Event #28: 2016 Carry-Over Into 2017: Documented Sexual Predator at Park District Still Keeping Midlothian Pinned On All the Wrong Maps and Radars

Click here to review past Advanced Midlothian Politics articles about the hiring of documented sexual predator former Joliet Park District Executive Director Dominic Egizio

What do Matt Lauer and current Midlothian Park District Executive Director Dominic Egizio have in common?

They both lost their jobs for sexual assault that included giving a co-worker a sex toy.

What does Egizio have that Lauer doesn’t?

A job that comes with a taxpayer funded paycheck and a taxpayer pension that continues to fatten up with every day that goes by.

Those are two “perks” that should have been permanently stripped from Egizio in terms of continuing to have access to…and could have been if all government units had refused to hire him. In fact, anyone in government who leaves government due to sexual assault, whether its through a firing or the more sinister form of an out of court settle, should never again be allowed to rely on the taxpayers to keep food on their tables, let alone fund their pensions, health insurance, etc.

But instead of the public being kept safe from these types of real threats (recorded recidivism rates are misleading due to the number of unreported incidents), current Bremen School District 228 Board member Evelyn Gleason and then Park District Director and current Park District President and former Village Clerk Michael Kohlstedt told everyone that out of 27 candidates, Egizio was the right person to inherit the Evelyn Gleason PD Kingdom.

And yet…

Egizio’s freedom was never taken away from him, not even for a day.

Egizio didn’t go for any therapy, willingly or unwillingly.

In fact, no one called upon Egizio to do anything about his sexually assaulting a former employee, especially demanding of him to create a lifetime plan on how he’ll control such impulses in the future and a network that will support him throughout his struggles.

Sexual predators don’t just “cure” themselves and the Egizio outcome clearly demonstrates just how much of a viciously cruel joke the Sex Offender Registration List can be.

There is no gray area with Egizio still being allowed to assault people while employed by the Park District. The actual act of hiring him was a nuclear bomb dropped on all sexual assault victims across the world and was also an act of psychological warfare against the public at large. One of those more profound “Fuck you all. We’re Government and you’ll take what we give you. Now shut up or we’ll shut you up” that remains far too common throughout the world.

But there’s another angle to this as well. It was recommended that General Michael Flynn be fired due to a risk of being blackmailed by the Russians. Turns out that recommendation was well-placed and well-founded.

Dominic Egizio remains at risk of being blackmailed, but not necessarily by the Russians.

How about from inside and outside of the Midlothian Park District by current and former Park District employees and elected officials?

All it takes is one squeeze from Kohlstedt or Gleason and Egizio is their Bag Man.

This way, companies like Roe Construction can still be given contracts to do work for the Park District, like the October 18, 2001 contract between Roe Construction, Inc., R.E. Johnson and the Midlothian Park District to build the new maintenance garage, let alone the continued financing of Rybak and former Park District Commissioner Mary Ellen Levine’s spending spree with the Park District brochure that went throughout 2017.

That’s the mental accounting of Michael Kohlstedt and Evelyn Gleason for you.

Nothing like putting a known sexual predator in charge of watching over everything and everyone trusting a government unit for some product and/or service. Upper management gets to control them at whim and will and be damned of the fall-out from such a risk…

Who’s going to file a police report on a government official or employee in Midlothian with a Police Department that from the top down views emotional displays to be clear signals of mental imbalance and in need of mental health care? Not all victims can sit there calm, cool and composed while relating their story and political retaliation is still alive and thriving in Midlothian…nor should they be expected to, even if timeliness is of importance.

And to think Gleason still has responsibility and accountability to oversee the safety of all of the children in District 228…

#FireEgizioNOW #NoSexualPredatorsAllowedHere #ResignEvelynGleason #ResignMichaelKohlstedt

Signed Former Furnigore Valerie


Event #29: The 90th Birthday Blip That Barely Reached the Radar

The history of Midlothian Illinois carries with it a lot of mystery, intrigue and illegal activities being conducted in and around the community, including false facts still being published on the Village’s website.

