out the challenge.

If someone wants to challenge the paperwork of someone running for Trustee, the three job titles that will sit in judgment are Mayor, Village Clerk and Longest Serving Trustee.  Because Kreis is running for re-election as a Trustee, she cannot judge the challenges while Moskal can as the second longest serving Trustee.  Therefore, it will be Rybak, Kohlstedt and Moskal hearing all challenges to candidate paperwork.

The way these Boards are currently compiled, it not only leaves out a deciding vote being in the hands of a non-Government person and enables people like Kohlstedt to possibly sit in judgment of paperwork he was a part and a party to in terms of what clearly should have been rejected at the window, but because Rybak was intentionally left there by herself so she could proxy Clerk her own paper work and the paperwork of four other people, two sets very clearly needing rejection and two sets passed out at a party hosted by Mayor Rybak and The Department Heads on Village owned property.

While that may sound like the name of a classic rock cover tunes band to some, it was Classic Rybak to leave out every hint of a party for Village employees on the invite, except for the control part of the equation.  That was where her ego blinded her reality enough to where Evelyn Gleason must have really been working the room that night, for she got the most signatures on the petitions submitted by Rybak and the number of government employees one after another on the petitions makes it extra wrong because Rybak already said that what was done at the party was extra right, which is why such subterfuge was used in the first place.

At least it appears her conscience couldn’t completely strip the invite of all outward honesty…she’s Mayor Rybak at her own personal party, wearing her job title like a crown and making sure we all know it.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Unite Midlothian party takes on what comes across as a clean, clear and quick victory against all four candidates submitted by Sharon Rybak, caught on video and copies issued right after Michael Kohlstedt walks off camera to go do something.  Already the Local Election Official should be rescued from his position due to his failure to stop Jody Foster’s paperwork from unduly burdening the election system.  75 is not 91 and yet Kohlstedt is scheduled to take a seat at the table if someone wants to cry “Strike Three by Rybak and Kohsltedt!   Both caught swinging at the plate!”  The weakest paperwork stand the strongest chance of standing as is simply because two of the three people participated in the submission and acceptance part of the process.

All of this uncharted territory to still cover and so little time left to 2016…but here’s a good cheat sheet if nothing else makes any sense above:

Your 2016 Local Election Board Members for Mayoral Paperwork Challenges

Michael Kohlstedt                 Karen Kreis                             Allen Moskal

Your 2016 Local Election Board Members for Clerk Paperwork Challenges

Sharon Rybak                          Karen Kreis                             Jerome “Jerry” Gillis

Your 2016 Local Election Board Members for Trustee Paperwork Challenges

Sharon Rybak                          Michael Kohlstedt               Allen Moskal


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