Gosh, Dang, Darn Nabbit! Boy did I miss on that one…

My apologies to both followers and new readers for a miss on my part as it relates to the content in this free blog.

I have maintained this blog for a few years now and last year I launched a paid blog in which I was hoping to keep politics here while community-based content was at this other domain.  As I found myself unable to balance both sites to my own expectations, I let the paid blog expire.

Here’s where I goofed and owe an apology.  I did export the content from the blog, however I did not pay close enough attention to whether or not the attachments would transfer…which they did not.  I should have known to look into it but I skipped straight to the “Export” button as I have done many times in the past with blogs that usually had no graphics or documents.

I know get frustrated with sites that have a lot of dead links and its even tougher to bear knowing that this blog has a bunch right now due to my importing those other posts today.

In turn, every document I uploaded is available via FOIA request from the various municipal units they came from.  Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to find these digital files on a backup disk, but in the meantime, thank you for your visit to the site.

Regards and respect,

Midlothian Valerie


About Midwestern Valerie

Creator and host of Advanced Midlothian Politics on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter: Researcher, writer and journalist since the 1970's.
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