Event #31: The Categorical Rejection and Removal Of Rybak

With 31 days to wrap up 31 topics through this month of December, it seems apropos to start the countdown with the resounding loss now recorded forever more next to Sharon Rybak’s name in the history books and the subsequent removal of Rybak from the position of President of Midlothian.

With Rybak almost invisibly scooting her way into office on a slight wave of “Anything But Stephens” sentiment (Rybak 1,116 vs. Stephens 855), Midlothian’s first female President claimed in 2013 campaign materials she was considered the “Kool-Aid Mom” of Midlothian.  Putting her use of the extended acronym “Mayor Of Midlothian” aside, the poisoned data she allowed, encouraged and supported to be entered into official government records during her tenure has left the Village in a very unhealthy position, despite some measure of now operating in the black…in terms of cash flow, that is.  Sadly, her consolidation of power and compartmentalization created an even deeper culture of darkness

At first, the voting base thought that there might not be any competition against a L’Heureux ticket of virtually any combo as Rybak had previously announced that she would not run.  However, Rybak throwing her hat in the election cycle caused the election process to be ripped wide open and laid bare for public viewing…and what a dizzying series of reveals that was, some of which continues to be unresolved and still floating just underneath the surface.

In the meantime, April 4, 2017 rolls around and unscientific polling is certainly hinting of a victory for the Unite Midlothian Party, but nothing could be put into a “never would that happen” class for Rybak and her fans.  Once the results started rolling in and the final tally was created, the message sent to Rybak was only a sliver weaker than the signal sent to former Mayor Thomas “Tom” Murawski when he lost in the 2009 election…

The voters made it clear they believed Rybak was clearly the more evil of the two choices on the ballot for President…

if one was applying the “vote for the lesser of the two evils” political filter.

But whether it was by one vote or a thousand, one thing cannot be disputed.

The first female Mayor of Midlothian left behind such a large quantity of deep, dark wounds, it’s almost as if Rybak had been subscribing to some publication entitled “Death By A Thousand Cuts: How To Quickly Put A Government Unit On Emergency Life Support, How To Get Re-Elected For Providing Quality Care To the Ill Patient and How To Magically Revive the Almost Dead Unit In the Next Term.”

She only succeeded at putting the Village of Midlothian in dire need of emergency life support systems and unfortunately having not just one, but two periods of outside “mental health observation” coming from Cook County Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Dart’s office as the head of the Midlothian Office of the Investigator General didn’t stop Rybak from being hell-bent on committing Government Corporation Suicide while drawing a paycheck…and expecting to get re-elected for it.

In other words, the voters were tired of being caught up in Rybak’s fiscal suicide mood…errr…mode and dumped at least her hard-core problem behaviors like a bad habit.


L’Heureux Times Two Equals Three OIG’s in 3 years? Oh Dart! Please Come Back! Forget the “Beverage Tax or Else” threat from Preckwinkle!

Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Dart was quoted a few years back giving an open invite to all municipal units to call upon him and his office for any help related to public corruption. This was around the time the people of the Village of Robbins was being delivered shock wave after shock wave in connection to their police department.

From hundreds of untested rape kits all the way to police chief’s driving under the influence and getting busted by a Midlothian officer, these discoveries were all being dumped on the residents at the same time Dart’s office had to step in and shut down a limestone quarry deal, largely in part due to the residents banding together and raising their voices loud enough and strong enough until they were heard and action was taken.

I know for a fact that the opening of an Office of the Investigator General during the Rybak administration helped bring former Mayor Sharon Rybak’s “dismantle, destroy and rebuild agenda” to not just a screeching halt (<cough>2014 Tax Hike Threat <cough, cough>), but I myself submitted 3 of the 6 complaints filed the first time the office was opened.

One of those 6 complaints happened to have been filed by former EMA Director Chuck Hillyer who decided to file a false complaint against me, primarily that the OIG office was not intended on taking complaints against civilians unless it is being alleged the civilian is participating in government corruption, such as a contractor. He had a melt down at a meeting I video taped and after I rejected his threats via Facebook to take the video down (complete with lawyer threats), he made sure that Dart’s office at least had my name on file with a keyword stamp suggesting I was engaging in corruption and be damned how many computers ignore any narrative that goes along with the complaint, let alone the outcome (he was advised that there is nothing illegal about video taping meetings or posting them.)