For example, the majority of publications carrying the history of Midlothian states that it was 1900 when the Midlothian Country Club settled in the area. It was 1898 according to anniversary book released by the Midlothian Country Club and it wasn’t chosen because the Scottish had settled here. George Thorne of Montgomery Ward’s fame is credited with looking out upon the rolling scenery and telling people it reminded him of one of the Waverly books “The Heart of Midlothian” by Sir Walter Scott (originally published in four volumes on July 25, 1818 under the title “Tales of My Landlord”) which was based around the Lothians in Scotland (East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian).

Also, conveniently left out of the history books is the failed attempt to incorporate as a Village in 1924.

So how could there possibly be a notable political event attached to the 90th Anniversary of Midlothian?

First, volunteerism took a major nose-dive almost instantly when former Mayor Sharon Rybak took office, despite her winning the election. I’d love to say she had no ability to coax her legion of fans to action, but that would mean she had a large fan base to start with and she didn’t. Also, her loyal fans have never been the type to actually get their hands dirty with actual physical work as they much prefer performing their deconstruction and destruction tasks via Topix, Facebook and other forums as well as the local grapevines.

With many advancements in the Village intentionally put on hold during the Rybak administration, one project that finally took off was the repair of the building that houses the Historical Society, the Chamber of Commerce and the Midlothian Fine Arts Society.

The building was originally built as a library and born from contributions from the Works Progress Administration (a program designed to at least temporarily employ the unemployed by the millions) and a thick group of volunteers.

Less than a handful of years ago, a FOIA request revealed that the building had not been inspected since early 2000 and this was despite very clear water damage seeping through the ceiling tiles among other problems.

Part of the politics attached to this 90th anniversary was the absence of any real pre-planning, however a call for a party to be held at the Historical Society was a call to a very small group of volunteers logging in long hours of physical labor and with virtually no real budget.

So, with the Village of Midlothian being incorporated on March 17, 1927, it was a “just in time” finish for a party to be held on March 18, 2017 in the building.

It was a small and intimate gathering, with a few local legends showing up, including media and broadcasting visionary John Jage, who’s mother once held a shotgun in her hands back in the early 1930’s while telling Village officials they would never get their hands on her private water well (despite a drawn-out court case, the Village eventually gained ownership of the well).

But the political event was/is truly the lack of promoting the anniversary throughout the whole Village for the entire year. No slogan on the website celebrating the milestone. No 90 year anniversary logo. No calls to action in any sector, private or public, business or personal or even other municipal units.

In other words, there was virtually no political will to motivate the larger populace to celebrate this shared milestone once the small birthday party was logged into the history books.

Not even as a reason to bring people together for some good times and good memories in a group setting, brought to you by The Village of Midlothian, Illinois.

Anyway.  Happy 90th Anniversary Midlothian!  That’s a political feat unto itself considering Rybak had the corporation in receivership with the State of Illinois back in 2014…or so she threatened everyone if she didn’t get her tax hike.

Event #30: The white over tan over white cover-up…err…transition with no reimbursement from or repercussions for Sharon Rybak

Someday, someone is going to wonder why there is a tan layer of paint over a layer of white paint and then covered up by a layer of white paint.

Here’s how that happened.

Village Hall had been kept painted white for years.  Decades, really.  It was kept that way over multiple administrations and that’s not easy when Midlothian had legacy Mayor’s until 2009, but even former Mayor Terrence “Terry” Stephens kept it white.

Then Sharon Rybak came along in 2013.

First female President of Midlothian in a community known for its capability to display blatant sexist tendencies (former Mayor Thomas “Tom” Murawski is a perfect example of the textbook sexism and people kept voting for him over and over and over again…).

She single-handedly decides to do $88,000 worth of “decorating” to Village Hall and the property it sits on.

