Speaking of Obstruction of Justice at the Park District…

It is my understanding that Midlothian Park District President has yet to call for a formal investigation into the activities of Sharon Rybak as Finance Director for the Park District and in combination with her activities as now former Village President Sharon Rybak, as well as Rybak’s authorizing a zero interest loan to purchase advertisements in the Park District brochure by former Park District Commissioner Mary Ellen Levine.

Add another file to the pile of problems needing law enforcement attention and scrutiny coming from the Midlothian Park District.

And so the obstructions go on…

Rybak claims that she purchased 5 full pages of ads which unto itself is categorically false.  She purchased 4 full page ads, one 1/2 page ad and the 1/2 page ad space on the back cover, which is appropriately valued differently than the standard 1/2 page ad rates. However, she also states she paid the PD $1,000 for the space in the brochure, which is likely true.  This situation unto itself radiates with reason for a vote of no confidence in Rybak’s record-keeping skills as it is clear she is willing and able to record false information when it suits her purpose.



Not only did Sharon Rybak intentionally reduce her fiscal liability to the Park District when viewing the purchasing records of the Park District of all advertisers, the records also show that Rybak was given a liberal zero interest loan and between her and former Park District Commissioner Mary Ellen Levine, the two of them managed to withhold almost 1/3 of payments due to the Park District over the greatest number of payback days.  The advertising brochure clearly states that full payment for all advertisements is due at the time of submitting the artwork.  Another reason why Park District Michael Kohlstedt is obstructing justice, as an investigation would force him to explain how something like this could happen under his Presidency.




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