Another one of those complaints came from former police chief/former Trustee Vincent Schavone, skewing facts in such a way that once the Midlothian Messenger got around to printing the OIG response and Schavone’s “final word,” it left behind suggestion that Schavone’s conclusions still outweighted the conclusion of the OIG office, which was a determination that then Trustee Gary L’Heureux did nothing wrong…unlike Rybak who spent the $88,000 of 2010A Water Bond money to pad her resume with “accomplishments.”

With only two complaints still outstanding from the first round of OIG investigations, the second time around came complete with Evelyn Gleason’s allegations that a conspiracy was underway to overthrow her good friend Rybak and that while even she acknowledged the Board’s right to open the office, she believed the verbiage of the ordinance was part and parcel of this whole “secret squirrel strategy.”

That second time around, it was then Trustee L’Heureux who led the conversation in public, but my recollections of conversations puts it to where the Board agreed Sheriff Dart needed to be invited back, both behind the scenes and with their vote.

While it seems the investigation into Rybak while she was Mayor is still ongoing, part of the point and purpose of having an OIG office opened both times was to create an impartial barrier between those wanting to complain about corruption within Village Hall, including employees and public officials and those who may very well be guilty of the allegations.

From the moment Rybak first took office, there was a flurry of consolidations whenever and wherever opportunity presented itself, severe compartmentalization to keep everyone in the dark about everyone else’s activities and even private email addresses for key players, including Joseph “Joe” McDonnell in the role of Village Treasure. All of the secrecy created the perfect storm for her proposal of a tax hike being a mandatory or else the State will come in and take over the Village, as much of the proof in either direction was under her complete control, both through Michael Kohlstedt as Clerk as well as her being the executive in charge of daily operations.

Fast forward to today.

6 months into the administration and meeting minutes are still severely backlogged, keeping the insider trading track alive and well.

Videos of the meeting are not being sealed and altered caption files are being attached on an unsanctioned YouTube account.

More ordinances have been passed/modified dealing with laws affecting the residents, especially topics like the water bill prices while the policy manual continues to be absent of the same kind of quantity contribution, leaving the balance of power still severely skewed in favor of Village Hall, including obstructions to justice with the fairly empty policy manual.

The quality of record-keeping in the police department is beyond horrifying. Whether it’s the claim that absence of audio is due to “audio not being recorded with the camera,” the entrapment style of writing up police reports all the way to the life and death dangers in the Interview Room, including officers not keeping their own hands fully visible while interviewing someone for any reason or purpose, which can provoke a situation…just as a law enforcement officer who asked to see someone’s hands while in the middle of an interaction.

The clear inability of various Village employees and government officials to handle protests of various kinds, complete with a return to one-way conversations for whatever legal, ethical or moral justification they come up with when it comes to the Village having an uncodified blacklist must be addressed.

So if you’ve read this far, or you just ended up jumping to this part of the article, the moral of this particular post is this.

Over the years, I frequently had people expecting me to personally litigate issues with various municipal units, government officials, etc. and I have refused every time for what I still believe to be the right reasons for my own belief system.

It is not my job or role to engage in legal battles with any government entity.

It is the job of various government entities to do that on all of our behalves, such as the Public Corruption division of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s office.

Therefore, I myself will not be filing a lawsuit against the Village of Midlothian in response to the October 4, 2017 incident at the Midlothian Police Department. It isn’t that I didn’t have one being developed by myself and legal counsel. I did and it was upwards of $20 million dollars before we stopped tallying up the damages against the Village.

There were two reasons for this. The first is that I was not severely disabled from the incident. Had the outcome been severely debilitating to me, especially physically, like if the attack had not been stopped, this would have been the end of the road for me. Dollars wouldn’t have mattered and be damned what happens to the insurance premiums and other numbers affecting the Village and the community.