Her loyal fans consistently defended her judgment because truth be told, a decent portion of the work performed did need to be done. They carried their social media and grapevine signs around, applauding the capital improvements she single-handedly caused to happen through a grant she helped secure from Illinois State Representative William “Will” Davis for $95,000.  On a good day, the fans might even include some sort of suggestion it was done “despite the Boards lack of cooperation.”

No one disputes the work happened, nor is there any doubt about the invoices that were paid on, not even Rybak herself.

The cover-up comes in the form of Rybak being caught red-handed in a complex series of lies to cover up her intentional theft of $88,000 from the 2010A Water Bond fund while publishing in her other employers promotional brochure that the money wasn’t stolen.  She had already received it from the State of Illinois, which thus explained the improvements, such as a $28,000 paint job that never went out to bid.

So not only did she lie about the Village already having been in receipt of the grant monies…

Not only did she intentionally hide her actions from the Board for months while she went on this spending spree…

Not only did she end up “self-reporting” the Village to the Securities and Exchange Commission as it related to conflicts with bond laws, including her own theft, that was obscured from true review by the SEC…

The final report from Midlothian’s Office of the Investigator General led by Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Dart shows a sentence or two that suggests Rybak actually admitted to doing “something,” but that she considered it a “mistake” rather than her admitting to engaging in illegal activities while being President of Midlothian AND Finance Director at the Midlothian Park District.

I recently was refreshed through the guilty plea of former National Security Advisor Michael “Mike” Flynn that it is a felony if you lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I wonder if Flynn borrowed a piece from Rybak’s strategy since it seemed to work so well for her here in Midlothian.

I also wonder what if it’s the same penalty for lying to a Sheriff or the head of the Office of the Investigator General.

In the meantime, Village Hall was once again repainted to a shade of white a few months into newly elected Mayor Gary L’Heureux’s administration while the tan remains left behind as part of the evidence of what former Mayor Sharon Rybak did with the $88,000 she illegally took from the 2010A water bond.

All that just to explain the headline I attached to this political event, right???

But it truly was an event that went completely under the radar and under reported compared to the number of posts and comments complaining about the shade of tan chosen by Rybak.

So as the color of Village Hall is no longer a cultural problem, watch for this particular story line to roll its way into 2018 as there are still repercussions and reimbursement issues still outstanding.

The Village of Midlothian is still short $88,000 from the State of Illinois and according to the results of multiple FOIA requests, the contracts were never finalized.  They were in a Work-In-Progress mode.

So in case you didn’t notice…

Village Hall is painted white again.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Event #31: The Categorical Rejection and Removal Of Rybak

With 31 days to wrap up 31 topics through this month of December, it seems apropos to start the countdown with the resounding loss now recorded forever more next to Sharon Rybak’s name in the history books and the subsequent removal of Rybak from the position of President of Midlothian.

With Rybak almost invisibly scooting her way into office on a slight wave of “Anything But Stephens” sentiment (Rybak 1,116 vs. Stephens 855), Midlothian’s first female President claimed in 2013 campaign materials she was considered the “Kool-Aid Mom” of Midlothian.  Putting her use of the extended acronym “Mayor Of Midlothian” aside, the poisoned data she allowed, encouraged and supported to be entered into official government records during her tenure has left the Village in a very unhealthy position, despite some measure of now operating in the black…in terms of cash flow, that is.  Sadly, her consolidation of power and compartmentalization created an even deeper culture of darkness

At first, the voting base thought that there might not be any competition against a L’Heureux ticket of virtually any combo as Rybak had previously announced that she would not run.  However, Rybak throwing her hat in the election cycle caused the election process to be ripped wide open and laid bare for public viewing…and what a dizzying series of reveals that was, some of which continues to be unresolved and still floating just underneath the surface.

