Midlothian Police Can Take Calls For An “I Did Not Sign That” Report Connected To Published Petition Papers

Click here to view copies of Jody Foster’s Nomination Papers

Click here to view copies of Steven Pikorz’s Nomination Papers

Click here to view copies of Sharon Rybak’s Nomination Papers

Click here to view copies of Michael Kohlstedt’s Nomination Papers

Since I made the initial choice to publish public domain documents to the Internet after the hearings on January 3, 2017, there have been people talking about identities being put to pieces of paper that belong to one of four candidates running for office in the Village of Midlothian.

Any time your name is inserted into a legal document and someone is then claiming it was signed by you, this is a crime.  Please contact the Midlothian police non-emergency number at 708-385-2534.

And while filing a false police report is just as wrong as filing false signatures, it is good to know we live with a system that allows people to freely choose such an option if they see a falsification of their information on candidate petitions in our election system and a matter of public record.

I also have been told there are at least a few people quite angry, as they believe their information was falsely put to the papers I published that came from Village Clerk Michael Kohlstedt as “copies” of the paperwork I caught on camera being handed over to the Village.

But I would add a simply reminder to those who have been following this issue that all of this is part of a much larger pattern that has been going on for elongated periods of time.  I also don’t know what paperwork is considered “on file” with the Village and whether or not it even matches up with what I published.

The only thing a police officer can do at this time is take your statement and then we all have to let them do their job of investigating the matter further.

Therefore, if you see your personal information in one of these four sets of documents, please consider reporting to the police there was an unauthorized use of your signature on a nominating petition?  Just tell them the candidate’s name, what page number and what line you’re saying is not yours.

Also, if you have issues when reporting your information to an officer, please feel free to call me at 708-653-0303.  Some issues might be Community Policing of nature and not in need of formal complaint, just registered concern and there are different people in the Village to help resolve issues that might arise from this set of circumstances.

This portion of the system has never before been so closely scrutinized and there are still too many questions about the details behind the initial paperwork.  This is going to take some time for all of us to sort through for your own personal and even professional reasons.  This is your backyard.  Your neighbors.  Your co-workers.  Your friends.

Thank you for your care and concern regarding our local elections here in Midlothian, Illinois!


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