At least Arizona had a Tenant/Landlord Act First…

While certain individuals here in Midlothian were busy putting their signature touches on legislation they knew would pass as long as they wrote it, I have argued since my first months in Midlothian back in 2006 that the Village was in severe need of a Tenant/Landlord Ordinance, at least similar to the one in Chicago.

Imagine my surprise last night when I was once again combing through the training manual and came across this “overlooked” error.  Of course we are not going to look at Arizona state laws for application in the State of Illinois, but instead I couldn’t help but chuckle at yet another piece of irony.

Vehemently opposed as I will always be to the program, at least the program was implemented in a state that had a state-wide Tenant/Landlord Act, unlike Illinois, which has zippo, zilch, nada.  I don’t know how strong Arizona’s Act is, but even the keywords bring me at least a sliver of comfort that Tenants have laws dedicated to protecting them from abusive and even criminal landlords.

Way to go editors!  Thanks for leaving that one in our book ‘cause it is so short, sweet and to the point.

This program is run based on a Landlord/Law Enforcement Ordinance.

Midlothian has no Tenant/Landlord Ordinance.

There were a few reasons for this to be in existence, btw…but that’s going to take more time to get to.  Trying to stick with the micro for a while longer.

In the meantime, if Midlothian had an honest-to-goodness Tenant/Landlord ordinance, I bet you’d be surprised how many properties would have ended up being forced into compliance because the consumer of the rental space filed a consumer-driven complaint with the Village…

And the Village actually followed through with whatever steps they were authorized to take to force compliance with building codes.

Remember, having a complaint record absent of complaints only means that none were ever recorded in an official manner.

That doesn’t mean they never existed or were untrue.

In my own circumstances, they were just summarily dismissed based on a variety of features, including who was doing the reporting, namely me, but who knows who else has tried to complain over the years about rental property owners not living up to their end of the consumer contract they are offering while on Midlothian Illinois soil.

The Editors of the book missed changing this sign to reflect the actual sign people should be looking for…at least one time.


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