In the meantime, April 4, 2017 rolls around and unscientific polling is certainly hinting of a victory for the Unite Midlothian Party, but nothing could be put into a “never would that happen” class for Rybak and her fans.  Once the results started rolling in and the final tally was created, the message sent to Rybak was only a sliver weaker than the signal sent to former Mayor Thomas “Tom” Murawski when he lost in the 2009 election…

The voters made it clear they believed Rybak was clearly the more evil of the two choices on the ballot for President…

if one was applying the “vote for the lesser of the two evils” political filter.

But whether it was by one vote or a thousand, one thing cannot be disputed.

The first female Mayor of Midlothian left behind such a large quantity of deep, dark wounds, it’s almost as if Rybak had been subscribing to some publication entitled “Death By A Thousand Cuts: How To Quickly Put A Government Unit On Emergency Life Support, How To Get Re-Elected For Providing Quality Care To the Ill Patient and How To Magically Revive the Almost Dead Unit In the Next Term.”

She only succeeded at putting the Village of Midlothian in dire need of emergency life support systems and unfortunately having not just one, but two periods of outside “mental health observation” coming from Cook County Sheriff Thomas “Tom” Dart’s office as the head of the Midlothian Office of the Investigator General didn’t stop Rybak from being hell-bent on committing Government Corporation Suicide while drawing a paycheck…and expecting to get re-elected for it.

In other words, the voters were tired of being caught up in Rybak’s fiscal suicide mood…errr…mode and dumped at least her hard-core problem behaviors like a bad habit.

A True Signature Valerie Audit: The January 3, 2017 Local Election Hearing Video Files

A True Signature Midlothian Valerie™ Public Domain Video Audit
Video From the January 3, 2017 Local Election Hearings
The Black and White Text Stamping AuditOverall Purpose

To see if the same black and white text shift traits are present in a video dated months earlier and taken of the Board room and if so, identify some of the shifts.



During the 2017 election season in Midlothian, Illinois, 4 candidates were having their petitions formally challenged at a local election hearing.  Video from the event was FOIA requested soon after the event, but the materials on the DVD surrendered by Sgt. Edmund Olmos in response to the request were absent of the proprietary video player.  A recent FOIA request for video from the Police Department resulted in the player being made available, thus now making it possible to view the footage for any purpose.  This particular file contains footage of myself and a Village employee preparing for the meeting.

Notable At-At-Glance Observations (AAGO)

The disk contains files with somewhat wildly swinging file sizes, with the largest being 300,644KB and the smallest being 8,420 KB.  The variances allow for easily swapping out one MP4 file for another as there is no standard default ending range and it makes it curious what triggers a new file to be created and an existing file to be closed.

There is an identical swap of black and white to color as on the October video, but this video starts out in color first and then goes black and white.

The entire left upper corner of the Board is entirely obscured and even cuts into the seat typically designated for the Mayor.

The Black and White Audit

Exam Parameters

Break down the date/time/location text into single slots and tally up the variations in each slot, if any.

Video File #1: ch13_20170103144051.mp4
File Created:  Wednesday, January 4, 2017 3:49 pm
File Size:  74,704 KB

Date Section

No break down needed.  Stays black text the entire file.

Time Section

Due to the white text being so difficult to view in the video, all content that is displayed with white text in the video is displayed in the chart with black text and a white background.  All text displayed in the video in black has a black background and white text.

Location Section

The shading differences started when it switched to black and white, with two entries being a darker gray background before the black text begins to show up.

Overall Conclusion

The absence of a shading behind the text combined with the position of the camera makes the date/time stamp nearly impossible to read a large percentage of the time due to the stationary condition of the security camera.  However, there are enough alterations to the shading without any secondary signal justifying the change, such as a change in motion in the room that provides additional room for challenge as to why there were/are changes similar to the October 2017 video.