In fact, if I had been willing to accept the notion that I have been disabled at any point over the past 30 years, this incident would have came complete with an Americans With Disabilities Act violation, which would have not looked good next to the Department of Justice settlement from 2010 for ADA violations…of which the Village still can’t ensure ADA compliance on new builds apparently.

But this unto itself was not strong enough to motivate the decision. The other reason was a little less black and white, but it all goes back to my laying claim to being a journalist and reporter, just an unpaid one.

Part of what obstructed my ability to present my contributions as a marketable product was exactly this type of stunt hanging over my head combined with strategic and purposeful fear campaigns launched since I first came here back in 2006. I had literally hundreds of people putting their hopes and faith in me that I would be able to reveal some measure of facts connected to a large variety of issues, too many of them that fearful of a retaliatory response.

I decided that I was unwilling to spend whatever keystrokes I have left in me articulating a lawsuit intentionally designed to (hopefully) delivery me a personal victory in a courtroom over a laundry list of issues I have both revealed online as well as materials no one has ever seen before.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t filed a complaint with the Village about what happened.

I have.

It is the fact that just as with Rybak being unable to investigate herself, L’Heureux cannot initiate an investigation into himself either and his name is all over the first part of the falsified police report.

I just will remain hopeful that this Board will be able to see the wisdom of voting in favor of Sheriff Dart coming in to investigate Village Hall…unlike their inability to see the writing on the wall that appointing a police chief from within the ranks was virtually guaranteeing past police abuse practices and procedures would stay fully intact.

I did nothing wrong with any of my comments or statements…no laws broken and some pretty powerful stuff.

And that’s why my mental health history was pursued by members of Village Hall, both in and out of the police department.

I’ve known all these years that no one can theoretically arrest me for anything I have said because I have broken no laws with my words or actions.

But the Village can go ahead and craft documentation to make it appear as if my words and actions are “crazy” enough to be “certified” and complete with a video to go along with the argument, especially if they have justified “investigating” me at any time for anything I have submitted in the past.

And this is part of why I am sooooo opposed to mandatory mental health examination laws being imposed on our children…let alone adults.

Just think of how many of them are being illegally diagnosed (a computer cannot perform a mental health exam. Only a licensed professional can) and then having that information passed along all of the networks that keep track of those types of dots and dashes…all destined to be attached to their lives for the rest of their lives, no matter how encrypted the details become in whatever summary “mental health profile” is being produced.

But that’s for another story on another day.

This one is all about whether or not there will be a 3rd time Dart is invited back to Midlothian and if yes, will a 3rd time be the charm the people of Midlothian have needed all these years to break the dark spell…or will it produce nothing but silence because there is something just so entrenched in our system, even law enforcement cannot pull all of the pieces together to prove exactly what’s been going not just in Midlothian, but throughout the southwest suburbs.

I just know that I can make the same promises I did both times the OIG office was opened.

I am more than willing to submit complaints to them.

I just hope others will find the courage to do the same should the office be re-opened.

None of us should have to be afraid of our government this way…especially at the local level.

This is why I won’t take the Village into a courtroom over what happened to me…

This time around.

There’s always new stuff that could happen.

The 2017 Switchboard for the 2007 Carlos Vargas Sting In Harvey Illinois

When it comes to citizens seeking out mechanisms and means of a civil nature to bring about challenge to the behaviors of government officials and employees, it can be a real challenge to discern what agency or entity has jurisdiction…let alone discovering what elements might be of interest to such authoritative figures able to start those bigger wheels of justice.

Especially over the past 10 years or so, the people of the City of Harvey have had to have their property values, credit reports and other analytic eroded by micro-behavior after micro-behavior being performed by the very people charged with serving and protecting the public, as one does not need to be a member of law enforcement to abide by such a matra…or at least a mission statement absent from Eric Kellogg’s vocabulary.

This post is designed to bring under one roof a collection of information regarding events and incidents involving government individuals/groups in Harvey and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  While some may think to themselves Harvey gets more than enough press when it comes to these matters, Harvey has not had a local newspaper for years, many do not have Internet access or even the skills to do the research.

