Ask And Ye Shall Receive…Only Partial Delivery Because…

2 Incomplete Building Inspection Form Packet from DeSimone

I’ve uploaded copies of the documents that were given to me by William “Billy” DeSimone when I asked for the full set of forms used with building inspections attached to the CFH program, but first lemme set the table here, but here’s the background to what they represent in a fuller picture.

What started this whole mountainous curve I’ve been rolling along with stems from an event between myself and Building Superintendent William “Billy” DeSimone when I was given the results of my first FOIA request in connection with Sgt. Edmund “Eddie” Olmos’ properties on Kilpatrick.

I had started crying (mostly because I had just returned back to Midlothian and was a little overwhelmed with the change at the time), but still pointed out that once again, the documents show Olmos getting “special treatment.”

I was challenged on the grounds that claiming one report was not enough evidence of my claim of “special treatment” and instead of countering the reality that not only was none of this my problem to begin with, the fact that I received zero assurances that such an event would be thoroughly investigated by DeSimone…not just Olmos’ records, BUT ALL BUILDING DEPARTMENT RECORDS TO CHECK AND SEE IF THERE WERE OTHER INSTANCES OF BLANK INSPECTION REPORTS BEING “SIGNED OFF” ON!

So, taking the punch in the gut that it was just put before me that either I do his job for him or nothing was going to get done about it at all, I began FOIA requesting building inspection reports until I had a data array of 216 records between 2013 and 2017.

The first round of results had all of that redacting garbage, complete with redacting whether or not a property was even approved.

That’s when I decided to ask DeSimone for copies of all Building Inspection forms attached to the CFH program.  I was already missing a large quantity of Pass/Fail forms and there is zero mention of the mandatory building inspection other than what is buried in the Ordinance itself.

He gave me three documents titled as follows:

  1. Rental Housing Inspection Form (2 page carbon copy duplicate)
  2. Inspection Request and Report (2 page carbon copy duplicate)
  3. Inspection Request and Report (1 page, no carbon)

Lemme get away with playing Teaser on this one and invite you to take a long look at the forms I was given and see what you spot…but I’ll get you started with the first one simply because you wouldn’t know it was missing.

There is a Pass/Fail inspection report he failed to give me, so I don’t even know if its possible property owners have been given receipts for the inspection all this time.

See what you think is missing from these forms if you were a renter looking to check out a property owner’s records with the Village when it comes to CFH compliance.


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