And the FOIA Forecast Calls For Below Freezing Temperatures

The Village of Midlothian has been ice cold when it comes to informing the public of the details of its activities in a public meeting for decades.  There has not been one Village Clerk to date that has been able to keep the Village in OMA compliance for even one month, let alone one year.
In fact, as you can see by the screenshot, right now the Village has 6 sets of meeting minutes that falls into the spectrum of OMA violation. Until the Board approves the September 20th and September 27th minutes, those are the worst violations, however after tonight, the October 25th minutes will fall into violation and even the November 1st one can be squabbled into the mix.
So when I notice under the Clerk’s Business section of the agenda that there is an “October FOIA Report”?
Yeah…another example of the Village of Midlothian making public and even publishing the names of people making inquiries with the Village, just like what is installed into meeting minutes…
Nothing like providing material support for fans of public officials by publishing something through the Village website first for credibility and then just let the search engines do the rest.
In fact, the inclusion of the full names of residents allows for Government (and others) to perform low and high end Reputation Management via the search engines as well as these names making it into a variety of government-sponsored tracking systems.
In the screenshot of my searching for my name, you can see that Village of Midlothian meeting minutes hold the #5 and #6 slot in the Top 10 results.  This happens with every single person who gives their full names for the record and it makes it to where government can fairly easily overtake all of my entries…let alone people in the private sector performing this type of a task for pay or even for free.
Even former Village Clerk Michael Kohlstedt didn’t pull such a foolish stunt as to offer up a FOIA Report in a public meeting…they don’t even do that at the Park District…but they certainly do it at District 228.
Basically, the Village of Midlothian (and other local municipal units) weaponized meeting minutes and agendas years ago, making sure that these scheduled documents act as a vehicle that can be drove without detection or defense against any person who dares to question any aspect of government.
It’s all a part of how the “Fake News” apparatus works and the Village of Midlothian is just one of thousands of municipalities calling for the public to confront their fellow citizens whenever there’s a problem in government and to leave them the hell alone “or else.”

Behind the Bit-Of-Coin Batting Averages: Inside(r) your computer (trading) digital clicks for cash and back currency

A True Signature Valerie Mental Fitness Exam™
My Monday Tech Talk:  Bitcoins, Bann(on/er) Day Trader/Camp and My Midlothian
“Man, I should have followed through on that tech radio show idea from years ago!”

AAS:  What helped start this internal conversation with myself was an article in LifeWire.com “How to Mine Litecoins and Dogecoins,” (https://www.lifewire.com/cryptocoin-mining-for-beginners-2483064) in which the author poses the question of whether or not its worth mining “cryptocoins.”

“As a hobby venture, yes, cryptocoin mining can generate a small income of perhaps a dollar or two per day. In particular, Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins are very accessible for regular people to mine, and a person can recoup $1000 in hardware costs in about 18-24 months.

As a second income, no, cryptocoin mining is not a reliable way to make substantial money for most people. The profit from mining cryptocoins only becomes significant when someone is willing to invest $3000-$5000 in up-front hardware costs, at which time you could potentially earn $50 per day or more.”

——> Start tech talk here <——-

On February 20, 2015, the Chicago Tribune reported on a cyber attack on a computer inside of the Midlothian Police department in which the data was locked down and held for literal ransom; pay up or give up.  Without knowing what data was on that particular computer, ransomware is a nasty construct that really can force someone’s hand when it comes to deciding whether to pay per request and hope everything is released (unmodified, I might add and never with any guarantee) or scrap the data in its entire and make do without it.

Ransomware can and does more than just hold data hostage, it also allows for elements such as blackmail, espionage and other forced measures to force a decision or action one way or another, but the ransomware event isn’t what started my mind galloping tonight when it comes to Banner Day Camp, bitcoin trading and how it has played a role in many own communities across the nation, especially pre-10-4-2017.

I had made the decision I was going to develop a way to show how I personally end up finding fraudulent websites, such as pay-per-click fraud link farms, phishing sites, malware launchers, etc. and went zipping over to Mozilla to download an extension I hadn’t re-installed since my last wipe.  I was initially in the mode of just getting the task done and moving on, but I’ll be blankety-blankety-blank holy damn…I found this description for an extension called “NoMiner – Block Coin Miners.”