As someone who has attended a Board meeting in Harvey, I can attest to the clear and frightening dysfunction that is allow and tolerated to transpire in that sacred setting and matched with studies of meeting minutes, annual reports, etc., it should remain quite curious to all why the FBI has not taken action against Eric Kellogg and some of the other players in the mess that has resulted in over $150 million dollars of debt, a mayor who can’t help bond out the City, a water system about to be taken over in receivership by the City of Chicago…so in the meantime, here’s some of what I’ve been able to find over the years regarding the relationship between the City of Harvey and the FBI as it relates to a special agent using the name Carlos Vargas and the ongoing effects of unresolved issues in 2017 stemming from this 2007 set of circumstances.

This is especially relevant as there is a current investigation at a Federal level into the possibility of illegal involvement with our election process at any and all levels, but it is important to note that documents show this sting effort starting long before what is commonly construed as the “election season”; that period between first being allowed to actively campaign and the closing of the polls.  While this case may involve limited measures of reasoning for sealing certain aspects, the people of Harvey and this nation for that matter, deserve some measure of formal closure as to whether or not the government acted appropriately with the Carlos Vargas Sting.  If there are national security implications, as there seems to be hints of in this case, then perhaps it is a good thing that US Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin of Illinois and House Representative Robin Kelly made a call in 2014 for the Department of Justice to at least sort and sift through the matter with that level and scope of scrutiny.

The 2007 Carlos Vargas Sting

Names You Should Get To Know

Sandra Alvarado Former aide and girlfriend of Eric Kellogg since 2003
Jermaine Bell Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office Correctional Officer/Illinois National Guard; Resident of Lynwood
Thomas “Tom” Dart Cook County Illinois Sheriff 
Antoine Dudley City of Harvey Illinois Police Officer; Resident of Harvey Illinois
Richard “Dick” Durbin United States Senator for Illinois
James Engram City of Harvey Illinois Police Officer
Patrick J. Fitzgerald United States Attorney for the Northern Illinois District
Antwon Funches Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office; Resident of Chicago
Timothy Funches, Jr. Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office; Resident of Bellwood
Robert D. Grant Special Agent In Charge Chicago Federal Bureau of Investigation
Michael “Mike” Horowitz United States Department Of Justice Inspector General 
Eric Kellogg Mayor of the City of Harvey Illinois
Robin Kelly United States Representative for Illinois
Mark Kirk United States Senator for Illinois
Daniel L. Lee Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office; Resident of Chicago
Raphael Manuel Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office Correctional Officer; Resident of Glenwood
Michael T. Mason United States Federal Magistrate Judge
Antonio McCaskill Harvey Resident
Diallo S. Mingo Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office; Resident of Calumet City
Tavis Ramsey Posed as a Village of Posen Illinois cop; Resident of Chicago Illinois
Andre Sneed City of Harvey Illinois Police Officer
Archie Stallworth City of Harvey Illinois Police Detective; Resident of Harvey Illinois
Ahyetoro Taylor Cook County Illinois Sheriff’s Office Correctional Officer/Illinois National Guard; Resident of Joliet
Carlos Vargas FBI Special Agent Alias
Michael Wellek Owner of Skybox Strip Club in City of Harvey Illinois
Dwayne Williams City of Harvey Illinois Police Officer; Resident of Country Club Hills Illinois
Kyle Wilson City of Chicago Police Officer; Resident of Chicago

Communities Connected to the Carlos Vargas Sting

Village of Bellwood Illinois
Village of Bolingbrook Illinois
City of Calumet City Illinois
City of Chicago Illinois
Village of Country Club Hills Illinois
Village of Glenwood Illinois
City of Harvey Illinois
City of Homewood Illinois
City of Joliet Illinois
Village of Lynwood Illinois
Village of Matteson Illinois
City of Oak Lawn Illinois
Village of Posen Illinois
Village of Tinley Park Illinois

Eight Separate Criminal Complaints From the Carlos Vargas Sting

United States v. Raphael Manuel and Jermaine Bell
Raphael Manuel allegedly accepted a total of $14,500 for providing security for eight separate staged drug transactions, including one on Sept. 14, 2007, with Ahyetoro Taylor and Jermaine Bell, who allegedly accepted $500 for working a single staged deal on that date.

