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Tony Mano (CMAP) (Kreis)
Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) (Kreis)
Center for Neighborhood Technology (IDOT) (Kreis)
Active Transportation Alliance (ATA) (Kreis)
Illinois Environment Protection Agency (IEPA) (Ivan)
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permits (Ivan) (
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) (Ivan)
Melrose Pyro Technics (L’Heureux) Fireworks company for fireworks at Midlothian Country Club
Emergency Management Agency (L’Heureux) New application now available online
McGladrey and Pullen (Killelea) Still no annual audit report; John George states that their legal department still is reviewing
National Drug Takeback Day (Moskal)
Ricky Rockets (Koza) MWRD permit submitted; will be submitting for permit from IDOT soon.
DriveTime (Koza/Rybak)

Interesting To Note

The permit request from the Midlothian Country Club was tabled due to concerns brought forth by Gillis regarding matters of illegal dumping and building code violations.  Gillis stated that he believed the Club should be in compliance with local laws before issuing the permit.  The Board unanimously agreed to table the matter for further discussion.

More details about the lease agreement with the Park District for Raday Lodge were discussed.  It appears that the Park District has been repetitively making repairs to the building without notifying the Village or requesting the Village to fix it and the question of whether or not the Village should still hold onto the property was briefly touched upon.

Rybak announced that DriveTime was requesting an additional 30 days and was interested in leasing the property from the Village rather than buying it.  Phase I and Phase II EPA studies were already conducted and contractors have already submitted their information to DriveTime.

After Rybak had announced McGladrey and Pullen have not finished the audit yet, Gillis stated he wants the public to know how the company has been treating the Village and that there needs to be a deadline set.  Killelea suggested 2 weeks.

Meeting Notice, Agenda, Attendance and Vote Results

Call To Order

Roll Call (all present)

Pledge Of Allegiance

Moment of Silence for Veterans

***Team Floodlothian Day Proclamation

***National Student Leadership Week Proclamation

Public Comments

Approval of Consent Agenda

Trustee Karen Kreis (present)

Approval of Intergovernmental Agreement with Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) for 147th Street Local Technical Assistance (LTA) Program (unanimous approval)
Approval to proceed with demolitions 14516 Homan and 14944 Kildare (unanimous approval)
Midlothian Rain Ready Open House April 16, 2016 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.  Midlothian Public Library
Veteran’s Committee meeting  April 18, 2016 7:00 p.m. (Village Hall)

Trustee Carl Ivan (present)

Approval to purchase high ranger for public works for $119,950.00 for Altec LR756 (unanimous approval)
Approval of bus shelter contract with IC &SC (unanimous approval)
Approval of Roy’s Landscaping for Village lawn care (unanimous approval)
MS4 permit for Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) (Storm Water Discharge)
Approval to waive permit fee for soil boring for Natalie Creek Flood Control Project by Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) (unanimous approval)
Approval of resolution requesting Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG) for 2016 (unanimous approval)
Approval of 2016 CDBG Application (unanimous approval)

Trustee Jerome “Jerry” Gillis (present)

Building Department updates

Trustee Gary L’Heureux (present)

Fire Department Update
Approval of Ordinance to retain Tom Dart’s Office as the Independent Inspector General for the village (unanimous approval)
Approval of fireworks permit for Midlothian Country Club (MCC) on July 3, 2016 (tabled until next meeting)

Trustee Donald “Don” Killelea (present)

Finance updates

Trustee Allen Moskal (present)

Police Department Update
Approval of low bid for air conditioner replacement at Raday Lodge due to emergency to Max Refrigeration for $25,598.00. (approved – Gillis no vote)

Legal Business – Attorney William “Bill” Gleason (present)

Department Head Reports/Comments
Police Chief Hal Kaufman, Jr. (Police Department) (present)
Fire Chief Stephen Hotwagner (Fire Department) (present)
Building Superintendent William “Billy” DeSimone (Building Department) (present)
Public Works Superintendent Joe Sparrey (Public Works Department) (present)
Village Treasurer Maggie Britton (Village Finance Department) (present) (present)

President’s Business – Mayor Sharon Rybak

Approval of Special Use Permit for 4645 W. 147th Street to be a place of worship (unanimous approval)
Approval of Settlement/Vacation Agreement (unanimous approval)
Approval of Vacation Agreement (unanimous approval)

Clerk’s Business – Michael Kohlstedt

Executive Session


Consent Agenda

1. Bill list
2. Minutes from February 17, 2016
3. Minutes from February 24, 2016
4. February Health Department report
5. February Treasurer’s report


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