“Awww…what the hell!” I said to writer myself.  “Lemme see if I still have some tech talk in me.  It’s been many years, but so much is now common knowledge and awareness at this point…perhaps I can borrow other people’s words when I need to…”

So now that I’ve given a moment of verbiage to bitcoins, let me move on really quick to Banner Day Camp.

I spent many summers at full-time day camp as both my parents worked full time and depending on where we were living, either it was a fun experience, or it was a real dread.

In fact, the phrase “Val’s not my pal” would be called out from time to time one summer, with my just absorbing the taunting for the most part, never really knowing how to stand up for myself without violence.

Back to Banner Day Camp.  One of my more fond memories of my youth came from those few summers where I didn’t have to stand up for myself against and complete outdoor stage on the campgrounds with a daily sing-a-long of some type. Considering all of the darker sides to my personal experiences have been oozing out, I thought it important to anchor that particular experience in this conversation.

Most of the time I was fairly athletic and competitive, born from years of being picked last for teams at school and deciding that they could hate me all they wanted to, at least my skills would have some value to the team and its been that way much of my time here in Midlothian.

When I first moved to the community, I was still heavily into writing technical-related content, both for personal use as well as published and/or distributed for a variety of reasons, least of which I was enjoying the tech blog I was hosting and was hoping to find some advertisers for the site.  That kind of writing does not go unnoticed and various members of the Village of Midlothian knew quite intimately just how in depth my technical awareness can take keystrokes and mouse clicks, partially because I basically told them.  Why not write a tech newsletter/blog that local government could benefit from, right?

So when Kaufman suggested at a public board meeting that the FBI had told him that there was really nothing anyone can do about these types of events, I was flubberbusted, not to be confused by filibustered.  I had spent years doing the research, having the conversations, doing what I could to help connect the dots to these types of events more effectively and here is the Midlothian Police Chief using his built-in microphone amplified by my camera to tell the public to not bother pulling back the curtain when it comes to ransomware.

Well, that ransomware was paid via Bitcoin, which just another evolution of keyword naming a digital concept and thus allowing for a further breaking apart of the “coin marketetplace” into various marketplace sectors.

Converting digital “currency” into cash all has to do with not the literal sense of someone taking your money outright from your wallet and USA Today did what appears to be a fairly thorough story on how literal armies of bots which are basically computers controlled from the outside with or without the persons knowledge and/or permission (https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2017/07/18/steve-bannon-learned-harness-troll-army-world-warcraft/489713001/)

Steve Bannon is one of those individuals that has had no problem literally cheating video gaming systems with automation designed to do exactly that, convert digital traces into actual cash.  I used to find link juice and backlinks to Breitbart materials hanging out all over the Clickbank and Project Black Mask landscape years ago, but one must also understand and come to terms with the fact that Bannon is but one of many who leverage signal hubs and cash-out points and that this in a singular act is not uncommon for search engine optimization specialists.  In other words, there are much bigger players than Bannon on the Cashing Out On Other People’s Clicks circuit.

I spent quite a few years extensively studying schematics attached to concepts like Project Black Mask, Day Job Killer, Affiliate X that accurately explain their schematics are capable of converting Google into a literal untraceable ATM…if done right.  What that Mozilla add-on explains is yet another one of the methods used to literally steal away computing power, bandwidth, etc. so that your computing habits can be converted into cash by someone at some point…

And not always visible even with all of the tracking algorithms either.

It takes manual reviewing and even then, no guarantees.

But you can bet your first and last bitcoin that part of the financing for the Trump campaign came straight from the kind of keyword movements Trump and Bannon both are notorious for…

But that’s for someone else to track.

Someone who has that kind of time and equipment.

I’m just trying to keep track of all of the keywords being created from scratch just from meeting minutes being published.

Who needs a #Covfefe when we’ve got a #LizzieLouChaplain hanging around the hash mark crowd.