United States v. Tavis Ramsey and Kyle T. Wilson
Tavis Ramsey allegedly accepted a total of $1,900 for providing security for four separate purported drug transactions, including one on Oct. 24, 2007, with Ahyetoro Taylor, Raphael Manuel and Kyle Wilson, 31, of Chicago and a Chicago police officer, who allegedly accepted $500 for working a single staged deal.

United States v. Timothy Funches, Jr., and Diallo S. Mingo
Timothy Funches, 26, of Bellwood and Diallo S. Mingo, 34, of Calumet City, both of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, allegedly accepted $1,000 each for providing security with Ahyetoro Taylor and Raphael Manuel for a single purported transaction involving 50 kilograms of cocaine and 2 kilograms of heroin on Nov. 16, 2007.

United States v. Ahyetoro Taylor, Antwon Funches and Antonio B. McCaskill
Ahyetoro Taylor allegedly accepted a total of $15,000 for providing security for nine separate staged drug transactions, including one on Nov. 30, 2007, with Raphael Manuel, Timothy Funches, 34, of Chicago, a Cook County Sheriff’s officer, and Antonio McCaskill, 30, of Harvey, who is not a law enforcement officer, with the latter two allegedly accepting $1,000 each for working a single staged deal.  Antwon Funches was sentenced to three (3) years in prison.

United States v. Daniel L. Lee and Julius L. Scott, Jr.
Daniel L. Lee, 31, of Chicago, and Julius L. Scott, 34, of Richton Park, both of Cook County Sheriff’s Office, allegedly accepted $1,000 each for providing security with Taylor and Manuel for a single purported transaction involving two kilograms of heroin on Dec. 10, 2007.  Daniel L. Lee was sentenced to two (2) years in prison.

United States v. Richard O. Hall, Jr., and Robert L. Kelly, Jr.
Richard O. Hall, Jr. 35, of Chicago, and Robert L. Kelly, Jr. 32, of Glenwood, both of the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, allegedly accepted $1,000 each for providing security with Ahyetoro Taylor and Raphael Manuel for a single purported transaction involving two kilograms of heroin on Dec. 17, 2007. Robert L. Kelly, Jr. was sentenced to one and a half years.

United States v. Antoine Dudley, James Engram and Dwayne Williams
In events described above, Williams allegedly received a total of $1,400, including $400 for a May 2007 security escort, and Williams and Engram received $1,000 each, and Dudley accepted $1,200, the charges allege, for providing security for a purported transaction involving 25 kilograms of cocaine on Feb. 29, 2008.

United States v. Archie Stallworth
As described above, Archie Stallworth allegedly received $1,000 for providing security for the purported transfer of 30 kilograms of cocaine at the DuPage Airport on Aug. 11, 2008.  Archie Stallworth was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

United States Court of Appeals,Seventh Circuit
UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff–Appellee, v. Archie STALLWORTH, Defendant–Appellant.
Docket Case No. 10–2058.
Decided: September 06, 2011
Click here to view case information

United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division
Case No. No. 08-cr-948
Decided April 24, 2015
Click here to view decision

News Coverage of the Situation

Kirk, Kelly Call for Review of FBI and DOJ Investigations of Alleged Police Abuses in Harvey – eNews Park Forest
Media Report Indicates Illegal Activity, Abuse of Law Enforcement Privileges

15 officers caught in FBI drug sting – tribunedigital-chicagotribune
“I ain’t always been in law enforcement,” a Harvey cop allegedly bragged to the drug dealer whose business he was paid to protect. “I sold a lot of weight at a young age, I just never got

The undercover agent – tribunedigital-chicagotribune
Two remarkable stories about the state of law enforcement — one exasperating, one encouraging — broke in Chicago last week. Both story lines intertwine in one elaborate saga. We aren’t often

Durbin, Kelly write Harvey crime letter to federal prosecutor – Chicago Tribune
Federal lawmakers on Tuesday called for a review of Justice Department actions — including measures that helped re-elect a controversial mayor — in a suburb the Tribune recently showed stood out for its high crime and subpar policing. The lawmakers also pressed for more details on what federal…

FBI won’t release records of aiding mayor election – tribunedigital-chicagotribune
The FBI said it won’t release records to the Tribune that could explain how and why it helped re-elect a controversial suburban mayor – prompting one former Justice Department lawyer to call

Harvey, county cops indicted in FBI drug sting | Local News | nwitimes.com
CHICAGO | Fifteen Chicago-area law enforcement officers accused of providing armed security for large-scale drug deals “sold out their badge” during the course of a broad anti-drug sting, a federal

FBI Sting Nabs 15 Officers | NBC Chicago
More than a dozen people, most of them police officers, were charged Tuesday, accused of acting as lookouts during drug deals and poker games, and in some cases, dealing drugs themselves.


Other Backstory Data

Andre Sneed v. City of Harvey

City of Harvey police officer Andre Sneed sued the City of Harvey for Americans With Disabilities Act violations.  In the appeal of the judgement in favor of the City of Harvey, it is noted that Sneed illegally logged a police report on behalf of Archie Stallworth to obstruct the FBI’s investigation but was never formally charged for the crime.  Sneed lost his appeal.
Click here to view the decision

Sandra Alvarado

Long-time girlfriend and aide to Mayor of Harvey, Eric Kellogg was involved with both the city and the Mayor during the time period of the sting.  What makes her notable is her abrupt resignation and then leaving her City-issued vehicle in front of the FBI’s offices in Orland Park for the City of Harvey to retrieve, let alone whatever happened to the lawsuit she filed.
Click here to view Tribune article


People Of Influence In the Kellogg Kingdom | Names You Should Get To Know

Joseph T. Letke (deceased crafter of multiple fraud schemes in multiple jurisdictions)
Keith Price (City of Harvey Alderman)
Donald Luster (former Mayor of Dixmoor Illinois)
Vincent “Vince” Schavone (former Harvey police officer, former Midlothian police chief, former Village of Midlothian Trustee)

Nomination Hearing For Jody Foster (Trustee)

***This post will be updated with information regarding the nomination hearing in connection to candidate Jody Foster for Village Trustee of Midlothian until the end of the hearing***

Last updated January 4, 2017 at 3:11 p.m.

Click here to view Jody Foster’s Nomination Papers

Rules for Nomination Papers Challenges

At today’s hearing, it was determined that due to the Midlothian Police Department being unable to serve Foster and there was no receipt from the United States Postal Service saying the papers were received, there would be another hearing on January 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Nomination Hearing For Steven “Steve” Pikorz (Trustee)

***This post will be updated with information regarding the nomination hearing in connection to candidate Steven “Steve” Pikorz for Village Trustee of Midlothian until the end of the hearing***

Last updated January 4, 2017 at 3:09 p.m.

Click here to view Steven Pikorz’s Nomination Papers

Rules for Nomination Papers Challenges

At today’s hearing, it was determined that due to the Midlothian Police Department being unable to serve Pikorz and there was no receipt from the United States Postal Service saying the papers were received, there would be another hearing on January 17, 2017 at 5:00 p.m.

Nomination Hearing For Michael Kohlstedt (Clerk)

***This post will be updated with information regarding the nomination hearing in connection to candidate Michael Kohlstedt for Village Clerk of Midlothian until the end of the hearing***

Last updated January 4, 2017 at 3:05 p.m.

Click here to view Michael Kohlstedt’s Nomination Papers

Rules for Nomination Papers Challenges

At today’s hearing, it was determined that a check of the records would be necessary and the next scheduled hearing date is January 23, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.


Nomination Hearing For Sharon Rybak (Mayor)

***This post will be updated with information regarding the nomination hearing in connection to candidate Sharon Rybak for Mayor of Midlothian until the end of the hearing***
Last updated January 4, 2017 at 3:03 p.m.

Click here to view Sharon Rybak’s Nomination Papers

Rules for Nomination Papers Challenges

At today’s hearing, it was determined that a check of the records would be necessary and the next scheduled hearing date is January 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.